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    @Z80CPUBetter get reporting Exile Mod to Bohemia then When you buy a non-owned DLC vehicle from Exile vehicle trader it puts you in the driving seat. When you buy a non-owned DLC weapon from Exile armory trader it puts it in your hands. When you use take all if there is a non-owned DLC weapon in loot, it allows you to pick it up into your hands. All @kuplion's script allows you to do is to re-enter that vehicle. In previous versions of Arma, using that specific DLC item wasn't restricted, you just got the low-res models. On purchasing the DLC you unlocked the hi-res models. Whilst you're at it, better report Bohemia for sexism/gender equality of not having female characters in a video game and using sexist commands such as https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#GetInMan https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#GetOutMan
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    don't use the code I posted above as it also affects the spawn position of the crates and helicrashes. I have an update to put up but my internet is off at home at the moment as the phone line outside my house snapped on friday. In the mean time you could try this test version if you want to (this is a test version so not on github yet): https://www.dropbox.com/s/usiukgzujd8z9l0/a3_exile_occupation.pbo?dl=0 This version is based on Kuplions updated version with an additional process that checks to make sure the roaming AI only spawn in range of players and despawn when out of range, this should ensure that the roaming AI are concentrated around players. I have also included some changes required to make the AI compatible with VCOMAI.
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    Just a simple addon to allow players to move in to DLC vehicles. There are a number of other generic Arma addons or scripts that offer similar functionality but they were either outdated or inefficient. Please note, this DOES NOT remove the DLC purchase overlays; if you like the vehicles contained within the DLC and enjoy the content, please consider purchasing the DLC. Features: Native support for all DLC vehicles, including future DLC vehicles, without requiring script updates or changes. Native looking actions, including vehicle name and position description. Uses the native Exile interactions system to provide efficient actions on all DLC vehicles. The only positions not supported are those which use the Arma turret system as there is so much variation between positions from vehicle to vehicle (this includes Co-Pilot seats, and some "Commander" seats are actually turrets, as found in several Prowler variants). Install Instructions: Merge your initPlayerLocal.sqf and Config.cpp files. Add the interaction actions to other vehicle types if required (Air, Ship, Tank..). Ensure file paths are correct for the required override and compiled files. Download Link: https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Use-DLC-Vehicles Screenshots: (Please note, duplicate entries are shown to demonstrate the look of the action compared to the native actions, and actions are not duplicated in the release version) Video:
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    Lmfao, people kicking off BI are stupid enough too add the commands to move people into vehicles and try and make people pay. If they send me an email asking me to remove it, i'll tell them where they can go.
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    if(isServer) then { fnc_MultiplierCheck = " if (daytime > 18 || daytime < 6) then { _timeMultiplier = 10; } else { _timeMultiplier = 0; }; if(timeMultiplier != _timeMultiplier) then { setTimeMultiplier _timeMultiplier; }; "; fnc_MultiplierChecker = compile fnc_MultiplierCheck; [60, fnc_MultiplierChecker, [], true] call ExileServer_system_thread_addTask; }; I've not tested the above, but it should work if you put it in your init.sqf and doesn't add unnecessary threads to the server. It should run every 60 seconds.
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    @DackJaniels, @Dice_cube23, Not sure if you guys are still having trouble but here are the files, and I am 90% sure they will work. I don't have the actual MOD: in your Exile.Map/TRADERS/Cfg.Traders.hpp; class Exile_Trader_Boat { name = "BOAT"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "A3Boats", "ApexBoats", "Boats", "CUPBoats", "RHSBoats", "HAFMShips" //<---ADD THIS }; }; Then in Exile.Map\Traders, make a folder called HAFM, and in that folder; make a file called ItemListHAFM.hpp; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //HAFM Ships /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class HAFM_CB90 { quality = 3; price = 2500000; }; class HAFM_GunBoat { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Russen { quality = 3; price = 2500000; }; class HAFM_RHIB { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_FREMM { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_MEKO_TN { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_MEKO_HN { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Replenishment { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_CB90_BLU { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_GunBoat_BLU { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Russen { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Admiral { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_BUYAN { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Replenishment_OPF { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; make another file called TraderCategoriesHAFM.hpp class HAFMShips { name = "HAFM Ships"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; items[] = { ////AAF_F/// "HAFM_CB90", "HAFM_GunBoat", "HAFM_Russen", ////BLU_F//// "HAFM_RHIB", "HAFM_FREMM", "HAFM_MEKO_TN", "HAFM_MEKO_HN", "HAFM_Replenishment", "HAFM_CB90_BLU", "HAFM_GunBoat_BLU", "HAFM_Russen", ////OPF_F//// "HAFM_Admiral", "HAFM_BUYAN", "HAFM_Replenishment_OPF" }; }; don't forget in you config.cpp in your exile.missionhere file; class CfgExileArsenal #include "TRADERS\HAFM\ItemListHAFM.hpp" then in class CfgTraderCategories #include "TRADERS\HAFM\TraderCategoriesHAFM.hpp"
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    @Z80CPU Your argument is already answered by the email you posted from Bohemia's legal department. "We consider this script to be a grey area in our rules so for now we tolerate it". No mention of being a thief and you will burn in hell.
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    I think Bohemia has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VIEW ON THIS MATTER...and do note the date of the email and the date of @kuplion's post...the email below was 5 days before his post and just for your info...the mentioned script has been removed... If you did not pay for it and you use it anyway, you are a thief. Plain and simple. This type of script is termed legally as "Reverse Engineering" or "Circumventing Copyright Controls". It is a violation of civil and criminal codes under US law and EU law. As it allows you to bypass the mechanism in the code to use it when you should not be able to. An article covering this aspect in US law is HERE. US and EU copyright laws go 'hand in hand'. Typically what is illegal in one 'area' is illegal in the other. I understand that some may actually think such is OK, well, now you have been informed FROM BOHEMIA, that it is NOT OK. You have an issue with this? CONTACT BOHEMIA, NOT ME! Their email address is in the posted email image. ...It is a good day when you learn new information that you did not know the day before... *****
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    BattleEye Filters Tool Tool Here If your anything like me and hate doing battleye filters, you will love the tool I made to format the script log into a exception with a click of a button Example Log: 26.12.2015 21:30:37: NAMEHERE (IP:PORTHERE) GUIDHERE - #0 "ber do { _idKeydown24 = (finddisplay 24) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown',{false}]; }; if!(_idKeydown24 isEqualTo " Just simply copy and paste the script restriction from the scripts.log file into the BIG textbox on the page Be Sure to copy the first and last quotations in the restriction or this will not work correctly. Example: "ber do { _idKeydown24 = (finddisplay 24) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown',{false}]; }; if!(_idKeydown24 isEqualTo " Click the GREEN "Generate Exception" Button. Now copy and paste the output above the button and place it in your scripts.txt File on the line: (Whatever the kick restriction Number is in the log file + 2) At the End of the last exception. In this example, the restriction Number is "#0" So we add 2 making it Line 2 we paste the exception!!! Example: 1 eventHandler !="le \"BIS_RscMissionScreen_video\") displayctrl 1100) ctrladdeventhandler [\"videoStopped\",\"bis_fnc_playvideo_videoStopped = true; \"" !=";\n};\n\n\n[_display] call _fnc_animate;\n{\n_display displayaddeventhandler [_x,_fnc_animate];\n} foreach [\"mousemoving\",\"mouseholding" !="ber do\n {\n _idKeydown24 = (finddisplay 24) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyDown',{false}];\n };\n if!(_idKeydown24 isEqualTo " Save the File and reload the scripts using rcon or restart the server. Done PS: PASTE 1 LOG AT A TIME!
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    This is a modification if you want your players to have multi language support (not supported by Kuplion ) so it shows the player their own language In ExileClient_object_vehicle_getInteractionName Find _displayMessage = format["Get in %1 as %2", _displayVehicle, _seatToGetIn]; and change to:- _displayMessage = format[localize 'str_dlc', _displayVehicle, _seatToGetIn]; Then create a file in your mission root called stringable.xml with the contents as follows:- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Project name="blurb"> <Package name="DLC"> <Container name="DLCNotifications"> <Key ID="str_dlc"> <Original>Get in DLC %1 as %2</Original> <English>Get in DLC %1 as %2</English> <Czech>Nastoupit DLC %1 tak jako %2</Czech> <French>Entrer DLC %1 comme %2</French> <German>Reinkommen DLC % wie %2</German> <Italian>Entra DLC %1 come %2</Italian> <Polish>Wchodzić DLC %1 tak jak %2</Polish> <Portuguese>Entrar DLC %1 Como %2</Portuguese> <Russian>Залезай DLC %1 как %2</Russian> <Spanish>Entra DLC %1 como %2</Spanish> <Korean>들어 오세요 DLC %1 같이 %2</Korean> <Japanese>入れ DLC %1 として %2</Japanese> <Chinesesimp>进来 DLC %1 如 %2</Chinesesimp> <Chinese>進來 DLC %1 如 %2</Chinese> <Turkish>Alın DLC %1 gibi %2</Turkish> <Swedish>Komma in DLC %1 som %2</Swedish> <Slovak>Nastúpiť DLC %1 ako %2</Slovak> <SerboCroatian>Uđi DLC %1 kao %2</SerboCroatian> <Norwegian>Komme inn DLC %1 som %2</Norwegian> <Icelandic>Komdu inn DLC %1 sem %2</Icelandic> <Hungarian>Bejutni DLC %1 mint %2</Hungarian> <Greek>Μπες μέσα DLC %1 όπως και %2</Greek> <Finnish>Päästä sisään DLC %1 kuten %2</Finnish> <Dutch>Stap in DLC %1 zoals %2</Dutch> </Key> </Container> </Package> </Project>
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