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  1. Thanks again for the answer , After some more testing, it seems it is related to temperature, as new character started loosing health after a rainy day plus night time. As @Brunk suggested, I started a campfire and health loss stopped. Not sure if that is intended, but having health loss due to temperature but not having any visual clue of it is weird and annoying at the same time. Is there any way to config that exile aspect so I can soft it? Or at least have a visual clue of why I'm loosing health? Thanks in advance, as always
  2. Thanks for the answers, @Brunk character temperature is 33.8 in Database, here's the character dump from last time time I tested. @Z80CPU I will try that, things started since I got "hit" by a zombie using ExileZ, although after removing all dependencies that the addon, adds to the mission and to @ExileServer I kept having that issue anyway, and that's what moved me into making this post. Also, I double-checked "Infection" was disabled before using the addon, making me even more clueless. After letting the character die, the new spawn didn't lose health, although using the backup data from the old char kept loosing health. Right now I just copied all the character inventory into the new character (oddly the dead body dissapeared as soon as I got the caps from it), but I'm still unsure if this will happen again when I get wounded, as I don't know yet where the damage is comming from. Thanks again for taking the time to answer me, it's really appreciated.
  3. Hi there all, Since a week ago I have been experiencing a problem with what I think is the exile health system. I tried to alter character health on the database as a last resort attemp (when the character was log-off) but it keeps loosing health, even inside a safe zone. At first I though it was an ExileZ add-on problem (as I though the infection system wasn't disabled, although it was in the files config) , but since that I disabled the add-on and the character keeps loosing health so in my short and really limited knowledge of this mod it seems there could be related with the health system. Here is the server's rpt: Server's RPT Also, in case it is needed, here's the link to the post I initially made on ExileZ topic: ExileZ's Post Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there, first of all hi there all, I guess it's a bit rude to just ask for help on my first post, but please bare with me. The thing is that, after trying ExileZ for a while, I noticed I started loosing health with no apparent reason. I was sure to leave the infection settings off in config.sqf, but still, I was loosing health. I tried to heal myself in the database, putting damage and all body parts to 0.0 with no avail (even after restarting the server in case there was an script causing it). Before posting things, I tried to disable the mod to check if it still happened and sadly it still drains my character health. So, I would like to humbly ask if there is a way to know why my player's health is dropping, even inside trader's zone, as I wasn't able to pinpoint it anywhere looking at the logs. Here are the server's log and the last exilez config.sqf I used, in case it can help somehow to solve the issue. (Missions and occupation where added after the problem started) serverLog.rpt ExileZ config.sqf I understand it will mostly not be ExileZ related, but seeing that it started when fighting zombies I think that posting it here is my best bet, if not, please direct me where I should ask for help. Last but not least, thanks for all the time put into making this addon and the mod in general, I really appreciate it and I hope I can contribute to the community in the future, if life let's me that is.