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    Hi, did anybody try to make a function "claimed vehicles" for mission's car ? I try this _veh setVariable ["ExileIsPersistent", false]; at GMS_fnc_spawnVehiclePatrol.sqf
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    Yes, the assigned keys for Exile mod are hard coded and can only be changed if you recode them.
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    You can comment out everything related to zombies in function init/compile/config file (client+server side). Just search through it and // it out. Thats what I did.
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    Try putting 24 into the Array.. Under the array it says that it starts from 24, but there is no 24 in the array. yes i know 24 and 0 are the same.. I just fixed my server that was having a similar problem.. I have 6hr Restart, and wanted them to be 12mid night, 6,12,18... My Server is hosted in a Different TimeZone (Daylight Saving +1hr), so my last restart went passed midnight.. I had to get creative, as seen below;
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    Any luck on making this happen? I’m starting in on doing the same thing and any Info could save me a great deal of time. EDIT: I have this working and most of the little bugs are now working and GUI's updated it's pretty neat so far. All items working, Hunger and Thirst track and start hurting you once you hit 0%, GUI shows accurate info for things, Medical is all functional. Just working on other features now for class unlocking and some tweaks to raise the AI HP.
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