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    Extended Base Mod

    Installed EBM on a near fresh mission file with the only thing being added is infistar. EBM menu in the trader works, but all items are invisible and give bad vehicle type when clicked. No clue what is causing it as i've eliminated it being anything else in the mission file itself and freshly downloading the mod again.
  2. FoxVex

    Battleye Restriction 14

    #14 "H_PREP.sqf" ['\x\cba\addons\diagnostic\fnc_projectileTracking_drawProjectilePaths.sqf', 'cba_diagnostic_fnc_projectileTracking_d" I'm going through restrictions at the moment. I've got through at least 100 so far and i've ran into 2 that gave me trouble. The other one was apparently because there was a \n in the line. I tried the fix for that on this one but it didn't work. When I import it using BEM there's a \n in the code line and I think that's the problem . Going into the script.txt file and removing it doesn't fix the issue either. I'm too sure what to try next. EDIT - Managed to fix the one above by using a different tool to add the exception. Currently using BEM to add it but I used a browser based one However, currently stuck on one that want to work. It's in the scripts.txt in the right place but still getting kicked for it. #0 "["\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_addEventHandler.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"CBA","Events","addEventHandler"]"
  3. First off, i'm this is my mate and I's first attempt to try and make our own server so we don't know too much about the goings on server side. We've hosted other game servers before but this is really the only one we've had issue after issue. My mate brought a server off Streamline servers to have a test of it. We've got vanilla exile working with just installing the base mod, but as soon as I start trying to change the map to Chernarus (here) I start getting the problems. I've installed both CUP Terrains Core and Maps which are required in order to run it, change the server.cfg file to run the Exile.Chernarus pbo but upon starting the server up and attempting to join, i'm met with this doing a little googling on it, it's apparently something to do with outdated mods of some kind. However Streamline servers has a feature where you can install these mods directly into the files without having to put them there yourself. I know i'm not personally running the wrong version because I can join other servers just fine with the same core mods. For reference, this is the current command line i'm using and as far as i'm aware, everything is correct. What could be causing this problem? Additionally, in the console i'm getting 'Server error: Player without identity Denizen (id 214617608)' error being spammed. If you need me to give extra details, please specify what I need and i'll try my best.