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  1. Hello! I am trying to get a dedicated server set up and running (on Linux) and have gotten so far as to have the mission start and run. However, when I or anyone else tries to load in they spawn in the ground and disconnect a few seconds later. I have tried making sure the player hitpoint value is VARCHAR(1024) and making sure the SQL strict mode settings are disabled. In my @ExileServer folder I have extDB-conf.ini set up with a username and password and my Battleye Rcon passwords match. However, when I look at the extDB log file it contains two lines: extDB-conf.ini found Access denied for user 'changeme'@'localhost' (use password=NO) I have set up a user and password using MySQL and the database appears to be intact, and put that users information in extDB-conf.ini. I cannot figure out why it is trying to log in with 'changeme'@'localhost'. Would having the server and the database on the same port cause this behavior? (Apologies for not posting log/rpt files. I do not currently have access to the PC running the server. They can be posted later if needed.)
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    Exile Server not seeming to read extDB-conf.ini

    Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I am out of town for the weekend and didn't have a chance to get a remote desktop set up on the Linux box, but I'll try connecting via MyWorkBench and report back. When I was setting the server up I followed the guide here: I did not see any mention of a SQL setup file, where should it be located?