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    Just a simple addon to allow players to move in to DLC vehicles. There are a number of other generic Arma addons or scripts that offer similar functionality but they were either outdated or inefficient. Please note, this DOES NOT remove the DLC purchase overlays; if you like the vehicles contained within the DLC and enjoy the content, please consider purchasing the DLC. Features: Native support for all DLC vehicles, including future DLC vehicles, without requiring script updates or changes. Native looking actions, including vehicle name and position description. Uses the native Exile interactions system to provide efficient actions on all DLC vehicles. The only positions not supported are those which use the Arma turret system as there is so much variation between positions from vehicle to vehicle (this includes Co-Pilot seats, and some "Commander" seats are actually turrets, as found in several Prowler variants). Install Instructions: Merge your initPlayerLocal.sqf and Config.cpp files. Add the interaction actions to other vehicle types if required (Air, Ship, Tank..). Ensure file paths are correct for the required override and compiled files. Download Link: https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Use-DLC-Vehicles Screenshots: (Please note, duplicate entries are shown to demonstrate the look of the action compared to the native actions, and actions are not duplicated in the release version) Video:
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    It's also essentially what Exile does already, when you purchase a non-owned DLC vehicle from trader, you are put into the seat!
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    They've happily allowed other unlocker scripts (search "Kartinator" which is actually on their forums) so I've no concerns. It uses normal commands available to anyone.
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    Clearly late to this. Bottom line is. If you are going to steal content without permission, don't try to defend your actions like you are just. You are a wrong. I care about the time I put into my work. I release some of it to give back. I respect people who want to keep some of their work. Whether that is through the editor or a script. It's not only the law on bohemia and most places, it is being a good human. If you are going to steal, just do it but i'm not going to let you belittle my work because it's done with a tool (as is most work). and if you steal it without permission, damn right BI and a DMCA will be coming. It's not just damaging to running a server and the community, it's just disrespectful for someones time and work, because you are too lazy to learn yourself or ask to use. Why create scripts if kids will rip them off with no credit and treat them as their own. Speil over. I think respect is important.
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    Hello and thank you for this great additions, really helped me a lot installed a lot of mods following your instructions. The only one i'm getting problems with is HAFM. I installed it (actually them, since it's 3 mods, with their signatures keys) successfully (since I can spawn items and vehicles of this mod using my admin tools), but I can't get them to the traders. I added the mods to the startup parameters of my servers too, of course. Now, I added both lines"#include "TRADERS\HAFM\ItemListHAFM.hpp" and #include "TRADERS\HAFM\TraderCategoriesHAFM.hpp" to their respective categories in config.cpp ; I also added the HAFM lines (like"HAFMvehicle", HAFMCloth", and so on...) in the file CfgTraders.hpp but when I go to a trader I don't see anything related to the mod. The mod is in the server but I can't have it in the traders. I've been scratching my head over this problem for 2 hours now, I don't see what I did wrong. I did it the same way I did all the other mods... Here is my cfgclassarsenal category: Here is my cfgtraderscategories: And here is my CfgTraders file: Also another thing, what I particularly want from HAFM is those amazing ships. I'd like to add them to the traders but even in this Easy Trader setup, no mention of the boats of this mod is there.... How would one proceed to add the ships to his server ? Could anyone point me in some direction I would greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.
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    The community (minus a very small number of individuals) retain all the REMARKED (/*) notations about who owns or built the script or mod. From Arma 2 to here I learned (how to script SQFs) from disassembling PBOs and reading the forums, it helps one to get your brain around the whole structure and process of scripting a mission for MP using Exile (or Epoch). If everyone had obfuscated their PBOs and never posted their content on the forums eventually the community would dwindle down to a very small number if not die out completely. The community (as a whole) appreciates anyone and everyone that contributes. You rarely see people trying to hide their work from others. Learning and growing is stimulated by "interest". Interest spawns curiosity. Curiosity is the mother of invention. The next brilliant mod might be because you made some "edit" that spawned "interest" (in someone) which lead them down the road of making something and becoming the next major mod designer. Those that do encrypt their PBOs lack character (in my opinion) and are short sighted. No one here is out to steal but to learn. There is no such thing as "Utopia" in any form. I've done 80 hours of map-edits and gave it away. I've had people give me "edits" because I wanted to learn. "Whatever is good to know is difficult to learn" - Greek Proverb.
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