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  1. Sure, I’ll add both functions for next update. Does this fix fix the claim script even if you don’t make the Heli persistent for RHS? I think I found the code that was missing for RHS stuff.
  2. Knocks

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Posted a sneak peak at the next update in the first post. Check it out.
  3. Updated to version 1.2 (Version 1.2) - Added option to turn off interceptor - Added random amounts of cash (poptabs) to AI - Added option to make helicopter pesistant vehicle with code - If not persistent, Vehicle Claim Script should work for “all” vehicles I hope
  4. My next update may fix that, let me know if it does. Update will be out soon
  5. Hey if you all wouldn’t mind, please post a screenshot of one of your patrols and where you are in the world (the real world). My wife and I were wondering who plays with these scripts I write so I thought it would be cool to see. also, if you make your own list of vehicles and want it included as an optional pack, just post your arrays in a “spoiler” and I’ll include it in the next update.
  6. Nice. Thanks guys, I actually learned a lot from that script...
  7. What claim script are you using? I can take a look at how it works and if I need to make an adjustment on my script it should be quick.
  8. You're welcome, and thank you for trying it out. Hope you all are having fun!
  9. The idea was that the player would use the helicopter to haul all the weapons back and sell everything. They can buy a permanent vehicle from the trader. I would need to write a lot of code to add in those features and I would rather add in fun features than stuff like this since every other mission system already does all of this. If I come across an easy way to do it I might do it over time.
  10. Should work on both. Let me know.
  11. It should work on any map, those waypoints are included to show you how to us static waypoints, but they’re for Tanoa. By default it randomly picks 4 locations and then loops through them. If you turn on debug mode it will turn on markers to show how the system is running, including the middle point in the map. If the cross shows up right in the middle, it detected your map correctly.
  12. Ok, I’ll add it in the next update.
  13. Yeah that might be a cool mission... Bomber flies around for 30 minutes, randomly dropping bombs. Shoot it down to stop the attack.... I’ll keep an an eye out for ways to fine tune the flight. Also make sure you use vehicles that have crew. I noticed if the model doesn’t automatically spawn crew in the editor, it didn’t work with this. I would need to implement a vehicle crewing system and it wasn’t worth the effort.
  14. Run it a few times and see if that always happens. I’ll try again tonight to see if I can reproduce the error.