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    I can tell you that the errors in the RPT are associated to missing variables in your exile.ini or the server is unable to connect to the database or missing columns in your database.
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    Hello @aNNDREH, When you see 'ANY', this means the variable requested 'aint there/is wrong'. This is a scripting issue. For example, it is looking for numbers, but finds text instead or vice versa. Or it is trying to use a variable the has not been 'declared'. I am NOT saying that any of the examples I listed is your issue, just giving you some examples. Bottom line, it is a scripting issue concerning a variable. Since you have been offered help to correct the addon, I would take it! Or you can use the OTHER ONE which WORKS with NO ISSUES that you can find on here.
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    I see this is marked as solved, but just for anyone else with this issue, this will fix it:
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