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  1. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    No. I did modify the code a little to give the convoys a better chance, but I think your level of success depends on your map. On a big open map they seem to work better than say on Tanoa. Haven't tried with new code yet
  2. I’ll post to my GitHub when I can, I’m in the middle of a job hunt which should be wrapping up one way or another in a week or two.
  3. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Yeah I’m using the Exile Toast system, so it’s a global setting like @Brenner describes. Glad you got it working.
  4. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Yeah I have to put a delay in there, my server skips a beat when the missions launch, but I’m running every mission system so I expect it.
  5. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Thanks for your help @Brenner. I appreciate you helping guys with support.
  6. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Are you sure you're using the most recent version from the first post? There are things in there that I didn't put in, zombie mission activated, and some typos that were fixed. If not, you should try it as is first, get it working, then modify it. It looks like some of the missions started Can you try it just by itself to make sure it's running on your system, and also make sure you have latest version. Thanks for helping.
  7. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    I have been using ASR_AI with the system and it runs way better. The helicopters are hunters now and the AI responds much better. I’m gonna try Vcom as well, but I think that there is only so much you can do with the Vanilla AI beyond what we’re doing here, and why reinvent the wheel if these two systems work.
  8. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Awesome, any feedback is appreciated.
  9. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Technically there is no reason I can't add any other logic, is there a better zombie add on? I run all missions with 2 HCs and never drop below 40 fps without zombies on. NOTICE: I just updated to 0.41. See release notes on first couple posts
  10. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    1. It’s a mission generator similar to DMS but with different capabilities. Without trying to put down DMS, which is a great tool, this is designed to offer a lot of flexability like adding in different types of AI behavior, incorporating other Addons like zombies and raptors , and having a very flexible base engine to build from. It was ported a while back but needs some work as Arma has changed a lot. 2. No, I am disabling zombies and raptors by default, but if you do have them you can easily enable them. It does require a headless client though. I’ve heard you can do it without, it i’ve never seen it done. I’m still working on the code but it’s functioning again. I’m alaways looking for testers and feedback, but if you don’t want to read through the manuals or are new to servers, I wouldn’t recommend this. Don’t get me wrong, out of the box it’s fun, but it’s really meant for advanced mission setup. If you know what you’re doing you can do some cool stuff.
  11. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    FuMS Roadmap Here I will keep a running list of features I would like to implement Additional AI logic to add more immersion, randonmess, and fun (different patrol patterns) AI x BASE Communication system from original implementation ZCP missions Additional mission types (base assaults, assassinations, demolitions) Centralized variable file for easier customization Randomization of all variables (unit counts, vehicle types, spawn locations) to improve immersion and replay ability) Tighter integration with Zombies and Raptor add ons
  12. @John Are you still around? I have some updates that I can share that add some functions: 1. Adds array of possible planes instead of the same every time 2. Runs repeatedly until the chopper event runs (for maps with a lot of water) Couple other small updates. Let me know.
  13. Knocks

    FuMS -Advanced- CTF, Captives, Zombies, and more

    Had to be approved, should be good to go now.
  14. Knocks

    Donation recieved?

    I have the transaction number if you need it.
  15. Knocks

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Upcoming Features or WIP Here I will track work that is currently underway and it's progress. Fixing AI dogpile issue (COMPLETE: Will be in 0.41) Vehicles don’t always respond to aggression Some missions never end, even if you kill everyone, and eventually you "lose" the mission (COMPLETE: Will be in 0.41) Convoys have trouble with their routes. Sometimes they work perfectly, other times they are stuck in forests. (COMPLETE: Will be in 0.41)