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    Goodbye, Arma!

    Dear players, I would like to inform all of you that my time with Arma modding has come to an end. I feel that it is just fair to make a public statement to counter all the false rumors and urban myths that are around these days. You simply deserve that. However, I cannot speak for my friends Grim and Vishpala here, but I think they feel the same. There are many reasons why I am stepping back now. Where do I begin? Exile has been my first game modification ever and I have spent all my love into it for more than one and a half year exclusively. I simply need something else now. This is like eating pasta for more than a year. Pasta sure is great, but I think we all agree that after that long time, you will want to eat something else. I also just became a father this year and this little gnome needs my love more than everything else now. I have spent weeks of my private vacation time before his birth to finish version 1.0.0 and I simply do not have the time for that anymore. This truly is a life changer, but unfortunately, that is not it: Just hours after releasing the 1.0.2 update, I have suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital. And the first message I have received in hospital: "Hey, your website was hacked and now shows swastikas!". Great. Thank you, I guess. Doctors say I might work and sit too much. I think I do. I work in another country and travel quite a lot. And sitting for about ten hours a day is definitely too much. I have also been working on Exile while sitting at the airports waiting for planes. To quote one of my favorite movies here: "I am too old for this shit!" (For you wondering, it is Lethal Weapon). I will now invest time in what really matters: Eichi Level 1. I am a developer by heart and it will always be my hobby. I will continue developing games in the little free time that I have left after my job and family, but it will not be related to Arma modding. I am simply too tired of restarting Arma over and over again just to tune a value in a config. I also cannot look at questionable error messages like "Error Type Number, Not a Number, Expected Number, Number" anymore. And as stated above, I simply do not have the time anymore to mess with things. I also remember that I once had a problem where infantry could walk through opened gates, but vehicles could not drive through. It took me three (god-damn) days to figure out something that was not documented to solve it. It just feels too unprofessional. On top of that, these days it is less frustrating (and sometimes easier) to create a new game from scratch than to modify an existing platform. Many mods are moving away from Arma as they have grown up, leaving little behind. Battle Royale turns into Battlegrounds, Altis Life turns into Identity, Breaking Point into a stand-alone and the talented 2017 guys have announced to do something with the Unreal Engine, too. The list continues. Modding is just too limited and failing to make your dreams come true is just frustrating in the long run. I am not teasing you (am I?), but the Unreal Engine is teasing me. But no, I am not planning to do an Exile stand-alone in case you ask. There is something else in my mind. We also never know what the next Arma update includes. The long awaited 2017 Mod , my favorite map called Taunus and even Namalsk were screwed by Arma updates and ended up in the trash bin. So it can turn out that months or even years of work turn into a big waste of time by the decisions of a third party you cannot influence. Some of you might remember my t-shirt saying "And then Arma updated". I have it for a reason. Bohemia Interactive seems to consider Arma 3 "done" and will deploy stabilization updates only. Let us hope the best for that. Maybe the shrubberies will be less lethal and walls might stop you from walking through them. In case an update goes wild and breaks things again, I am willing to invest time to solve arising issues, but I will surely need help here. I have experienced update problems that took weeks to solve. Some updates went without problems, but we never know. If you would like to help out on making Exile compatible with upcoming Arma versions or maybe even continue developing it, feel free to get in touch with us. I suggest that we arrange a meeting in Teamspeak (ts.exilemod.com) and discuss the details. Maybe already this weekend? It would be great to talk to everybody again! I will keep this forum, the XM8 app and all backend servers alive, so in the end, nothing will really change. It will just stay in the current state. Everyone who needs my support with developing a Community is King project will get my support. I will be there if you need me. Overall, I believe that Exile is a great project. I have met amazing people and it was much more successful than I ever would have expected. Some of you may remember the first Wordpress website we have had. Yepp, see how bad we were prepared for the storm. You completely rekt our servers From the bottom of my heart; Thank you! You rock! /Eichi
  2. Your account will be deleted in a few moments. Just adding this comment to get you notified by email. Enjoy!
  3. No, since I have left the project like two years ago
  4. Simple: Arma has issues handling many objects, as you probably know. Smaller objects would mean more objects to cover the same amount of space / people are more likely to place more smaller than bigger ones. But from a performance standpoint, a big one costs exactly as much as a small one. Hence the smaller ones never made it into the mod.
  5. Eichi

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    We would like to introduce our internal 3DEN development plugin that we have used to create our Tanoa mission file. I am very bad at writing introductions, so let us come straight to the relevant parts: Export As the mission file that 3DEN exports is not usable for Exile and lacks a lot of features, we have added a handful of export tools that can generate some valuable things for you: Export of initServer.sqf Export of initPlayerLocal.sqf Export of markers and zones Export of weather keyframes All that you have to do now is to use an empty mission.sqm with spawn points, copy and paste the markers into it and place the exported .sqf scripts into your mission. Done. Objects Placing objects in Exile has been a bit inconsistent and unnecessarily complicated until now. Especially lockers, concrete mixers and Russian Roulette chairs have confused some admins. From now on you can just place these objects in 3DEN. The whole "magic" and configuration is done automatically while you export your mission to the initServer.sqf. Keep in mind that you must have exactly six Russian Roulette chairs in your mission. Simple Objects For whatever reason, almost every object that is a part of the game world is a vehicle. They require simulation and thus some more performance. Not to mention the extra network traffic to keep them synchronized with all network clients. Most of the object we place at traders are indestructible, never move and are just there for the ambiance. Bohemia Interactive has added a new script command called createSimpleObject that allows placing a 3D model directly. These models cannot take damage, have a very limited simulation, eat less network bandwidth and are perfect for cosmetic object placements. Some Bohemia employees announced in February that 3DEN will support placing simple objects. This is not the case as of today, so we had to find a solution for that on our own. In fact, we came up with two solutions. During the export into the initServer.sqf, most objects are converted into a simple object automatically - a table for example. Objects, where this is not possible are still present as vehicles to preserve their look. A blue sleeping bag for example. Unfortunately, simple objects do not support skinning and thus only the base model can be placed. We have requested this functionality from Bohemia Interactive, so let us wait and see what happens. Maybe Arma will support skinning of simple objects in the future. We will find out. Some objects in Arma offer user interaction. An ammunition crate, for example, can be accessed by the players, but we really do not want that in our trader cities. Their functionality is disabled during our export functionality. Other objects are "proxied" within a parent object. A placed gun for example. The player could pick them up. Another thing that we really do not want in our trader cities. Unfortunately, since these weapons or gear in general, are "proxied" within a parent object, we cannot automatically convert them into simple objects, as there is no way to get the positioning of them in the script engine. Thus we came up with a derpy solution, which is really... creative. We use a BBQ can as a parent object in 3DEN, that can be placed, moved and rotated like a normal object. The gun is then created as a simple object in 3DEN and attached to the can. Meaning if you move the can, the simple object will follow. These cans are not exported, but the simple object model instead. The BBQ cans have a special attribute that holds the 3D model path. This means you can place every model available in the game. If you do not know the model file path, you can select the model you want to convert into a simple object and choose the "Convert into Simple Object" menu entry at the top menu. This will extract the model path from the object and does the research for you. Because, yeah, lazy us. Yes, it is derpy, but if it works, it is not dumb Sanity Check As mentioned above, placing gear in 3DEN will allow players to pick them up. And we really do not want that. These objects are ignored while exporting, but it might be hard to find an answer to the question "Do I really have no questionable objects in my mission?". For this reason, we have added a "scan" function, that checks all objects for you and tells you if something is wrong. It will output a list of objects and where you can find them for you to go through. Nothing special, but helpful. Markers Defining zones for Exile, like a safe zone or a spawn zone, has been done via markers until now. However, defining a contaminated zone or a non-construction zone needed to be done via a config. This was a bit complicated, so we have unified this now. We have extended the "ellipsis" markers in 3DEN to support to new attributes: The functionality of the zone and the icon that is used to display that. The rest is done via an export functionality that generates the markup for your mission.sqm file. During that export, all marker shapes, colors, and brushes are exported in the "Exile" look. This means that no zones are visible on the map, but just the icons. Exceptions are safe zones and contaminated zones. All other zones will be invisible for the player. Since we have introduced new map markers, this functionality does the magic for you automatically. Traders Traders have always been the key point of interest of safe zones. It has been our goal from the very beginning of Exile on Altis to make them look alive. In the beginning, we have been placing them manually by hand. This was time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. It also was too complicated for starter-admins, so we have invented a new way of placing them. Well, the word "invented" might be a bit too big for that. In general, traders can be placed as usual units in 3DEN. However, they come along with two new attributes: Animations and the trader type. The trader type defines the "store" in your mission config that this trader is going to use. It can be a vehicle customs trader, a fast food trader, a custom rainbow unicorn trader or whatever you can think of. By default, the trader type is automatically set to be the unit type that you have placed, but you can overwrite that. The animations, however, are something really cool! You can set the animations that this trader is going to play directly in 3DEN and we force 3DEN to preview a static pose of the animation. This allows precise trader placement like never before. Woo, that sounds so big. Maybe it is. Also, the automatically generated initPlayerLocal.sqf that contains the traders now come along with a functionality that disables collision of traders with their environment. That means you can place them safely on chairs and tables etc. and players cannot run or drive them over. They will stay where you put them. On top of that, 3DEN supports the virtual arsenal of Arma and so do the traders. You can customize their load-out to your wishes and the export function will take care of the rest. I have been searching for appropriate animations to be used for the traders. As it might save you some time doing the same, please find my personal list here. It is quick and dirty, but maybe useful for you: Weather Keyframes This is more or less a side feature of this plugin. You probably know that the Exile server changes the weather based on keyframes that you define in your server config. This config can also be generated and exported by this plugin. Change the weather in 3DEN to your wishes and export the key frame. It will do an exact snapshot of your settings. Release We will release this tool very soon after our Tanoa mission has proven stable productive work. Originally we did not want to release it since we would then have to invest more extra hours into supporting it. Also, we already foresee that some fishy mod makers will inspect that and rip it into pieces for their work. But we have been convinced by some insiders that it could save servers admins hours of work. It has no personal advantage for us releasing that, so if you feel it saves you a lot of work, feel free to send us a pizza EDIT 2016-07-15: You can download it here now.
  6. At which exact time and date was this sent? What is your timezone? 1:04:56 "ExileServer - XM8 mesage sent: {""r"":[""76561198215443645""],""m"":""base-raid"",""t"":""Z3 Airport""} ()"
  7. Not sure what you mean, but in case you want the bot to join your Discord server: That is not possible.
  8. Eichi

    Want to host a mirror Ping @Eichi in a topic!

    Thank you, its online!
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    XM8 App broadcast limit

    Thats done!
  10. Eichi

    XM8 App broadcast limit

    That is done!
  11. Eichi

    Brighter Nights

    Please check this, as it does exactly what you are looking for: ExileClient_System_Moon_Initialize.sqf
  12. The vehicle respect thing was already adressed. Most of the duping issues are even possible in vanilla Arma. But if you could be more precise, I am sure the team can have a look into it.
  13. Eichi

    New Map Markers and Scuba Traders

    As some of you have probably seen already, we have been adding new map markers to 0.9.8 "Kiwi". Now we are taking it a bit further on the way to de-clutter the map. With the introduction of "Toasts" we have implemented a way to unify the way notifications work in Exile and asked add-on makers to switch over to the new system to offer a smooth in-game experience for the players. The new map markers we have added in Kiwi turned out to be a bit too yellowish and the map turned into a visual sunflower field. After sitting down and re-thinking that, we came up with the conclusion that the yellow has to go away. Static map markers, that used to be yellow in the current version, will become more "visually muted", but stay informative. How did we do that? Well, we simply took the yellow away. Brilliant. Yay, us Currently, Exile has only two small events built-in: Supply drops and abandoned safes. These are colored in an outstanding red, so you will notice them immediately. We are aware that there are add-ons for Exile that also use map markers for events, so we have added a small selection of markers for add-on builders to chose from. Same rule of thumb as for the Toasts: Please switch over to use them in the future, so we can achieve a nice map. If you feel there is a map marker missing, please leave a comment and we will see what we can do for you. A BIG THANK YOU to @CraigusMcGooch for designing the map marker layout! Love you! Please find a list of the new map markers below: First Column Trader City Scuba Trader Russian Roulette Spawn Zone Spec Ops Trader Second Column Boat Trader Aircraft Trader Concrete Mixer Contaminated Zone Third Column Easy Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionEasyIcon") Moderate Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionModerateIcon") Difficult Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionDifficultIcon") Expert Mission (setMarkerType "ExileMissionHardcoreIcon") Forth Colum Capture Point (setMarkerType "ExileMissionCapturePointIcon") Stronghold (setMarkerType "ExileMissionStrongholdIcon") Oh, and before we forget about that. We have added glasses and masks to the equipment trader, so you can wear your most-loved sunshades or a balaclava if you choose to. This also allowed us to add a new trader type, the Scuba trader. You will find Scuba traders on Tanoa next to boat traders, so you can either buy a water scooter or go full-stealth-mode. It also offers a completely new "world" of underwater missions!
  14. We are currently evaluating multiple alternatives for non-Android users to receive in-game notifications in the real world. The reason behind that is that we do not want Android users to have an advantage over non-Android users. So far our favorite is a mixture of sending a notification in this forum here on www.exilemod.com, which will also send you an email. Many of the other solutions that we have tested so far work great everywhere, but on Apple juice. As notifications in this forum would result in sending an email, we are risking a delivery time delay and possible email account ban, but it might be worth a try. Now this is why this poll exists: Would you like email and forum notifications for in-game events, like base raiding etc.? If so, please vote yes and most important: Tell your friends and players to vote, too! The higher the sample size of opinions, the more valuable the result for us will be. Thank you!
  15. Eichi

    2 small probs

    Sorry for the delay - I was in Nirvana. Unfortunately, there is already a user with the name "Frank Castle". Do you want me to change to to anything else?
  16. Eichi

    Community Spotlight: Exile Life

    Today we would like to introduce a new series in our Devblog: Community Spotlights. As we are currently in the "Community is King" phase, we are opening our framework for new modding teams to base upon Exile to create something new or completely different. Please note that these teams work completely independent from us core developers. This very first entry in our Community Spotlight series is fully dedicated to the "Exile Life" modification, which takes the Exile scenery into a completely new roleplay environment. The team working on Exile Life has served us with some information about their project, which we would like to show here. Story 20 years after the start of the EXILE, a handful of the original inmates are still alive on the island. Using their knowledge of the island, these inmates sought to control it, forming four gangs: the Cartel, the Mafia, the Syndicate, and the Yakuza. Once NATO leaders received word of the power struggle, they saw a chance to bolster the ongoing war effort against CSAT. Quickly and quietly, they moved a private security force to the island. These guards' mission: to control the island and start export the islands resources using inmates as labour. You are a fresh inmate, processed by the courts and shipped straight to EXILE. You have a choice: live a life of solitude under the radar, or pledge your life to a gang. Running away from the protection of the gangs may seem the more lucrative option. But be warned, the guards can only patrol so much of the island, and putting one step in the wrong territory could end your life. The life of a gang member, on the other hand, requires strength, perseverance, and loyalty. Your gang is your family, shelter, job, and above all else, your protection. Prove your worth to your gang and you will find your place in its hierarchy. However, even in families, power comes at a cost and you may find that the only way to raise yourself above the rest is to remove them by force. Just remember that loyalty is rewarded, but a poorly-planned betrayal will lead to a punishment worse than death. Welcome to Exile Life. Media Be sure to follow the Exile Life Team on Twitter. You can also post questions and feedback in the comment section.
  17. Eichi

    Remove servers from account

    Please do the following: If we would not do this, people could request deleting servers they do not own
  18. Eichi

    XM8 App broadcast limit

    It has been slightly increased now!
  19. I am pretty sure that is showFriendlyTags in the difficulty settings. That is Armas name ESP, which shows you the name of units when you look at it. We have disabled this by default, so if you did not touch it, maybe Bohemia as split this into multiple difficulty settings now?
  20. Eichi

    XM8 App broadcast limit

    Nah, you can get it for free if you ask me friendly Catch me on Discord or tell me your server code here.
  21. Eichi

    (It's happening!) Exile Escape

    I am very excited to see this happening! I will surely be one of the first guys to join and shoot some butts Well, most likely I will die running down stairs anyways. And do not listen to the people that cry a lot. You can present people with a truckload full of diamonds and they will complain they cannot carry all of them at once. And people that do not honor us all having spent more than a year of our lifetime into this nifty little project... well, they can go pay $15 for a rice bag and ambulance DLC.
  22. Eichi

    My Final Words

    Yeah, there is! Now we have the same ex to bitch about! <3
  23. Eichi

    1.0.3 Update: Lemon!

    Yes. You have some wishes?