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    A more detailed version will come in the form of a dev-blog in the following days. TLDR Version 19 new cars 48 new items Handcuffs Security Cameras 3D Party HUD Less bugs, but not bug-free More things So wow Much FPS Admin Info Server wipe required or manual action required! Database update required extDB2 update required Mission file changes required BE filter update required You need to use new keys Please note that we will not delete any fields, tables or keys of our existing database scheme. We will only add new fields to existing tables. There will be a simple SQL script that you can import. After this update, some constructions will be outside existing territories as they are not 2D anymore. Some constructions might be above the new territory sphere. Players living in these bases will not be able to move/remove constructions that are outside the territory. Also, there might be some bases that have more constructions placed than the limit allows. Owners of these territories will not be able to add or move constructions. Solving these problems is required. The recommended way is to clear the territory, construction, vehicle and container table, so players can start all over without having to worry about these things. If you feel this is unacceptable, you can sort this out manually by adjusting the constructions limits and territory sizes in CfgSettings. Please be aware that your server will slow down for each construction placed. As a rule of thumb, 7-10k constructions is where the game engine begins to struggle. We have seen servers where certain groups placed more than 2k objects in a single territory. Some servers have almost 30k objects in total. Changes You can now toggle between health and hunger/thirst in your HUD by pressing "grave". You will now see blinking icons to warn you if your hunger or thirst is below 25% You can now chop down bushes with your axe and combine some branches and leaves into a bush kit. Use the bush kit to attach it to your character and turn into a walking bush! Added a charity NPC faction that will supply you with goodies: A Heart For Inmates Added the option to define the price of item when you sell it to traders. Added a configuration for the sales/purchase price factor too. Default is 0.5. Added a developer-friendly setting that can help us to debug things on your server. If you do not like this, you can disable it. The territory radius is now 3D, like a sphere. Thus you cannot build into the air forever anymore. No more penis-towers! Introduced a maximum number of territories allowed per player. Default is 2. Territories now have limited number of constructions that increase per level (30-300). Added a security camera / CCTV system. You can now place security cameras in your territory and look through them by a camera terminal software of a laptop. You can now specify hunger and thirst decay and regeneration in a config. Minimum distance to territories was used instead of minimum distance to trader zones when spawning loot - thx to Brun for reporting Container lock bypass detection ("Y u try to glitch") is not executed anymore when you are in your own territory - thx to Rangecreed for the idea Fixed a problem where people could shoot near your corpse, putting you into combat, even if your new character is miles way - thx to Darth Rogue for reporting Added three more frag bonus types - thx to Xanto for the idea "HOMIE BONUS" applies when you kill someone while you are in your own territory "RAID BONUS" applies when you kill someone who is in his own territory "DOMINATION BONUS" applies when you kill someone multiple times in a row Teamkillers will now lose respect Adjusted the maximum capacity of some vehicles since the vanilla Arma settings are not logical. Please find the changes attached to this post. Adjusted the sales prices of almost all vehicles. Look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PsDxUYBxmiQl-HSTtxj3PHWLq9R0kH0QOoZnNNe4ZhQ/edit?usp=sharing You will now see a death skull on your map when you die to easily find your corpse - thx to Boxman80 and his crew Removed triggers from the default mission file completely. Exile does not use triggers anymore to detect if a player enters a safe zone. This will increase performance. Please report back to us in the "Feedback" forum how large the impact on your server / game was. When you leave a safe zone, god mode and disabled weapon mode will disappear after 30 seconds and not instantly anymore. This should lower safe zone camping - thx to Toasty1234 for the idea Added 9 more custom traders that can be configured by server owners (Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms2...Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms10) Added a new server config to unlock vehicles in safe zones after server restart (off by default) Added action menus to vehicles of type "Tank" so you can use lock, flip, drain fuel etc. Resolved a problem with third party mods / tanks, where you could not repair them completely - thx to FordDefect for the hint Increased the capacity of safes from 1500 to 3000. You will now see your party members (position, name, direction) on your map. Replaced the 3D party hexagons of Arma. Party members close to you will now have name tags like in the safe zone. Distant party members will have a circle + distance in meters + toggable name tages. You can configure the color of the party ESP in your XM8. Default is green. Removed the thermal optics from the Nightstalker attachment. Loot does not spawn in hidden buildings anymore. If you would like to replace static buildings in your mission, you can now do so without running into floating loot - thx to Brun for the hint You can now pack storage crates. Just like it works for tents. Everyone can do that. There are no territory restrictions. It is now possible to deconstruct flood lights. You can also move them (that somehow broke in 0.9.34?) The portable generator will now play a sound while it is running. Dead bodies will now have flies swarming around it, so you can easily find corpses (Yes, it is the classic Arma 2 sound <3) Added a new woodland uniform. We have found the textures for that in the Arma files, but it was not used. Party members can now place 3D markers that is visible to their party mates only. Use action key 2 for that. Simply look somewhere, press the magic button and a marker with your name will appear in 3D. If you want to remove your marker, look into the sky and press the button again. Every player only has a single marker. Markers of dead mates will disappear. Markers do not have a distance-meter below them, so they do not replace range finders. This system should remove the all-time-Arma-confusion of "There is an enemy at the bushes right there!". 3D markers and party ESP can be disabled by server owners in mission config - thx to John for the idea You cannot build in enemy territory anymore. Not even camp fires. Nothing. You can now tie other players up by using zip ties. Zip ties work like hand grenades and show up in the HUD while equipped. Press G (or whatever key you use for hand grenades) to tie another player up. You need to be very close to catch them. Players can free themselves by using a handsaw, pliers or a can opener, but only if the hostage taker went away. Trapped players cannot drop to lobby or commit suicide (yet). ALT+F4 while being tied up will result in a combat log punishment and the player will die. Tied players can also not open their inventory, they cannot move or use weapons. They also cannot place a 3D party maker while tied up. Other players can free trapped players by using the same tools mentioned above. There are different respect settings that the server owner can modify, eg. trapping ("normal" or "bambi"), releasing ("hero" or "hostage taker", breaking free and/or combat log. Killing trapped players will not result in any respect bonus or loss. "GOTCHA" applies when you tie someone up "UNSTOPPABLE" applies when you break free "KINDHEARTED" applies when you free someone (name might change, me no good English ) Fixed a bug where broken vehicle database records could screw the server Re-worked all prices and the complete loot tables for better balancing (existing customizations can still be used, don't worry!) Moved CfgInteractionMenus and CfgInteractionModels to mission config file - thx to On4fox for the idea Limited the maximum distance for range kill bonus respect to 3,000m to prevent long range mine kills. There is no reliable way in Arma to detect if a player was killed by a mine so we cannot solve it better. You will now see the latest news from our website in the Arma lobby when you join a game. We feel this changelog is just not enough to communicate the features we implement. This will honor the work we put into it a bit more. Added a new code lock pad interface for vehicle locks. Established compatibility with Arma 1.54. Re-made ALL BattlEye filters... ugh You can now access the gear of tied up people and basically steal of all their gear. You can now move your head while being tied up. Tied up people can now be road killed. Tied up people cannot adjust their stance anymore to break free. It now shows a message that you do not have the required tools if you want to release someone. PIN code related messages now show **** when stream friendly UI is enabled. 3D party markers now function properly when a party member is not in the ground "Handcuff-Loggers" are now killed properly and don't respawn where they have been Sending money to players that have disconnected in the meantime does not show "Sent money to: Object not found" anymore Lowered the mass of instant coffee and bandages as they were too heavy Took away SPMG/Navid from the game completely. Server owners can put them back in, but they are overpowered in our opinion. Changed the way vehicles spawn in general. Arma blows them up too often. Please test! You now lose respect when you tie someone up, but gain some respect if you release them again Adjusted some prices of vests and backpacks, as they didn't reflect their quality Changed "Scan Bar Code" action on dead bodies to "Identify Body". This will display the name of the player corpse for you. Loot will now spawn without a minimum distance / visual threshold. That means you don't have to be 15m away from a building anymore to have it spawn some loot. Also, this also means loot can spawn right below your feet. This improves loot spawning in the "single house in the wild" scenario. Added three more crafties recipes to empty plastic bottles (dirty/salty) and fuel canisters. Thank you for the idea! Changed armor values of Ifrit (150), Hunter (200) and Strider (250) Changed/New Items Can Opener Car Wheel Codelock Cordless Screwdriver Defilbrilator (Not available in-game, does not do anything. WIP version!) Foolbox Wrench Toilet Paper Sleeping Mat Shovel Screwdriver Security Camera Pliers Oil Canister Mountain Dupe Metal Wire Laptop Handsaw Hammer Grinder Fire Extinguisher Bandage Moobar Instant Coffee Vishpirin Bag of Cement Box of Screws Bag of Sand Metal Hedgehog Kit Metal Hedgehog Raisins EMRE Cheathas Zip Tie Power Drink Woodland Uniform Wood Sticks Leaves Dog Food (Raw) Dog Food (Cooked) Seed-Astics Bush Kit (Green) Bush Kit (Brown) Better Prisoner #01 Chemical Noodles Axe Plastic Bottle (Coffee) Beef Parts New Vehicles (Big thanks to Psycho for porting! Love you!) Lada Green Red White Taxi Hipster Volha Blue White Black SUVXL Black Chrome Ural (Open) Worker Blue Yellow Military Ural (Covered) Worker Blue Yellow Military Ikarus Blue Red (Party, Community Skin TBD) Vehicle Capacity Changes Name Old Change ----------------------------------------------------------------- Kart 0 Quad Bike 600 Hatchback 2000 1300 Hatchback (Sport) 2000 1300 SUV 2000 1600 Offroad 4000 2000 Offroad (Repair) 4000 1300 Offroad (Armed) 4000 1100 Strider 4000 1800 Hunter 2000 2200 Ifrit 2000 1800 Van 3000 3600 Van (Box) 3000 4600 Van (Fuel) 3000 1100 Zamak 3000 4200 Tempest 3000 3800 HEMMT 3000 4600 MH-9 1000 1300 M-900 1000 1300 MI-280 Taru 4000 3200 MI-280 Taru (Covered) 4000 4300 MI-280 Taru (Transport) 4000 1100 PO-30 Orca 3000 4600 CH-49 Mohawk 5000 4800 CH-67 Huron 6000 WY-55 Hellcat 2000 2600 Cessna 185 Skywagon 0 (???) 3000
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    Admin Info No wipe required, but recommendedNo database update requiredYou need to update your description.extCheck the ShowHUD line especially!You need to update your config.cfgSet verifySignatures to 1Remove the line "requiredSecureId" if presentYou need to update your BE filtersYou need to update your mission fileYou need to use new keysBe sure to add your changes to our new CfgSettings. We have changed a LOT!TLDR Version Less bugs, but not bug-freeMany thingsSo wowMuch FPSChanges Fixed constructing not possible on new serversFixed rotating vehicles not possibleFixed Arma default group bar showing upA lot of boring optimizations to increase performance. A LOT! Watch your (Server) FPS! We had 80 players on our test server and it ran at 35-46 FPS. Thanks for everyone helping us!Added new kill types with extra respect "Big Bird" (Roadkill with a chopper) and "Let it rain" (Static MG kills)Added a completely new keypad UIImplemented more easter eggsLoot now spawns multiple items on a stack, but spawns in less positionsIf you enter a wrong PIN code three times in a row, it will deny access for five minutes (cannot be abused in safe zones)Added a very rare item that can scan a code lock. If the code lock has been used within the last 15 minutes, it shows the last three digits of the PIN code as a heat signature. This item is called "Thermal Scanner Pro" and can be used five times. You cannot buy it, but find it in industrial areas and vehicles service points.It will not put you into combat mode if you throw a smoke grenade, chemlight or hand grade anymoreIt will also not put others into combat mode if you throw a grenade at them or place a mine next to them (They wont see that coming!)Server owners can choose between ground/parachute/halo jump spawningServer owners can enable/disable NVG and thermal optics You can now attach satchel charges to vehicles, choppers, UAVs, player or constructionsIf you fly/drive a vehicle into a safe zone that has explosives attached to it, the explosives will be dropped to the groundThe Bambi state will now end when you enter a vehicleFixed a problem where entering a safe zone could kill you (thirst/hunger to 0 instantly).. sorry! Locking/Unlocking vehicles now has a proper effect for feedbackVehicles that were parked in a safe zone have god mode after a restart nowVehicle turrets and static MGs do not do damage in safe zones anymoreLimited the maximum speed of cars and bikes to 20km/h in the safe zone to prevent trolls ramming into each otherYou can now stop auto-running by pressing 0, W, A, S or D Fixed a problem where your respect/pop tab amount was reset when you shot someone with an offroad MG (Thanks, Arma)You can now destroy reinforced wood constructions. They take 3x more damage than normal wood constructions.Selling equipped weapons now works. If your equipped weapon has components, it will also add the sales price of the attachments / loaded magazines to it. This only works for weapons that you have equipped. If you sell a weapon with attachments in a backpack, vest or vehicle, it will not add the sales price of the attachments to it (Technically not possible, sorry!). You might want to sell the attachments first and then the weapon to have the same effect.Added Arma 2 trees to our configs. Chop chop! - thx to HerrMohn for sharingThe XM8 now shows 0 pop tabs instead of your total balance when trying to send other players moneyAdjusted sales price of 30rnd 9mm, which was cheaper than 15rnd 9mm You can now move flood lightsFixed safes / wood crates simulating physics after server restartFixed range finders / scopes not showing distanceFixed "Locked Vehicle/Safe Inventory Bypass" glitchFixed "Bipod" duping method (Navid / SPMG do not come with a bipod out of the box anymore)Fixed "Sell Button Spam" money farming methodFixed "Take All Button" duping methodFixed the "Take All" button replacing your vest / uniform / backpackFixed the "Take All" button replacing your XM8 with a watch and vice versaFixed accuracy showing too imprecise values at the tradersFixed text not being centered correctly in "hints"Fixed a problem where vehicle god mode could end when it had different drivers/pilotsFixed a problem where you were a "muppet" outside of the safe zoneFixed a problem where vehicles where moved to ground level when you flip themPortable generators now work properly after restartAdded the XM8 to the equipment traderFixed a problem where you could (re)move constructions of other territories when placing your flag too near to other territoriesLowered the chance of vehicles spawning with damage / explode when purchasing them, after server restart and in general. #armathingsCamp fires, wood chests, safes, camo tents and work benches can now be placed without the need for a territory. However, you cannot build these on enemy territory.You cannot build camp fires, work benches and wood chests on roads anymore. Sorry, road blockers!Everyone with construction rights can deconstruct and move objects in a territory. If you have placed something outside of a territory, only the owner can deconstruct and move it.If you deconstruct an object, it will drop the construction kit item onto the ground.If you deconstruct or move an object that has a code lock on it, it will drop the code lock item onto the ground.If you place a new construction and move more than 20 meters, the object will now disappear. If you move an existing object and move more than 20 meters, it will fall down instead.Fixed duplicate messages being send (like death notifications etc.)Fixed corpses, AI and weapons de-spawning too fast when no player was nearby.Wrecks will now de-spawn almost instantly in safe zonesFixed possible construction gaps after server restart.- thx to Killzone Kid / NouberNou for sharingAdded a much better loot and object clean up system. Be sure to have a look at this if you program custom mods for Exile.We finally implemented snap-building. KappaA lot of other things that we do not want to type down, because it would fill up three pages! Thats why we have skipped seven minor versionsDOWNLOAD HERE: Go to Download Page
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    Admin Info No database update requiredNo mission update requiredNo exile_server_config.pbo update requiredUpdate exile_server.pbo, key, BE filters and @Exile folder and you should be done if you have no massive code customizationChanges "Combine Mags" duping method fixed "Binoculars" duping method fixed - thx to Xanto for the hintConstruction over water works nowDestroying constructions over water works nowAttaching bombs to constructions works now tooChoppers do not take damage anymore when you buy themThe HUD does not show red numbers on a full magazine anymore, when you carry a noob tube or grenade at the same timeThe group HUD now shows members correctly when multiple of them are in the same vehicleYou cannot repair vehicles anymore when you are in combat - thx to Rangecreed for the hintAdjusted the action menu font size a bit so it is easier to read itFixed a problem where you got stuck in a vehicle for up to 30 seconds sometimes - thx to Rod Serling for the hintRefueling / Draining fuel has been fixed
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    Hello, Inmates! This is probably the most exciting Devblog entry I have ever written and thus I will make it short: Exile development will continue! We have been thinking and discussing for quite a while now and we do not want to let Exile go down the drain. As a consequence, we have spoken to talented people from this community and came up with reinforcements, one could say. Please welcome to our team: @Psycho @eraser1 @happydayz @WolfkillArcadia @maca134 These guys will work on maintaining Exile to ensure compatibility with upcoming Arma updates. Also, they will invest some energy in finishing the hunting and (land?) fishing mentioned in our outdated preview changelog. More is yet to be defined and completely up to them, but they will stick with the direction Exile went into. Right now I am sitting here like a little kid on Christmas, clapping my hands I cannot wait for all the dank laser sharks to be added in the future! (Kappa)
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    Dear players, I would like to inform all of you that my time with Arma modding has come to an end. I feel that it is just fair to make a public statement to counter all the false rumors and urban myths that are around these days. You simply deserve that. However, I cannot speak for my friends Grim and Vishpala here, but I think they feel the same. There are many reasons why I am stepping back now. Where do I begin? Exile has been my first game modification ever and I have spent all my love into it for more than one and a half year exclusively. I simply need something else now. This is like eating pasta for more than a year. Pasta sure is great, but I think we all agree that after that long time, you will want to eat something else. I also just became a father this year and this little gnome needs my love more than everything else now. I have spent weeks of my private vacation time before his birth to finish version 1.0.0 and I simply do not have the time for that anymore. This truly is a life changer, but unfortunately, that is not it: Just hours after releasing the 1.0.2 update, I have suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital. And the first message I have received in hospital: "Hey, your website was hacked and now shows swastikas!". Great. Thank you, I guess. Doctors say I might work and sit too much. I think I do. I work in another country and travel quite a lot. And sitting for about ten hours a day is definitely too much. I have also been working on Exile while sitting at the airports waiting for planes. To quote one of my favorite movies here: "I am too old for this shit!" (For you wondering, it is Lethal Weapon). I will now invest time in what really matters: Eichi Level 1. I am a developer by heart and it will always be my hobby. I will continue developing games in the little free time that I have left after my job and family, but it will not be related to Arma modding. I am simply too tired of restarting Arma over and over again just to tune a value in a config. I also cannot look at questionable error messages like "Error Type Number, Not a Number, Expected Number, Number" anymore. And as stated above, I simply do not have the time anymore to mess with things. I also remember that I once had a problem where infantry could walk through opened gates, but vehicles could not drive through. It took me three (god-damn) days to figure out something that was not documented to solve it. It just feels too unprofessional. On top of that, these days it is less frustrating (and sometimes easier) to create a new game from scratch than to modify an existing platform. Many mods are moving away from Arma as they have grown up, leaving little behind. Battle Royale turns into Battlegrounds, Altis Life turns into Identity, Breaking Point into a stand-alone and the talented 2017 guys have announced to do something with the Unreal Engine, too. The list continues. Modding is just too limited and failing to make your dreams come true is just frustrating in the long run. I am not teasing you (am I?), but the Unreal Engine is teasing me. But no, I am not planning to do an Exile stand-alone in case you ask. There is something else in my mind. We also never know what the next Arma update includes. The long awaited 2017 Mod , my favorite map called Taunus and even Namalsk were screwed by Arma updates and ended up in the trash bin. So it can turn out that months or even years of work turn into a big waste of time by the decisions of a third party you cannot influence. Some of you might remember my t-shirt saying "And then Arma updated". I have it for a reason. Bohemia Interactive seems to consider Arma 3 "done" and will deploy stabilization updates only. Let us hope the best for that. Maybe the shrubberies will be less lethal and walls might stop you from walking through them. In case an update goes wild and breaks things again, I am willing to invest time to solve arising issues, but I will surely need help here. I have experienced update problems that took weeks to solve. Some updates went without problems, but we never know. If you would like to help out on making Exile compatible with upcoming Arma versions or maybe even continue developing it, feel free to get in touch with us. I suggest that we arrange a meeting in Teamspeak (ts.exilemod.com) and discuss the details. Maybe already this weekend? It would be great to talk to everybody again! I will keep this forum, the XM8 app and all backend servers alive, so in the end, nothing will really change. It will just stay in the current state. Everyone who needs my support with developing a Community is King project will get my support. I will be there if you need me. Overall, I believe that Exile is a great project. I have met amazing people and it was much more successful than I ever would have expected. Some of you may remember the first Wordpress website we have had. Yepp, see how bad we were prepared for the storm. You completely rekt our servers From the bottom of my heart; Thank you! You rock! /Eichi
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    Here you will find instructions of installment of DMS as well as updates and general discussion of it. Changelog can be found here: https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile#changelog ============================================================ 1. REQUIREMENTS: DMS requires only Exile. It cannot run on anything other than Exile either. 2. FEATURES: DMS comes highly customizable. We allow you to modify anything! 10+ pre-made missions. AI spawning via groups or singular AI calling. Not a single scripting thread run. Unscheduled clean up for better performance. AI Patrol settings (WIP) Dynamic missions Static missions And much more! 3. HOW DO I MODIFY x?: https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile#to-modify-the-config 3.1 AI spawn amount: To set the amount of ai spawning open the mission file you want to modify and change the following line: _AICount = 6 + (round (random 2)); This will spawn 6 AI's and between 1 and 2 more selected randomly for added dynamic. 3.2 Change AI difficulty: Open the mission file you want to edit the following line: _difficulty = "difficult"; Accepted difficulties are: easy, moderate, difficult and hardcore. 3.3 How do I change any and most settings? Open the config.sqf file and modify everything to your wish. 4. DOWNLOAD: To download DMS go here: https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile You can simply download the a3_dms folder and pack that yourself using any pbo packer application. 5. INSTALLATION: https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile#to-install Installation is as simple as it gets. Modify the config.sqf to your liking or just keep it stock, I'm not your mother. Pack it to a pbo using any application of your liking. The prefixes should not be touched. Open @ExileServer\addons\ and place it in here. That is, place a3_dms.pbo inside the addons folder of @ExileServer 6. THANKS TO: eraser1 for remaking my code and adding much more! WAI for being the basis of our system. and anyone who helped us making DMS and our contributors on DMS: https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile/graphs/contributors Special thanks also to the people who tested our system for bugs and to the Exile devs who checked our code for bugs. 6. LEGAL https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile#license-overview This work is protected by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). By using, downloading, or copying any of the work contained, you agree to the license included. DMS by Defent and eraser1 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile. Full legal documentation found at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode 8. BONUS second_coming created a script that uses DMS ai. It allows for town invasions, roaming ai and ais to occupy towns. Check it out here:
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    We would like to introduce our internal 3DEN development plugin that we have used to create our Tanoa mission file. I am very bad at writing introductions, so let us come straight to the relevant parts: Export As the mission file that 3DEN exports is not usable for Exile and lacks a lot of features, we have added a handful of export tools that can generate some valuable things for you: Export of initServer.sqf Export of initPlayerLocal.sqf Export of markers and zones Export of weather keyframes All that you have to do now is to use an empty mission.sqm with spawn points, copy and paste the markers into it and place the exported .sqf scripts into your mission. Done. Objects Placing objects in Exile has been a bit inconsistent and unnecessarily complicated until now. Especially lockers, concrete mixers and Russian Roulette chairs have confused some admins. From now on you can just place these objects in 3DEN. The whole "magic" and configuration is done automatically while you export your mission to the initServer.sqf. Keep in mind that you must have exactly six Russian Roulette chairs in your mission. Simple Objects For whatever reason, almost every object that is a part of the game world is a vehicle. They require simulation and thus some more performance. Not to mention the extra network traffic to keep them synchronized with all network clients. Most of the object we place at traders are indestructible, never move and are just there for the ambiance. Bohemia Interactive has added a new script command called createSimpleObject that allows placing a 3D model directly. These models cannot take damage, have a very limited simulation, eat less network bandwidth and are perfect for cosmetic object placements. Some Bohemia employees announced in February that 3DEN will support placing simple objects. This is not the case as of today, so we had to find a solution for that on our own. In fact, we came up with two solutions. During the export into the initServer.sqf, most objects are converted into a simple object automatically - a table for example. Objects, where this is not possible are still present as vehicles to preserve their look. A blue sleeping bag for example. Unfortunately, simple objects do not support skinning and thus only the base model can be placed. We have requested this functionality from Bohemia Interactive, so let us wait and see what happens. Maybe Arma will support skinning of simple objects in the future. We will find out. Some objects in Arma offer user interaction. An ammunition crate, for example, can be accessed by the players, but we really do not want that in our trader cities. Their functionality is disabled during our export functionality. Other objects are "proxied" within a parent object. A placed gun for example. The player could pick them up. Another thing that we really do not want in our trader cities. Unfortunately, since these weapons or gear in general, are "proxied" within a parent object, we cannot automatically convert them into simple objects, as there is no way to get the positioning of them in the script engine. Thus we came up with a derpy solution, which is really... creative. We use a BBQ can as a parent object in 3DEN, that can be placed, moved and rotated like a normal object. The gun is then created as a simple object in 3DEN and attached to the can. Meaning if you move the can, the simple object will follow. These cans are not exported, but the simple object model instead. The BBQ cans have a special attribute that holds the 3D model path. This means you can place every model available in the game. If you do not know the model file path, you can select the model you want to convert into a simple object and choose the "Convert into Simple Object" menu entry at the top menu. This will extract the model path from the object and does the research for you. Because, yeah, lazy us. Yes, it is derpy, but if it works, it is not dumb Sanity Check As mentioned above, placing gear in 3DEN will allow players to pick them up. And we really do not want that. These objects are ignored while exporting, but it might be hard to find an answer to the question "Do I really have no questionable objects in my mission?". For this reason, we have added a "scan" function, that checks all objects for you and tells you if something is wrong. It will output a list of objects and where you can find them for you to go through. Nothing special, but helpful. Markers Defining zones for Exile, like a safe zone or a spawn zone, has been done via markers until now. However, defining a contaminated zone or a non-construction zone needed to be done via a config. This was a bit complicated, so we have unified this now. We have extended the "ellipsis" markers in 3DEN to support to new attributes: The functionality of the zone and the icon that is used to display that. The rest is done via an export functionality that generates the markup for your mission.sqm file. During that export, all marker shapes, colors, and brushes are exported in the "Exile" look. This means that no zones are visible on the map, but just the icons. Exceptions are safe zones and contaminated zones. All other zones will be invisible for the player. Since we have introduced new map markers, this functionality does the magic for you automatically. Traders Traders have always been the key point of interest of safe zones. It has been our goal from the very beginning of Exile on Altis to make them look alive. In the beginning, we have been placing them manually by hand. This was time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. It also was too complicated for starter-admins, so we have invented a new way of placing them. Well, the word "invented" might be a bit too big for that. In general, traders can be placed as usual units in 3DEN. However, they come along with two new attributes: Animations and the trader type. The trader type defines the "store" in your mission config that this trader is going to use. It can be a vehicle customs trader, a fast food trader, a custom rainbow unicorn trader or whatever you can think of. By default, the trader type is automatically set to be the unit type that you have placed, but you can overwrite that. The animations, however, are something really cool! You can set the animations that this trader is going to play directly in 3DEN and we force 3DEN to preview a static pose of the animation. This allows precise trader placement like never before. Woo, that sounds so big. Maybe it is. Also, the automatically generated initPlayerLocal.sqf that contains the traders now come along with a functionality that disables collision of traders with their environment. That means you can place them safely on chairs and tables etc. and players cannot run or drive them over. They will stay where you put them. On top of that, 3DEN supports the virtual arsenal of Arma and so do the traders. You can customize their load-out to your wishes and the export function will take care of the rest. I have been searching for appropriate animations to be used for the traders. As it might save you some time doing the same, please find my personal list here. It is quick and dirty, but maybe useful for you: Weather Keyframes This is more or less a side feature of this plugin. You probably know that the Exile server changes the weather based on keyframes that you define in your server config. This config can also be generated and exported by this plugin. Change the weather in 3DEN to your wishes and export the key frame. It will do an exact snapshot of your settings. Release We will release this tool very soon after our Tanoa mission has proven stable productive work. Originally we did not want to release it since we would then have to invest more extra hours into supporting it. Also, we already foresee that some fishy mod makers will inspect that and rip it into pieces for their work. But we have been convinced by some insiders that it could save servers admins hours of work. It has no personal advantage for us releasing that, so if you feel it saves you a lot of work, feel free to send us a pizza EDIT 2016-07-15: You can download it here now.
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    TLDR Version Less bugs, but not bug-freeNew stuffSo wowProblems where action of Bohemia is required We have spent more than 60 hours supporting Bohemia Interactive identifying the FPS problem. We know what causes the problem, but cannot fix it, since it is a problem in the core engine. Now we need to wait for them to release Arma 1.52. HUD shows sometimes red ammunition even if weapon is loaded: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=24881 Range Finders / TWS etc. were supposed to be fixed in Arma 1.50, but Bohemia decided not to release it https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/showHUD -> It says v1.49.131879 but its not in yetArma engine spawns ten-thousands of backpacks in the ocean. Yes, it does. Yes, seriously.Admin Info You need to update your description.ext and have CfgRemoteExec in thereNo wipe requiredNo database update requiredYou need to update your BE filtersYou need to update your mission fileYou need to use new keysYou need to update the @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2\exile.iniWe have removed our readme.txt - the guides on the forum are better now Changelog Corrected floating loot in Pyrgos military towersYou can now interact with objects that were placed in the second floor of your base or aboveExtended the interaction radius of vehicles from 5 to 10 meters temporarily, so the "lock/unlock" menu shows up earlier. This is just a work-around. We will introduce a better test for that later.The "Money received by XXX" now shows the correct name (not yours, ouch)Territory build radius is now flat, so you can build as high as you want (Hooray for sky bases!)Once you have entered a valid PIN code for an object, you dont have to enter it again later to lock/unlock itVehicle spawning should now work better for maps that have broken configs, like Taviana.Loot spawning has been adjusted to work better with highly crowded areas, like spawn zones. If the server spawns loot for a single player, all players in that area will be notified. Also, buildings will spawn new loot faster. It will not spawn loot next to territories or trader cities.Completely re-done the way the server cleans things up. Dropped weapons, corpses and wrecks will now de-spawn after 15 minutes by defaultClients will not dupe spawn zone AI when they login for the first time Disabled server locking by default. If you want to use this, you need to enable it in the config. However, we strooooooongly recommend to do so our some players will lose their gear if they dont disconnect before the restart. So use this and go pro Auto lock feature now supports servers with more than 100 slotsLowered the radius of location name preview from 1000m to 500m, thus you will not see the name of an enemy base as that early You cannot move or deconstruct objects anymore when you are in combatChanged the way network messages are supplied for better performance (remoteExecCall instead of publicVariableXXX)Fixed a bug where players kept dying right after they respawnedexile_server_config.pbo and Exile.Altis.pbo are not binarized anymore, so all comments of us will remainFlood lights / portable generators now work after server restartsImplemented a lot of fixes of Rod Sterling, thank you! Give that man a cookie!Fixed a bug where your pop tab amount was overwritten with your respect when you paid protection money for a territory with pop tabs - Thx to Zarbon
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    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07 Based on VEMF (Vampire's Epoch Mission Framework) DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/IT07/a3_vemf_reloaded DESCRIPTION A reliable engineering masterpiece of a mission system for Exile and Epoch.
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    We are processing well with the new constructions and just reached another milestone! There is not much to write about, but something very exciting to show! But have a look yourself: As we have announced in the first part of the construction series, we have now finished re-working all fortified wood constructions - and also added a fortified floor. All of these constructions now offer way better (client-side) FPS and all lightning artifacts have been solved. All fortified constructions are now fortified from both sides, so masquerading them as wood constructions will not be possible anymore. And last but not least, they look sooo much better! Some players have asked us if the new concrete constructions will snap with existing constructions. As you can see, the answer is: yes
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    No small talk - just screenshots Wood Floor (Reinforced) You asked for it, we deliver Concrete Gate Concrete Floor Hatch Craft a concrete floor and then upgrade it via a fortification kit. Can be opened and closed. You can also attach a lock. Very useful for secret exists below your base or for your roof top. Concrete Window Hatch Upgraded version of the concrete window. Can be opened and closed. The roll-up metal is bullet proof. Peace out!
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    Today, we would like to showcase the new concrete construction materials that we have been working on. There is a wall, window, door, doorway, floor, floor port, stairs and a support implemented already. Other constructions, like a gate for example, will be implemented soon. I think screenshots say more than a thousand words, so please have a look: We have also tweaked a visual glitch with the existing constructions. Somehow they used to be visible in the distance, without the fog having a big influence on them. It was very easy to spot a base due to that problem. With that fix, it will be much easier to hide a base in the future. On the other hand, it will be harder to spot a base, since they will now blend with the fog like every other object on the map. We would also like to mention a small usability improvement that we have implemented now. Until now, it was always a little confusing when placing a door, since you could not see in which direction they would open while placing it. Well, that has changed now That is it for now. We plan to post a larger blog article on Sunday, when we talk about base raiding in more detail Edit: We have decided to re-structure and enhance it a little and show it once it is complete. Please bear with us
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    As recent blogs have discussed at great lengths, there are some exciting changes coming to the Exile building module, most notably the introduction of the concrete building materials and the changes to the armour ratings of these structures. This blog is going to introduce a few additions, expand upon these features and provide information on the much anticipated territory raiding system. So let’s kick this blog off with the details of some new structures shall we? More Building Objects As the new building module follows a tiered method of escalation of sorts, it is important to have some more basic structures for players to use creatively within their territories to provide either functional or aesthetically pleasing finishing touches. Nothing does this better than our old friend the Sandbag wall, introduced as both straight and cornered version, providing basic cover for fighting positions! Also, what better way to define your territory than setting it’s perimeters with an intimidating fence? Chain link fences or H-barriers are the perfect way to establish your boundaries and prevent basic access to areas of your base, keeping any curious Bambis from wandering into your turf! To help with design and deployment, each of these materials will “snap” to other items that are the same, i.e. Sandbags will snap to other sandbags, wire fences will snap to other wire fences. They won’t snap to other building objects however, such as walls due to sizing. Base Raiding While these new additions are great, they aren’t going to prevent or even challenge the more determined of base raiders… In case you didn’t know, base raiding is set to feature more prominently in Exile in the coming update as there is now a custom built system to accommodate it. This is something completely new and intended to challenge base building and improve its employment within the mod. Base raiding now has purpose - no longer is it pointless to just raid a base knowing full well its contents are likely to be protected by locked containers like safes. Now players can attack a base to steal their flag! Coupled with the introduction of a currency that physically needs storing now, this makes for a potentially lucrative challenge. The flag can be removed by the assaulting players and then sold at the trader for a specific amount relevant to the territory level, i.e. the higher the territory level the more it will reward. The process of removing the flag is triggered by interacting with the flag which triggers an animated process, much like the repairing of a vehicle, that takes a period of time to complete and must not be interrupted (or it restarts the process!). This time varies depending upon the territory level, starting at 150 seconds for a basic level one territory, with a multipliers of 1.5 per level. In layman’s terms, it’s going to take up to sixteen minutes to take a level 10 territory. The base owner must then purchase the flag back from the Office trader and “Restore” their flag at their pole before they can repair or maintain their base, leaving it very vulnerable in the meantime! They have a time frame of 3 days by default to do this before the base is removed! Also, all safes and doors are unlocked one day before the base is being removed! Explosives One of the more subtle yet significant changes is the way explosives will work. First of all, a new damage system has been introduced that no longer relies on the inherent Arma 3 damage system. Destroying base objects is now a purely scripted process that means it is more precise and exact – you know exactly what is required to blow each item and don’t have to worry about things like where you’re placing explosives – if it’s placed it will work! Also, to make things a little more straightforward, and again with escalation in mind, each building material will require its own type explosive (and number required) to destroy it. Each type of explosive will take a dedicated amount of time to set with more powerful ones taking longer! Wood objects will require three "Breaching Charge (Wood)" explosives to breach and each explosive will take three minutes to plant. Metal fortified objects will require three "Breaching Charge (Metal)" to breach and each explosive will take five minutes to plant. Concrete objects will require three "Breaching Charge (Big Momma)" explosives to breach and each explosive will take seven minutes to plant. This ultimately means that base raiding requires some planning and effort – a bit of reconnaissance may be required to get an idea of the amount of explosives required, what types and where they could be placed! This should sort the men from the boys and also filter instances of trolling base attacks. Sever admins will have control over how easy or difficult it is to get access to these explosives, so ultimately the power in their hands to design and control a balanced environment. Notification With the introduction of base raiding and opening the door to the potential for hostile territory take-overs, naturally comes some apprehension. Fear not though, this is the 21st century and we have technology at our disposal to help us defend our territories! We are well aware the majority of base attacks happen while the owners are offline. Rather than restricting base raiding to windows of activity around the owners activity or encouraging abuse of offline protection, we’ve looked at ways to tackle this more positively and to encourage in-game activity. With this in mind, players will be made aware of impending base attacks immediately upon the first attempts of gaining entry to the territory (remember those scripted explosive devices?). This will be done via a brand new Exile mobile app linked to their (real life!) mobile devices. This will immediately send a notification message to your mobile upon the assault initiating, meaning attackers must be extra vigilant as they KNOW that base everyone on the territory flag have been informed of their assault upon it initiating. With other changes and introductions, these base raids are now a fairly lengthy process that require planning and much effort, and who knows what may be waiting for them inside the base! A more in-depth post about the XM8 Mobile app will be posted in the next few days. Please hold your questions until then
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    Base raiding. This is probably the most wanted feature at the moment. And we have put all of our energy into this specific aspect of the game in the last weeks. The current constructions in Exile still have the placeholder armor and damage model that we have used during prototyping in June last year and are really as unbalanced as placeholders can be. We believe that nothing should be 100% safe in Exile, but the effort put into raiding a base should be in balance with the effort required to build a base. The current wood constructions and metal fortifications work quite well and will remain in Exile, but we plan to extend this system with another type of constructions: Concrete. Wood constructions will be just as easy to craft as of today. They are fast and simple ways of crafting the basics required for a base. But we will change the amount of damage they can take. They will be much easier to destroy compared to today. They are not bullet-proof and offer almost no explosion shielding. Fortified wood constructions will remain bullet proof, just as of today. They will only offer a little better explosion shielding than normal wood constructions. If we have some time left over, we will make the fortifications double-sided, as we have noticed that players tend to rotate them to masquerade them as regular wood constructions. Also, the amount of damage they can take will be reduced to be in balance with the other materials. Concrete constructions will be the high-end tier in Exile and will require quite some effort to craft, but it will definitely be worth it! They will be completely bullet-proof and offer the best explosion shielding in the game. But the way you craft them will be completely different: You cannot craft them in your base. We plan to place two or three concrete mixers next to construction sites on the map, depending on the map size. It will not be possible to place a territory over there and it will only be possible to craft concrete constructions by using a concrete mixer. So better watch your back while you craft these high-end constructions! Now you might think: "Wait, there already is a concrete mixer in Arma!". If you think so, please leave a comment! Actually all of us thought the same and we have had a competition to find it - without any success, so we ended up creating our own one. To craft concrete constructions, you need bags of sand, bags of cement, a shovel, metal poles and a new item, a plastic canister that can be filled with water. We will post more about the new constructions and base raiding in general as soon as we have something to publish See you in-game!
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    Welcome to the longest post on the forum! Apologies for the long read in advance! This thread has been developed as a combination of ideas and "ideal world" suggestions contributed by my own group of mates and those of this community. It's basically an index of some of the more relevant, plausible and balanced game enhancing ideas that have been submitted as feedback here on the forums. I do not expect for one moment to have everyone of these ideas incorporated into the game by the way, some of them are contradictory with other ideas on this list, they are purely an exploration of different ideas and directions the mod could develop along. Please feel free to add your own ideas to the thread, or if you feel something wouldn't work tell us why and what you feel might be a better idea. I've broken the list down into categories and numbered them to make discussing them a bit easier to discuss. Just before we get on with the list I'd like to thank the Exile devs on behalf of the community for their brilliant mod and all the hard work done so far! Even in it's current state, it is STILL by far the best A3 mod out there! A) ENVIRONMENT & GAME PLAY A1) Bury Bodies & Respect A2) Injury, Illness & Medical System A3) AI & NPC Antagonists A4) Radioactive Antagonist(s) A5) Missions, Quests, Objectives, Heists/Robberies etc. A6) Treasure Hunts/Orienteering A7) Personal Spawn Point(s) A8) Spawn Cool-downs A9) Communal & Social Rewards A10) Drug Cultivation & Collateral A11) Use The Sea More A12) Character Leveling & Skills (soft skills) A13) Canned Drinks Add 1PT A14) Less community fragmentation - less mod requirement A15) Rappelling (& movement mods etc). A16) Vehicle and Safe "hacking" A17) Status bar A18) Night Time Settings & Bonuses A19) Prisoner Allowance A20) 3d Markers A21) Item Durability A22) Interactive Map Resources B) BUILDING B1) Sustainable Food, Water (and drugs/alcohol/tobacco) etc. B2) Virtual Garages B3) Vehicle Protection B4) Moving Territory Flags B5) Building Expansions B6) Flag Stealing - anti-troll base raiding system B7) Expand Locks (Multiple options & Managed Access) B8) Ability To Hide Territory Name B9) Written signs/messages/Display screens/Journals B10) Flag Planting - must be on ground B11) Territories, protection and "families" B12) Snap building underneath objects B13) Vector building B14) Painting C) VEHICLES C1) Vehicle Parts C2) Salvageable Items C3) Vehicle Durability C4) Towing C5) More Vehicles C6) Vehicle Maintenance C7) Refuel / Re-arm Costs C8) Vehicle Fortifications & Upgrades C9) Combat Repairs C10) Claim Vehicles D) EQUIPMENT D1) More interactive Items D2) More Weapons D3) More Equipment / Tools / Stuffs! D4) empty magazines E) TRADERS E1) Player Driven Economies & Marketplace E2) Community Trader E3) Mobile Trader F) FAMILIES/CLAN/GROUPS F1) Family Respect F2) Clan Diplomacy (Allegiances & Vendettas) F3. Bounties STILL READING? wow, you're tenacious! Just to throw you a bone for persevering with this read, here are some ideas already introduced to Exile that previously featured on this list. This may or may not be related to the suggestions made here, but it does at least give you some hope of these ideas potentially getting considered for development! The Dev team are engaging with the community and take all positive and constructive feedback on-board. Please keep this in mind when providing feedback here on the forum. Weather/Environment (ADDED 0.9.6) Alternative official map support (ONGOING SINCE 0.9.6) Improved base protection/maintenance (ADDED 0.9.36) Map indicator for death (Red Skull) (ADDED 0.9.36) Group feature improvements (ADDED 0.9.4) Improve hunger/thirst system (ADDED 0.9.36) Physical currency (COMING NEXT PATCH) Trash items (ADDED 0.9.4) More storage items (ADDED 0.9.6) More food and drink items (ADDED 0.9.4) Weapon sway system fixed and controllers added (ADDED 0.9.4) Trader God-mode cool down on leaving safe-zone (ADDED 0.9.35) Add actions/interactive menus (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4) Picking locks (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4) Customise and make vehicle capacities consistent (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4) Add new vehicles (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.35) Add tools (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4) Increase safe storage (ADDED 0.9.4) Fix/improve A3 weapon sway system (ADDED 0.9.4) Controls for weapon/vehicle thermals (ADDED 0.9.36) Improve respect system/Dynamic respect (ADDED) More weapons (ON-GOING SINCE 0.9.4) Animal hunting (ADDED 1.0.3)
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    Update 8th December: These are now the RC5 files! These files are meant to be used in our release candidate testing only! You cannot play with them on live servers! Download: Download from server #1 Test Server: Host: join.exilemod.com Port: 2302 Password: boogieboogie Teamspeak: ts.exilemod.com Report Bugs here: http://www.exilemod.com/forum/189-release-candidate/ RC1 to RC2 changelog: Re-made ALL BattlEye filters... ugh You can now access the gear of tied up people and basically steal of all their gear. You can now move your head while being tied up. Tied up people can now be road killed. Tied up people cannot adjust their stance anymore to break free. It now shows a message that you do not have the required tools if you want to release someone. PIN code related messages now show **** when stream friendly UI is enabled. 3D party markers now function properly when a party member is not in the ground "Handcuff-Loggers" are now killed properly and don't respawn where they have been Sending money to players that have disconnected in the meantime does not show "Sent money to: Object not found" anymore Lowered the mass of instant coffee and bandages as they were too heavy Took away SPMG/Navid from the game completely. Server owners can put them back in, but they are overpowered in our opinion. Changed the way vehicles spawn in general. Arma blows them up too often. Please test! You now lose respect when you tie someone up, but gain some respect if you release them again Adjusted some prices of vests and backpacks, as they didn't reflect their quality Changed "Scan Bar Code" action on dead bodies to "Identify Body". This will display the name of the player corpse for you. Loot will now spawn without a minimum distance / visual threshold. That means you don't have to be 15m away from a building anymore to have it spawn some loot. Also, this also means loot can spawn right below your feet. This improves loot spawning in the "single house in the wild" scenario. Added three more crafties recipes to empty plastic bottles (dirty/salty) and fuel canisters. Thank you for the idea! Changed armor values of Ifrit (150), Hunter (200) and Strider (250)
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    Today we would like to show you a new mini-game in the safe zone: Russian Roulette. You can play it with up to six players at once. To join the game, go to a "trader" to buy you in. The amount of pop tabs required to join a game can be configured by the server owner and is collected in a pot, that the winner then gets as a prize. Every player gets a revolver with only one bullet. The magazine is then shuffled, so you never know when it will fire. This is highly work in progress, but we would like to show it to you already:
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    Admin Info Server wipe strongly recommended!No database update requiredNo mission file changes required (since 0.9.32)No BE filter update requiredYou need to use new keysChanges Fixed faulty "Need more inventory space" messageFixed crafting returning wrong number of items sometimesFixed "Kick from territory", "Demote" and "Promote" not working correctlyRemoved speed limit in trader citiesFixed vehicle flippingFixed "Thermal Scanner Pro" not working on safesAdjusted safe zone player name ESP to not show the names of invisible admins Fixed the "Upgrade" menu option showing for objects you cannot upgrade.Fixed the group HUD showing weird icons sometimes.Fixed consuming / constructing not removing the item sometimes.Fixed lighting a fire to remove a match instead of giving you one additional Fixed physics build mode not working
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    As some of you have probably seen already, we have been adding new map markers to 0.9.8 "Kiwi". Now we are taking it a bit further on the way to de-clutter the map. With the introduction of "Toasts" we have implemented a way to unify the way notifications work in Exile and asked add-on makers to switch over to the new system to offer a smooth in-game experience for the players. The new map markers we have added in Kiwi turned out to be a bit too yellowish and the map turned into a visual sunflower field. After sitting down and re-thinking that, we came up with the conclusion that the yellow has to go away. Static map markers, that used to be yellow in the current version, will become more "visually muted", but stay informative. How did we do that? Well, we simply took the yellow away. Brilliant. Yay, us Currently, Exile has only two small events built-in: Supply drops and abandoned safes. These are colored in an outstanding red, so you will notice them immediately. We are aware that there are add-ons for Exile that also use map markers for events, so we have added a small selection of markers for add-on builders to chose from. Same rule of thumb as for the Toasts: Please switch over to use them in the future, so we can achieve a nice map. If you feel there is a map marker missing, please leave a comment and we will see what we can do for you. A BIG THANK YOU to @CraigusMcGooch for designing the map marker layout! Love you! Please find a list of the new map markers below: First Column Trader City Scuba Trader Russian Roulette Spawn Zone Spec Ops Trader Second Column Boat Trader Aircraft Trader Concrete Mixer Contaminated Zone Third Column Easy Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionEasyIcon") Moderate Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionModerateIcon") Difficult Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionDifficultIcon") Expert Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionHardcoreIcon") Forth Colum Capture Point (setMarkerType "ExileMissionCapturePointIcon") Stronghold (setMarkerType "ExileMissionStrongholdIcon") Oh, and before we forget about that. We have added glasses and masks to the equipment trader, so you can wear your most-loved sunshades or a balaclava if you choose to. This also allowed us to add a new trader type, the Scuba trader. You will find Scuba traders on Tanoa next to boat traders, so you can either buy a water scooter or go full-stealth-mode. It also offers a completely new "world" of underwater missions!
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    We've made a few changes that will interest people running servers. First, we added back the Ambient Flyovers. You can turn these on/off here: exile_server_config.pbo >> config.cpp >> class Events: Second, we changed the way the trader type variable is set. You will need to update all of your traders in your mission file's initPlayerLocal.sqf: Third, you can set the max deposit amount for the lockers in your mission file config.cpp >> class CfgLocker: Fourth, you can set the required respect for trading in the mission file config.cpp >> class CfgTrading >> class requiredRespect. If you want people to be able to trade with any amount of respect, even negative values, you can set each level to -9999999. Lastly, we added new cleanup handling to the database. When we added a "deleted_at" fields to the construction, container, territory, and vehicle tables. When an object is deleted from the server the time it was deleted is marked in the "deleted_at" field in the database. Deleted objects are then held in the database for X days which are configurable here: exile_server_config.pbo >> config.cpp >> class Database >> _permanentlyDeleteTime. If you set the "deleted_at" field to null for an object that was deleted it will spawn back in on the next restart. *Edit* We also added logging for you! You will have three new logs in your extDB >> logs folder: Exile_DeathLog, Exile_TerritoryLog, Exile_TradingLog. You can turn these on/off here in exile_server_config.pbo >> config.cpp >> class Logging:
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    This time we would like to write a little about a new loading screen that we have added to Exile. But before we start talking, watch this: Since Arma 1.60 introduced a new mission config value (skipLobby), we are able to completely join a server without having to go to the lobby at all and directly join the server. This allowed us to do some magic - and completely break the core of Arma. By default, Arma has seven (!) loading screens that are shown after another and/or in mixed order. By default it is something like this: Connecting to server, showing lobby, receiving mission file, loading map, loading mission, receiving data, booting mission, requesting character and more. All of you have probably seen this behavior in Arma for ages. It flickers and stutters and changes the visual style over and over. Not anymore In this video you see a closeup shot of our axe. We have about 20 different background images that rotate from time to time. As a side note for server owners, you do not have to adjust the mission image or name in your mission file. We tried to keep the same image size and aspect ratio, so changes should not be required. You cannot define the background image, since the loading screen starts before the client downloaded your mission. However, what you might want to combine "onLoadMission" and "author" of your description.ext, as our loading screen shows only one line. Hope you like it
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    The much anticipated clan system is finished! We will be referring to them as "Families" in keeping with the Mafia story. You will now get the option to "Create a family" at the office trader. The registration fee is configurable in the mission file under CfgClans. Once you have created a Family you will be able to manage your Family in the XM8. In the Family app you can see who is currently in the Family and who is the leader/"Papa" of the clan. Only the Papa can kick/add members to the Family. If the Papa is the only member of the clan he/she will get the option to Disband the clan. If there are other members he/she will get the option to leave. If a Papa leaves a clan a random Family member will become the new Papa. The Papa will get the option to invite new members to the family in the 8G Network. Families provide you with a few specific benefits. First, the first member of a Family that joins a server is put into a party. Any member that joins after will automatically be put into this party. You can leave this original party and make/join a different party if you choose. All Family members not in the party will display on the map in red. Second, you can create persistent map markers. These are saved to the database and visible by all clan members. There are two types of markers: text/icon or polygon. To create either marker you need to right-click quickly on the map. If you right-click slowly you will drag the map as is the normal behavior in ArmA. Creating icon/text markers are very simple. To delete them you need to right-click the icon/text and press remove. Polygon markers can be a little more tricky. You need to make sure that you close the polygon and that you use less than 10 lines. If your polygon lines do not connect you will see that the Linked field is red. If you have created a complete polygon the Linked field will turn green. (See pictures below.) To delete a polygon you need to click inside of it and then press the remove button. Also, the Bounty system has been scrapped. After months of discussion we came to the decision that there were too many ways the system could be abused.
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    Exile servers are online 24/7, but players are not. Balancing base raiding in persistent online games is extremely challenging, if not completely impossible. All video games in this genre struggle with that - especially when the victims are not online. There is no common solution for that issue in this genre, so we are were thinking about something completely new. And the result is a smartphone app. Simply disallowing base raiding while the victims are offline is frustrating for attackers. Imagine you want to raid a base, prepare everything, make a plan and then a message pops up: "Sorry, owner is not online. Come back later". Then, with some steam coming out of your ears you drive to the next attractive base, where you know the owners are online. Unfortunately the owners notice you and log out, leaving you with another neat "Please come back later" message. Making it harder to raid a base while the owner is offline would be inconsistent and can be abused to check if the owners are online. Also, it would not increase the chance of a successful defense at all. Disallowing base raids at certain times - for example in the night - does not work for international servers. While you play, others might be at work or asleep. This app does not directly change how base raiding works, but it can influence the game play in a positive way. On one hand, raiding a base has a much higher risk of facing resistance now. Even if the victims are offline, they will know what you are doing and give their best to prevent that. Do not think a base is empty - this can change every moment now. Just blowing your way through some walls is boring. There is nothing better than a good firefight. On the other hand, logging in just to see your base being raided or completely wiped off the server is probably the most frustrating thing when building a virtual home. The app works basically as a door bell, that you automatically ring when you raid a base. On top of that, we have added a couple of features to remind you to pay your territory protection money. It will also inform you when your territory flag is being stolen or restored. Also, your server admins might send you a message like "Hey, we are hosting a racing event from Kavala to Sofia this Friday. Want to join us?". And the best: You will receive notifications within seconds, so you have time to react. It takes approximately ten minutes for the attackers to get into your base when you have received the base raid alert. Enough time to connect, unlock and reload. This project and topic is extremely thrilling for us as it exceeds the boundaries of modding a game. You will probably have a bunch of questions. We have compiled a list of questions that we can already foresee to be asked. In case you have another question, please post them in the comments. We will give our best to answer them. Wish us luck! What does this app do? This app is a notification service. You will receive messages from the Arma 3 Exile servers you play on to keep you informed about in-game events - for example while someone is raiding your territory. Notifications are delivered in real-time, so you can react immediately. Do I receive message while I am offline? Yes, you will receive messages regardless of if you are currently playing Exile or not. Do my friends get messages, too? Yes, if they also use the app. Territory related notifications are sent to all players that have build rights on a territory. If someone raids your base, you and all of your friends will know! How long does it take to receive a message? Given a perfect phone connection, it takes two seconds on average! This means that your pocket will vibrate just moments after something happened in Arma. What types of messages will I get? Currently, the app supports the following notifications: Base Raid Alerts You will get real-time notifications while someone is trying to get into your base - before they have breached through the first wall! It takes a while to breach through a wall in Exile, so you have approximately ten minutes to react before the attacker is in your base. All of your mates that have build rights on the same territory will receive the same message, so your whole clan is alerted. Flag Steal Alerts This message informs you that attackers have stolen your flag some seconds ago. The thief then has to carry your flag to the nearest traders - use this chance to prevent that and get your flag back! And if happened to be too far away, you now know that you have three days to get a new flag. Flag Restored Notifications You and your mates will receive this message once your territory flag has been restored. No need to panic anymore with your territory flag! Territory Protection Money Reminders This notification will remind you when the protection money of your territory is due in the next 24 hours. Server Admin Notifications Server administrators can send broadcast messages to all players that linked their phone with their server. This is especially useful to announce server events to all players. Will there be more message types in the future? There will be a sub-forum where you can present your ideas soon. We will do everything we can to make Arma, Exile or the app an enjoyable experience. How does the app recognize "me"? You can link the app with your Steam account. Will I also get messages at night? Yes, but the app will respect your sound volume and vibration settings. Also, the LED light of your phone will blink in the Exile pink every now and then - in case you missed the vibration and ringtone. If you receive a message while you are asleep or busy, you at least know what happened. There is nothing worse than logging in after a couple of days, just to see your territory being raided or gone. Can every Exile server send me messages? No, you have to grant servers permission first. Open your in-game XM8 and navigate to the "Mobile XM8" app. It will show you a four-digit server code. Use that to add a server in your phone. If you want to stop receiving messages from a server, simply swipe it away. You may have noticed a blurred app in the "Sloth Machine" video. Yepp, it was this. Will this app be required to play Exile? No. I had my phone switched off for some time, what now? If your phone was out of battery, in flight mode, out of signal or simply switched off: You will receive messages for up to seven days after the in-game event occurred. After that, messages will expire and not be delivered anymore. On which mobile devices does this app run? Our prototype runs on Android 5.0 "Lollypop" and above. Apple products are not yet supported. We are aware that iOS devices are common, but before we will put effort into developing an app for a completely different device group, we have to ensure that it is actually worth it. Imagine we spent a month or two developing that, then pay a yearly amount to become a certified iOS developer - which Apple requires to even allow you in the app store - and then nobody uses it. On top of that, iOS apps can only be developed and published on Apple devices. None of us owns a MacBook or iPhone and you probably know the price of these. Depending on what the community wants, needs and how well the Android version goes, we will definitely consider doing an iOS version. What will this app cost? We plan to offer this service for just €2.49/month. EDIT: We decided to make the app free and try to cover the cost with donations. Unfortunately, this is everything but free for us. We have to develop, host and maintain an IT infrastructure that can connect a thousand game servers and ten thousands of mobile devices in real time. App stores charge us annually and apply download fees. On top of that, we have to deal with value added taxes and income taxes. Believe us when we say that this is a penny business. We will have to have hundreds or maybe thousands of subscribers to break even. When will the app be published? We will run a long-term test to ensure a high quality. Since this is a hobby project, we cannot give you any reliable dates. It could also happen that this project never comes to life. We have a working prototype already, but if it would be a financial or legal disaster for us, we will consider abandoning the idea completely. For server owners: How does my Arma server send messages to mobile phones? We have developed three systems here. A mobile app that can receive messages and displays that to the player. Second, a cloud-hosted message delivery hub that does the routing and security magic. Third, an extension for your Arma server that sends the message data to our central servers. Does my Arma server automatically send data to the Exile servers? No, this system is disabled by default. Am I forced to support this feature on my server? No, it is up to you if you want to. How can I enable the app on my server? We will offer a website where you can register your server. After proving your ownership, you will receive a configuration file that activates your Arma server extension and a four-digit server code. How do I send broadcast notifications to my players? You will be able to do that on the same website you registered your server. How many notifications can I send? We limit the number of notifications you can send to four in a month, so roughly one message per week. What does this cost? This service is free for server owners. Can I customize this system? No, not at all. Exile is extremely customizable, but this system is an exception. Your players expect the app to work the same on all servers in the world. This also means that base raiding is mostly balanced by us to ensure a unified experience. If you have ideas on how to extend the app or the system behind it, feel free to talk to us directly. Does this support Linux? Yes. We offer both a Windows and a Linux server extension.
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    Yesterday we wrote about the new respect system and how it will affect your shopping trip to the traders. Today we would like to write something about how you can gain and lose respect in the upcoming versions. As of today, losing respect in Exile has no real consequences. Also, there are not many ways of losing respect. This resulted in players gaining more and more respect over time. This will now change. The most dramatic change we are going to apply here is that you will now gain and lose percentages of your respect. If you die, you will lose a certain percentage of your current respect. If you kill someone, you will get the respect that this guy just lost, plus some respect bonuses depending on how you fragged the victim. This change has welcome side effects: Killing a pro will get you more respect - Or reversed, the more respect you have, the more "painful" your death will be. Killing a beginner will get you only little respect - Or reversed, being shot from a pro is less "painful". Killing Bambis is much more "painful". Dying and comitting suicide now has a consequence. To give you a brief overview of how the respect transfer, gaining and losing is going to be in more detail, please find a description below. All of these values are configurable and represent the default values in vanilla Exile. Unlucky If you die due to hunger, thirst, temperature, collisions, fall damage or other generic death types, you will lose 1% respect. Crashed to Death When you crash your vehicle and die. You will lose 1% of your respect. Suicide If you chose to commit suicide in the escape menu. You will lose 2% respect. Friendly Fire If you kill a party or clan member, you will lose 3% of your respect. Victim does not lose respect. Death and frag do not count. Killed by NPC If you have been killed by an NPC, you will lose 4% of your respect. Bambi Kill If someone kills another player who is still in Bambi state, the attacker will lose 5% of his respect. Victim does not lose respect. Death and frag do not count. Enemy Fragged The default kill in Exile. Happens when you kill another player who was not a Bambi and not in your party or clan. If you frag another player, the victim will lose 5% of his respect and you will gain these 5%. Depending on the way you killed the victim, the following frag bonuses can apply: First Blood You killed the first person after server restart. +100 respect Domination Killing the same person over and over again results in a domination bonus. +80 respect Kill Streak Killing two or multiple players within two minutes will result in a kill series. Each kill pro-longs your series by another two minutes. Respect will stack per kill. +50 respect, +100 respect, +150 respect etc. Let It Rain Applies when you kill someone by using a vehicle turret or static machine gun. +150 respect Range Bonus You will get an additional 10 respect per 100m kill distance. Humiliation Applies when you kill someone with an axe or sledge hammer. +300 respect Mad Passenger If you kill someone with your normal gun while sitting as a passenger in a vehicle. +400 respect Roadkill If you drive over someone. +200 respect Homie If you kill someone while you are in your base, you will get the "Homie" bonus. Usually applies when you defend your territory. +20 respect Raid If you kill someone in his own territory, it will count as a raid. +20 respect Big Bird If you "road kill" someone with a helicopter or UAV drone. +600 respect Chute > Chopper If you fly your parachute into a helicopter and the helicopter crashes, while you survive. +1000 respect
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    Firstly, sorry for English. This small package models from Arma 2 ported specifically for Exile. It was originally planned only 2-3 models, but the process is was a little tightened and began to expand the list of veh. Here's a list of what im are working at the moment(not everything is ready at 100%, something is necessary to fix the animation, lights, doors, and other little things) -AN-2 -Datsun (maybe)* -Gaz Vodnik -Gaz Volha -HMMWV -Ikarus -Jackall -Lada / LadaLM -Land Rover -MV22 -Octavia (maybe)* -SCUD (maybe)* -Skodovka (maybe)* -SUV -SUV Armored -Tractor -Tractor old -UH1H -Ural -V3S -VWGolf (maybe)* * - not sure if this model is needed. Some pics/vids will be later. All this takes a big chunk of time and effort, thanks for understanding that. If you have any suggestions - do not hesitate to express.
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