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  1. That is done!
  2. Please check this, as it does exactly what you are looking for: ExileClient_System_Moon_Initialize.sqf
  3. The vehicle respect thing was already adressed. Most of the duping issues are even possible in vanilla Arma. But if you could be more precise, I am sure the team can have a look into it.
  4. Sorry for the delay - I was in Nirvana. Unfortunately, there is already a user with the name "Frank Castle". Do you want me to change to to anything else?
  5. Please do the following: If we would not do this, people could request deleting servers they do not own
  6. It has been slightly increased now!
  7. I am pretty sure that is showFriendlyTags in the difficulty settings. That is Armas name ESP, which shows you the name of units when you look at it. We have disabled this by default, so if you did not touch it, maybe Bohemia as split this into multiple difficulty settings now?
  8. Nah, you can get it for free if you ask me friendly Catch me on Discord or tell me your server code here.
  9. I am very excited to see this happening! I will surely be one of the first guys to join and shoot some butts Well, most likely I will die running down stairs anyways. And do not listen to the people that cry a lot. You can present people with a truckload full of diamonds and they will complain they cannot carry all of them at once. And people that do not honor us all having spent more than a year of our lifetime into this nifty little project... well, they can go pay $15 for a rice bag and ambulance DLC.
  10. Yeah, there is! Now we have the same ex to bitch about! <3
  11. Yes. You have some wishes?
  12. That is not how it works. Our backend servers need to communicate with the bot and this only works if they are on the same server. Also, just because we offer a service for free, does not mean that we have to release the code of it for free, too
  13. "I" do not have a 64 Bit DLL, I am sorry. @Grim has made it, but somehow he chose to not share it it seems
  14. Ehm... I just want to mention that this is on purpose. People that have a negative respect with the Mafia will end up with the Mafia not wanting to deal with you.