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    Toxicity Gaming Exile Malden is a new and upcoming server aimed at giving players a new and refreshing experience of ArmA 3 Exile Mod. We have frequent updates, active admins and aim to provide a fun experience for all our player-base. Although our servers are predominantly hosted in North America, we have players from Europe to Oceania as a part of our welcoming and warm community.
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    @Sgt Smash That kool! Though I am not sure, I was thinking it would be on the sever side... They might have already fixed it too. As the old saying goes: 'An ounce (28 grams) of prevention is worth a pound (454 grams) of cure! Hopefully it stays that way too!
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    My current project is sustainable ambient life, for those who don't mind carjacking etc Military, and police are being added. Still WIP but pretty far along. this is fully integrated with Exile.
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    wenn du von kurzen den Server neu aufgesetzt hast bei nitrado liegt es nicht an dir sondern an nitrado die bekommen keinen stabil laufenden Server zustande im moment
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    false call ExileClient_gui_hud_toggle; Remove @Exile add @N00dles Profit
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