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  1. Bruce Buffer

    Need help to finish a server

    I’m trying but also need help. Him? Paid him $185 u.s dollars ( and have the PayPal donations to prove it ) and he’s salty he was fired. Pity a former marine has no honour and needs to make up lies because of said salt. Sorry to bring this here as I’m sure it doesn’t need to be. Again just pm if interested in helping and can lock this
  2. Bruce Buffer

    Need help to finish a server

    I need some help completing server. I need zcp removed, vemf added, and missions to clear/clean up when completed. There's some merges that need to be made I'm told. Willing to pay to have this last leg done. Can just PM me. Thanks
  3. Bruce Buffer

    DMS - vehicles without cargo inside

    How to make dead ai cleanup. From a clean vanilla install. The mission cleared icon clears, the parts clear, the dead bodies don't.
  4. Bruce Buffer

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Same we did a clean instal everything vanilla. The mission parts clean up. the circle disappears, but dead bodies stay. Is this due to the recent arma update breaking dms somehow? Or what?
  5. Bruce Buffer

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Is it normal for vemf to throw up so many rpt errors?
  6. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Derp . Just redoing/testing and forgot. You got any more missions? Love your mission style!
  7. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    GolovaRaoul Some missions like soilders base give a code for a m1 Abrams yet one doesn't spawn... How I fix that?
  8. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Yes sir
  9. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Yes both are there ( $PREFIX$, $PBOPREFIX$ ) so unsure why that circle continues to stay. We've done a complete fresh install of dms and it persists...
  10. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    So it also happens with zupa capture points. ( the X doesn't disappear ) any idea where to look? I was told to server needs to have less then 100 ai and server fps above 10. Well the server never has 100 ai and holds at a constant 47 fps.. ANY help on how to fix these mission cleared circles/cleanup be much appreciated.
  11. Bruce Buffer


    Someone is helping me with this mod but said " Sql errors. Either the mods sql isn't written correct or the DB program is out of date " any help? Places to maybe look?
  12. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    No worries just was looking for insight. Your door fix worked so thanks!
  13. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Ok we’re using Paul’s 29 dynamic missions. Will take a look at prefix files. Again thank you.
  14. Bruce Buffer

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Thank you very much for taking time to help me Ned. One more question. Missions don’t seem to “cleanup” the blue completed circle stays on map after finishing a mission and dead ai/buildings stay as well.
  15. Bruce Buffer

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    PLEASE make some premium new custom ai missions. I’d gladly pay 20-30 for 30 new custom militarized dms missions like Paul’s.