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  1. Ando

    [German] a3_vemfr_reloaded aka Vemfr Problem Linux

    Kannst du deine Server RPT Log Datei hochladen ?
  2. Ando

    Server Error

    this is caused by the dms mission system (or any other mod which dynamically spawns objects during mission runtime) afaik,...this just spams your rpt log and is harmless?
  3. Ando

    Windows Server 2016 Crashing

    mmh ..if even vanilla arma can try to reinstall directx and the Vcredist versions. maybe they are faulty?
  4. Ando

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Re-Pbo the DMS files - make sure that the changes have been applied correctly
  5. Ando

    Family für alle Spieler

    In der Theorie.... über einen Override der Spawnscripts oder ein "InitPlayerLocal". Du müsstest nur irgendwie dafür sorgen, dass das Script von der Family (schau mal in die ExtDB Exile.Ini Datei) automatisch gestartet wird, mit dem gewünschten Family Namen. Pseudocode mäßg also sowas wie: InitPlayerLocal oder Script raussuchen wo "Bambi" erstellt wird und dann einen Exile Database Fire and Forget aufrufen mit den Parametern für die Family (Syntax aus der Exile.ini) Hoffe das war einigermaßen verständlich ^^
  6. Ando

    Windows Server 2016 Crashing

    Is your Server crashing with an exception ? (or at least something from your EventLog? ) Have you tried to install the Vanilla ArmaServer and run it once to see if it crashes too ?
  7. Ando

    Server stürzt zufällig ab

    Ich wollt mal ein kleines Update geben, für all jene die u.A das selbe Problem unter Linux haben. Das Problem trat auch unter CentOS auf...(Egal ob mit oder ohne Occupation, wobei Occupation hier das eher beschleunigt hat) Ich bin nun mit dem selben Server, (configs, mods etc) auf einem Windows Server und bislang kein Crash...
  8. Ando

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Omg... somehow I forgot that parameter. Thank you ver much. It works now Is there a way to restrict the amount of missions to spawn? I get the feeling that fums is trying to spawn as much as possible until the server goes to his knees...?
  9. Nitrado nutzt meines Wissens Nach ne Linux Distro. Arma ist unter Linux nicht stabil und stürzt einfach mal so random ab
  10. Ando

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    I am not able to get this working. The Headless Client seems to connect to the Server just fine. However I get in the Server RPT log: I can see the Client on the Server... but nothing from Fums is being spawned. I copied over the mission.sqm file from the download package... but the outcome is the same. I even placed another HC Logic in the Editor Can anyone help me here ? Server.rpt Client.rpt
  11. Ando

    arma3 server linux debian crach

    Same issue on CentOS 7 by the way. It does not seem to be Debian related..
  12. Ando

    Fehler suche

    Ich hatte früher dieses Problem mit CBA und Exile 1.0.3. Hab seitdem CBA nicht mehr angerührt.
  13. Ando

    arma3 server linux debian crach

    Exile, RyanZombies (with ExileZ), RHSAFRF,RHSUSAF, DMS, R3F + CrateSell Override, FastNights, AdvancedTowing, AdvancedSlingloading, Statusbar, Admintoolkit I was also running Vcom 3.0 recently, but deactivated it testwise. AdvancedTowing, AdvancedSlingloading have been added one day before A3XAI Optional allowed via client: jsrs soundmod
  14. Ando

    arma3 server linux debian crach

    I am having the same issue, but only when Occupation or A3XAI (kuplions version) is installed. Without, the server has been running for over 1 week without this crash. I've added A3XAI yesterday and experienced the crash again, by simple driving for a couple of minutes on the main road from arround Lakka to the Main Airfield. Its kind of reproducible. I do wonder however, if its really roaming ki, which is causing this issue...
  15. Ando

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    I've had the same problem. I uninstalled Occupation and Exad (+ some override scripts in the mission file) and I've not experienced this kind of crash anymore for about ~1 week.