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    While searching for the reason why the lights on our server didn't work, i made some changes in the default files. You can now turn on/off every light source in your base like the default Exile Floodlights. Since i use EBM on our server i included all available lights. The generator has a range of 100m, if you want to change that look for the number 100 in both files (End of line 14) Updated 04.03 - Disabled damage on the lights (You could drive them over before) Demo Gif ##################################### ############# INSTALLATION ######### ##################################### ##>1. Copy the four files into the folder \Server\mpmissions\Exile.YOURMISSION\custom\Lights\ ##>2. Add the lines below to your CfgExileCustomCode located in config.cpp in your missionfile. class CfgExileCustomCode { //LightFix ExileServer_object_floodLight_network_toggleFloodLightRequest = "custom\Lights\ExileServer_object_floodLight_network_toggleFloodLightRequest.sqf"; ExileClient_object_floodLight_network_toggleFloodLightRequest = "custom\Lights\ExileClient_object_floodLight_network_toggleFloodLightRequest.sqf"; ExileClient_object_portableGenerator_switchOn = "custom\Lights\ExileClient_object_portableGenerator_switchOn.sqf"; ExileClient_object_portableGenerator_switchOff = "custom\Lights\ExileClient_object_portableGenerator_switchOff.sqf"; }; Download (Google drive)
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    Just a simple addon to allow players to move in to DLC vehicles. There are a number of other generic Arma addons or scripts that offer similar functionality but they were either outdated or inefficient. Please note, this DOES NOT remove the DLC purchase overlays; if you like the vehicles contained within the DLC and enjoy the content, please consider purchasing the DLC. Features: Native support for all DLC vehicles, including future DLC vehicles, without requiring script updates or changes. Native looking actions, including vehicle name and position description. Uses the native Exile interactions system to provide efficient actions on all DLC vehicles. The only positions not supported are those which use the Arma turret system as there is so much variation between positions from vehicle to vehicle (this includes Co-Pilot seats, and some "Commander" seats are actually turrets, as found in several Prowler variants). Install Instructions: Merge your initPlayerLocal.sqf and Config.cpp files. Add the interaction actions to other vehicle types if required (Air, Ship, Tank..). Ensure file paths are correct for the required override and compiled files. Download Link: https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Use-DLC-Vehicles Screenshots: (Please note, duplicate entries are shown to demonstrate the look of the action compared to the native actions, and actions are not duplicated in the release version) Video:
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    @Z80CPUBetter get reporting Exile Mod to Bohemia then When you buy a non-owned DLC vehicle from Exile vehicle trader it puts you in the driving seat. When you buy a non-owned DLC weapon from Exile armory trader it puts it in your hands. When you use take all if there is a non-owned DLC weapon in loot, it allows you to pick it up into your hands. All @kuplion's script allows you to do is to re-enter that vehicle. In previous versions of Arma, using that specific DLC item wasn't restricted, you just got the low-res models. On purchasing the DLC you unlocked the hi-res models. Whilst you're at it, better report Bohemia for sexism/gender equality of not having female characters in a video game and using sexist commands such as https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#GetInMan https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#GetOutMan
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    Since Arma 3 1.90, there's a missing definition widthRailWay in RscMapControl To fix, search for alphaFadeEndScale = 0.4; in the mission file and underneath it add:- widthRailWay = 1;
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    Just set the ping limit to < 100 and you have your region lock
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    Added a check to see if vehicle is locked https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Use-DLC-Vehicles/pull/1/commits/943427ad81391d494c7f81aa86299f43500c4159
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    Custom Missions unique to MGT, over 80 mission types with custom clearup code 4 working convoy missions Static radiation, occupation and underwater missions ZCP Capture point missions (domination) Custom mafia missions (Blckeagles) DayZ style helicrashes AI to hunt camping players Balanced militarized server Developed and balanced daily, Changelogs >> https://bit.ly/2M1b24M Xm8 skills system, bought with respect Sharp Shooter reduces weapon sway and recoil Survivalist allows you to go longer without eating or drinking, it also enables faster healing Sprinter skill enables you to run faster Thief enables faster vehicle stealing Hacker enables faster safe hacking Engineer reduces time needed for grinding Mechanic enables faster vehicle repairing Demo enables faster placing of breaching charges Locksmith enables unlocking of doors and safes in your own base without having to enter pincode UAV Reduces the time between player scans in Xm8 Valet enables you to unlock and lock vehicles from the inside as long as you know the pincode Bandolier gives you extra ammunition in your spawn loadout Martyr enables the option to drop a live explosive of increasing damage on your body when you're killed infiSTAR development server so has latest protection/definitions Custom anti trader-camping code Vehicle trader menu will show how many crates can be loaded Custom incoming missile alert system for vehicles https://bit.ly/2mU2SAc Custom standalone loot system for faster loot spawning and weapons spawn with a compatible scope, developed separately The ability to get back into purchased DLC vehicles ingame without the DLC (still has prompts to purchase DLC on screen) Trader zone vehicle collision and theft prevention Lock vehicle from inside within traders MarXet trader Roaming waste dump trader Black market traders for high end vehicles and weapons Extended bullet cam timer for long sniper shots 74 custom flags including the tribute to Acer https://www.mgtrolls.eu/forum/m/12045571/viewthread/23853972-mgt-arma-3-exile-mod-rolling-changelog/post/136259509#p136259509 3km 3d party marker range Build a temporary base https://bit.ly/2M29tnl Players can poop and pee Advanced Urban rappelling, rope required Spawn at base Harvest respect from trees Locker limit increases with respect Loot destroyed vehicles https://bit.ly/2R4maAA Claim land vehicles with a codelock CS Gas grenades (SmokeShellGreen) Bury dead bodies without a shovel Extra quiet earplugs No thermals of any kind Extended base mod Vector Building (extended base mod vectoring working) Respect base loadouts Custom Logistics, towing, lifting and crate loading/selling Revive players without the need for defibrillators Automatic parachute from air vehicles Perks for streamers - apply at https://bit.ly/2LNzoSH Quad or boat deploy on Xm8, you can pack the quad for use later by scrolling on it Ingame K/D scoreboard in escape menu Many custom vehicles with edited weapons for server balance Armed vehicle rearming at gas stations Anti combat log system Virtual garage through Xm8 or flag Remote CCTV through Xm8 Disable environment sounds Xm8 app Player and vehicle scan Xm8 apps Most wanted bounty system through Xm8 View distance Xm8 app Private chat Xm8 app Buy parachute via Xm8 Territory protection from breaching, grinding, safe hacking and flag stealing for new players 100k Starting poptabs and a balanced economy Abandon Territory enabling you to get a flag returned Player wages every 5 minutes - We did this first! Custom cleanup to keep fps high Mods required Exile (now on Steam Workshop \o/) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1487484880 mozzie mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1193266277 Extended Base Mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401 NIArsenal http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208517358 TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform's pack http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779520435 CUP Weapons http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497660133 CUP Vehicles http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=541888371 CUP Units http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497661914 Community Base Addons http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 CUP Terrains - Maps http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583544987 CUP Terrains - Core http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184 LRR Silenced - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913313075 Optional mods Blastcore JSRS Dragonfyre Dynasound2
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    @Z80CPU's right, this is an ARMA AI difficulty setting. I can get fairly close to a tier 1 DMS mission and not get shot at but if you're dealing with a tier 4 (black) mission, they'll engage at 1800 with an LRPS scoped sniper if you give them an excuse. There's definitely a setting there, I just don't know where.
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    There is NOTHING in the Default Exile that controls this. Stop and think, AI are NOT IN EXILE! (minus the traders). TYPICALLY, these settings AND OTHERS are set by the SKILL SETTING as some have mentioned. THIS is where you need to be looking. I have seen AI shoot people 1k away with NO ISSUE. This is controlled by ARMA/mods/scripts and not Exile. You need to examine EVERY non-Exile script and see what it is set at and IF these are adjusted ON THE FLY, which some do. I would recommend you read this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_AI_Skill The above article has all you need to know on this subject!
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    don't use the code I posted above as it also affects the spawn position of the crates and helicrashes. I have an update to put up but my internet is off at home at the moment as the phone line outside my house snapped on friday. In the mean time you could try this test version if you want to (this is a test version so not on github yet): https://www.dropbox.com/s/usiukgzujd8z9l0/a3_exile_occupation.pbo?dl=0 This version is based on Kuplions updated version with an additional process that checks to make sure the roaming AI only spawn in range of players and despawn when out of range, this should ensure that the roaming AI are concentrated around players. I have also included some changes required to make the AI compatible with VCOMAI.
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    Lmfao, people kicking off BI are stupid enough too add the commands to move people into vehicles and try and make people pay. If they send me an email asking me to remove it, i'll tell them where they can go.
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    @Horbin was generous enough to allow me to continue the development of the Fulcrum Mission System (FuMS) and we have just pushed the updated version of FuMS to his GitHub site, which is here: CURRENT VERSION: 0.420 RELEASE DATE: 04/20/19 https://github.com/horbin/FuMS-HC-Exile NOTE: I recommend you reinstall the system, then add your custom content. If you want to submit content please do and I’ll add to base system. IMPORTANT!!!: I didn't fine tune the loot (YET). You should go through the loot tables and make your own custom loot. I have included examples and comments in the file LOOTDATA.SQF in the Theme directories to show you how. They are VERY generic. If the author had provided custom loot files, I tried to incorporate those as well. Don't be surprised if a difficult mission has crappy loot, it's not the authors fault. I will fix this is the next release. I just wanted to get the update out ASAP, but I am updating all loot tables now You can read more about this awesome mission system here in the main thread. And here is some info about what makes this such a cool mission system So far, the following issues have been resolved: 1. Exile Toast notifications and SystemChat messages have been added to address the issue of Global Hints being blocked 2. AI aggression has been updated to correct issues that occurred after the last major update to Arma 3. Poptabs have been added to soldiers and loot chests 4. Minor tweaks and corrections While this is great progress, there is more work to do to repair some of the base functions. Additionally, i would like to expand the system and activate as many of the features as we can. This thread is dedicated to that process and will include several additional posts to track new features, showcase videos and bug tracking. I will offer support while I can, but as this is a work in progress, it's still sort of rough. This is not really intended for beginner admins until we really polish the system up, but it is not difficult to set up at all, and works out of the box. All feedback and testers are welcome, but understand this is a labor of love. We're all just trying to have fun so let's keep it positive. -WW (TheOneWhoKnocks) Special thanks: The following people have been instrumental in this process and I wanted to recognize them for their efforts: Programming: @Horbin - The creator of FuMS Testing and Support: @Brenner - Thanks for all the help supporting guys getting the system running. Contributors: @red_ned @GolovaRaoul @=CF=Dragunov @HeadlessRocket @Mythbustar @Kimi_Hunter Thanks for allowing me to port over your missions. This was critical in pinpointing issues and expanding the system to maximize your content.
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    Prevent Low Level Raiding to protect the new players on your server. This is a configurable method of protecting new players on your server from the big boys who like to wipe bases off the map before they're established. You can set the level that protection stops at, and the message the raiding parties will receive upon attempting a raid. Hacking, Hotwiring, Breaching, Grinding, and Flag Stealing can all be protected against, by just selecting the overrides you wish to use. Install Instructions.. Copy the contents of CfgExileCustomCode.hpp to the "CfgExileCustomCode" of your mission file config.cpp. Copy the "Custom" folder to the root of your mission file (if you change this location, don't forget to update your file paths in the "CfgExileCustomCode" section.) Copy the contents of CfgSaveTheBambis.hpp to the top of your mission file config.cpp, just above "class CfgClans". Download.. https://github.com/kuplion/Low-Level-Raid-Protection
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    Soo i spent a good couple of hours searching the internet for an Igiload script that supports RHS but there isnt really anything, so I've been editing mine and tweaked it to just support the vehicles I use in my server. IT'S BY NO MEANS COMPLETED,WORK CORRECTLY OR HAVE THE BOXES LINE UP PERFECTLY. IgiLoad.sqf
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    Releasing this main DMS static mission pack for Napf (map specific) 11 Static DMS missions for Napf Map. Features include: a3_custom file loading of main mapping with full PBO and settings - allowing simple objects (better FPS) and enableSimulationGlobal for active lighting and doors etc Mission start mapping of blockades etc Fully randomised AI numbers, difficulty and reinforcements Fully commented missions for ease of adjustment Some paratroop reinforcements, support vehicles including air and land Possible minefields per mission Included server-side markers and mapping for bridges which can aid in missions. Slightly smaller island missions with 1 crate and less AI Camp Audacity Mission Camp Bravery Mission Camp Courage Mission Camp Fortitude Mission Larger castle/church missions with extra mapping on castles to fortify Froburg Castle Mission Homburg Castle Mission Napf Castle Mission Muttenz Church Mission Larger island missions with 2 crates Occupied Island Mission - with paratroopers and AI heli Oil Island Mission - with bridge and markers Stranded Bandits Mission I am releasing it all as I am not sure how much longer I will keep my Napf server up due to player decline and may either give up or move onto another map. The pack does consist of most of the best ways (I think) of doing things so server-side markers and bridges can help protect your work etc and using 2 ways of calling objects (server load, mission start) with simple and complex mapping to allow for minimal server stress (not every object needs to be interactive e.g. walls as it just adds load to server) and using everything I learned about mapping loading, DMS AI and mission randomisation. These missions have been live on my server for a year or more so you can always pop over and see some of them. Instructions and full images on GitHub so wont bother with most of those here. Download: https://github.com/redned70/DMSStaticMissions (Napf/Napf full mission pack) Big up to @Pradatoru for load of mapping with me (especially those damn bridges!) Hope you enjoy the missions ned
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    I'm not sure the custom difficulty pbo file is still available, but if you can fined it you do as i said above! as it is as precise as it gets! // MISSION SETTINGS class Missions { class ARMA3 { template = "Exile.Altis"; difficulty = "ExileCustom"; // Server difficulty Settings (Recruit, Regular, Veteran, Mercenary, Custom) }; };  Edit: The pbo is still available on the first page of this thread!
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    In your server configuration file below class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.mapname; difficulty = "Custom"; }; }; and open your server name. ARMA3Profile in the server configuration folder / user / server name and replace it with crosshairs disabled https://pastebin.com/raw/TyMLzykc
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    Hey try https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/18KPS3Djxa6g5nxWvF2uMZwHfFYkDp70i for server / client (both if possible) seems to work for me so far but there is no known solution I think. Those .exes should do a bit better, saw some people writing that it helped
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    Right reply from devs, they are aware of the problem! Fingerscrossed it don't take as long as last time lol
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    Es ist das selbe wie beim Letzten mal schalte Sig auf 0 dann gehts ^^ Selbst Epoch ist tot sobald Mods drin sind
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    Small update, forgot to delete one line of code in the last release which resulted in the body sinking into the ground with the grave. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Uvu5SxBXmHuscKZYTTU1-7Pc8ocyhaVq
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    Hhmhm i shouldn't have written anything So the situation is clear, Bohemia is okay with it and they wont lock a server because you use it ^^
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    This is a modification if you want your players to have multi language support (not supported by Kuplion ) so it shows the player their own language In ExileClient_object_vehicle_getInteractionName Find _displayMessage = format["Get in %1 as %2", _displayVehicle, _seatToGetIn]; and change to:- _displayMessage = format[localize 'str_dlc', _displayVehicle, _seatToGetIn]; Then create a file in your mission root called stringable.xml with the contents as follows:- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Project name="blurb"> <Package name="DLC"> <Container name="DLCNotifications"> <Key ID="str_dlc"> <Original>Get in DLC %1 as %2</Original> <English>Get in DLC %1 as %2</English> <Czech>Nastoupit DLC %1 tak jako %2</Czech> <French>Entrer DLC %1 comme %2</French> <German>Reinkommen DLC % wie %2</German> <Italian>Entra DLC %1 come %2</Italian> <Polish>Wchodzić DLC %1 tak jak %2</Polish> <Portuguese>Entrar DLC %1 Como %2</Portuguese> <Russian>Залезай DLC %1 как %2</Russian> <Spanish>Entra DLC %1 como %2</Spanish> <Korean>들어 오세요 DLC %1 같이 %2</Korean> <Japanese>入れ DLC %1 として %2</Japanese> <Chinesesimp>进来 DLC %1 如 %2</Chinesesimp> <Chinese>進來 DLC %1 如 %2</Chinese> <Turkish>Alın DLC %1 gibi %2</Turkish> <Swedish>Komma in DLC %1 som %2</Swedish> <Slovak>Nastúpiť DLC %1 ako %2</Slovak> <SerboCroatian>Uđi DLC %1 kao %2</SerboCroatian> <Norwegian>Komme inn DLC %1 som %2</Norwegian> <Icelandic>Komdu inn DLC %1 sem %2</Icelandic> <Hungarian>Bejutni DLC %1 mint %2</Hungarian> <Greek>Μπες μέσα DLC %1 όπως και %2</Greek> <Finnish>Päästä sisään DLC %1 kuten %2</Finnish> <Dutch>Stap in DLC %1 zoals %2</Dutch> </Key> </Container> </Package> </Project>
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    I made a new version of this last year which has a customizable live background and custom respect loadouts built in ... maybe something i should release so you can have the option. The live background scene is just created locally and deletes when you spawn so no performance/locality issues. I removed the server tips/info line of text but it can be re-enabled if you desire. Maybe if enough people are interested i will upload.
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