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    What is it? It is a custom spawn selection screen that replaces the default exile spawn selection and it gives you the option to either halo spawn or ground spawn. You can also add your server logo and custom messeages to be displayed when your players spawn, like important announcments or server tips. Download: https://github.com/xstremebam/xsSpawn How to Install: Client Side: Step 1: Copy the xs folder to your mission root (same location as mission.sqm) Step 2: Open description.ext in your mission root folder and paste the following at the bottom and save #include "xs\spawn\Dialog\xsSpawnDefines.hpp" #include "xs\spawn\Dialog\xsSpawnDiaglog.hpp" Step 3: In your mission root open config.cpp and find class CfgExileCustomCode and insert the below //Spawn Selection by bambam ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_zoomToMarker = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_zoomToMarker.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onListBoxSelectionChanged = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onListBoxSelectionChanged.sqf"; ExileServer_object_player_createBambi = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf"; For Example: class CfgExileCustomCode { //Spawn Selection by bambam ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_zoomToMarker = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_zoomToMarker.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onListBoxSelectionChanged = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onListBoxSelectionChanged.sqf"; ExileServer_object_player_createBambi = "xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf"; }; Step 4: Open xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show.sqf and at the bottom you can edit the one liners to suit your server Each time a player spawns it will randomly select one of these lines to display on their spawn selection screen as seen in the above screenshot. _tipTextList = selectRandom [ "Connect to the xstreme gaming discord at discord.xstremegaming.com", "Server news, comp claims and more join the communnity www.xstremegaming.com", "This is a game of loss, its a wild world out there, good luck!", "Enjoy the server... Please consider donating to help keep us alive", "Any vehicle left inside the black safezone circle will be deleted at restart", "Press 'M' key for Map in game to view Server Rules and Building Limits", "Do not leave vehicles on exile base parts, at restart they will likely explode", "Press the 'U' key when your loaded in to show your FPS on the Status bar" ]; Step 5: Change the logo to your logo (.paa format) & Change the Background (.paa format) In the \xs\spawn folder simply replace the images with your own - xsbackground.paa - xslogo.paa Only have jpegs? - Open \xs\spawn\Dialog\xsSpawnDiaglog.hpp - Locate class xsSpawnBackground: xsSpawnRscPicture (first control) replace: text = "xs\spawn\xsbackground.paa"; with: text = "xs\spawn\xsbackground.jpg"; - Locate class xsSpawnLogo: xsSpawnRscPictureKeepAspect (second control) replace: text = "xs\spawn\xslogo.paa"; with: text = "xs\spawn\xslogo.jpg"; - In the \xs\spawn folder insert your jpg image with the correct image names - xsbackground.jpg - xslogo.jpg Server Side: Step 6: Open @exileserver\addons\exile_server_config\config.cpp Locate class BambiSettings and make sure your settings for halo match the below parachuteSpawning = 1; haloJump = 1; parachuteDropHeight = 1000; (this ones up to you) Step 7: If you use infistar you will need to add the following idd number to your allowed idd list - Open a3_infiSTAR_Exile\EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp - Look for allowedIDDs[] = - Insert 86000, // xsSpawn above the last number 46 For Example: allowedIDDs[] = { /* default idds */ -1,0,4,5,6,8,12,18,24,49,54,55,70,101,160,174,177,999,131,63,602,301, /* exile idds */ 24001,24002,20023,24005,24004,24010,24025,20021,20017,24012,24027, 20019,20016,24007,20024,20018,24008,24011,24015,24000,24006,24014, 20020,24026,4002,4000,4001,4003,1500, 24033,24030,24029,24028,24031,24034, 4004,21000, // Bounty system and MarXet 8457, // http://www.exilemod.com/topic/9040-xm8-apps/ 65431, // r3f menu fix 6666, // Paintshop 0711, // Advanced Banking 0720, // Virtual Garage 5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507, // BRAma Cookbook -1339,-1340, // custom infiSTAR dialogs (some editor & a private chat menu) 86000, // xsSpawn /* main idd - never delete it */ 46 }; That is it i hope you enjoy.
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    ^^ CLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE SITE ^^ I have finally manned up and I'm finally going to announce my website to everyone, as many know I've been around the community for awhile, I've had my ups and my downs, many people know me for the "great" work i do, and help i have provided, so... without further ado... Current scripts on my website (For more information on these scripts, please visit my website): SM_Paint v2 (Base painting) SM_SafeZonePlus (Anti-theft in safezones) SM_VectorBuilding (Allow players to build in all vectors) SM_SpawnSelect (Enhanced spawn select GUI (Territory spawning, and timers)) SM_TraderPlus (Enhanced trader GUI) SM_DynamicMenu (3D replacement for scrollwheel) SM_LoneVirtualGarage (1 vehicle garage to store a vehicle) SM_IncomingMissile (Sound / visual warning of incoming missile) SM_VehicleService (Repair / Refuel / Rearm) (And many more to come) Accepted payment methods: Paypal (Also allows Debit/Credit card) Stripe (Debit/Credit cards, and a few other things) (More may come in the future) You're able to add reviews to this thread, good or bad (MUST ABIDE BY EXILE FORUM RULES). Just because you're salty because I've done something bad to you (Like Ban you from my site (for reasons)) do not post on this thread.... Keep this thread for reviews only, please do not comment for support on scripts, or script suggestions etc... please do so by making a post on my forums.
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    Hey guys, On my server i'm trying to set up separate SpecOps and make them non-safe zones, I've set the marker attributes to SpecOps Trader for the SpecOps marker with the zone field blank and NonConstructionZone for the surrounding Ellipse marker. However, I'm still getting the "Welcome. God Mode On" and "Goodbye. God Mode Off" messages on the screen when I enter and leave the area. Is there something else I need to do to make them Non-SafeZones? TIA
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    Nice! Approved work here, great scripter.
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