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    Hello @Snajperitto, What @GrimReapaa stated is true. To make it a little easier to understand: The 'world' you see when joining an Exile server is made up of MANY parts. As @GrimReapaa stated, the two 'biggest' ones are the map itself and the Config.CPP. The map JUST has items such as added houses, signs, map markers, etc. And the config file will tell ARMA what others items need to be placed. TECHNICALLY, you could have a BLANK MAP and use nothing but config files to load EVERYTHING. It would be 'extra work' to do such though and a 'nightmare' to move stuff around if not placed correctly the first time. As a 'helpful hint', I would recommend you start with the DEFAULT map/files. Set that up and get it WORKING 100%, as in getting to understand what you must do, should do, or can do. And most important;y, what you must NOT do. Once you 'mastered' that, THEN use other maps. The default maps are pretty much 'plug-n-play', non-standard maps can require you to do EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH. And based on your post, starting with a 'non Exile' map probably will not be the best choice for you. To put it simply; if you can not add 2 + 2, you will struggle with Algebra.
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    Hahahaha Thamks Bro
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    @GrimReapaa - hahaha....well I am not too sure if I understand what you meant...but I will go with what I think you meant... ;) What I meant by 'non Exile' map is ANY map that is NOT 'set up' by the Exile team in the Exile Server Download Package. Maps such as Altis and Malden have been 'set up' by the dev team(s). Napf has not been and that would be a 'non Exile map' to ME. I will state, I could have made that point a tad clearer and easier to understand... Thanks for pointing that out!
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    I may be able to drum up some old.... oh wait there they are...… The Intro song which I made from the all famous song is "HERE" which is almost perfectly timed for respawns. Kangaroo mission is / was fun. I have more missions somewhere too for DMS called Brindi's house, Steve's been captured, Terri needs vaccine and a few others. Custom kill feed said "Some bloke was killed by a Native. " and then we had the "Weapon" show as this: good times lol. I'm downloading Arma 3
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    Use this so you don't have to add classnames: https://github.com/kuplion/ExileZ-Crashes/blob/master/ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn.sqf
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