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    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    I'm no expert but I had some death/respawn loops when I had a DB crash / issue. Maybe worth it checking the MySQL\Logs and Exile DB logs in @ExileServer\extDB\logs. Exile server will start without DB available but you have zero chance to spawn a bambi body
  2. Xe-Cute

    ( SOLVED )Headless Client A3XAI crashes on right after startup

    A very old post I know... but if anyone has the same issue with this headless client just restarting/reconnecting - this worked for me: Headless client Game Logic In your Exile mission.sqm: class Item100 { dataType = "Logic"; class PositionInfo { position[] = {6737,3,6087}; }; id = 101; name = "HC"; description = "HC"; type = "HeadlessClient_F"; }; And add your mission required mods to your headless client startup - check mods required in your mission.sqm addons [] section: e.g. addons[] = {"exile_client","A3_Ui_F","Extended_Survival_Pack","Ryanzombies","ryanzombiesfunctions"}; I just added the same mods that I use to start my Arma 3 client to connect to the Exile server: armaserver.exe -client -nosound -connect= -port=2302 -mod="@Exile;@A3XAI_HC;@ace;@Exile_Expansion;@Extended_Survival_Pack;@Extended_Base_Mod;@CBA_A3;@RZ_Infection;@ZombiesandDemons" -profiles=HCLogs
  3. Xe-Cute

    No traders spawning

    +1 Thanks for posting this!
  4. Xe-Cute

    Zombies and Demons Antivirus

    I had an issue where I could not consume RZAntidotes that I spawned using the Admin console (to test). It turned out there are equivalent Epoch items in the @RZ_Infectionmod which I had spawned. It can be confirmed by checking your inventory (if you have the non-working antidote - possibly with the Biohazard sign) in your MySQL exile DB/Player/backpack_magazines = ["RyanZombiesAntiVirusTemporary_Item",1],["RyanZombiesAntiVirusCure_Item",1]] is wrong, and will not allow you to use it. "["rzinfection_antivirus_pills",1],["rzinfection_antivirus_injector",1]]" are the correct Exile cures. You can possibly remove (not recommended) the Epoch stuff from @RZ_Infectionmod by deleting them in config.cpp in the rzinfection.pbo and repacking, but then the MP key will probably not work. Or just spawn the correct cures for Exile if you want to spawn them manually - or buy the ones from a trader after you added the cures to your CfgExileArsenal (First Aid) section in your mission config.cpp like the Readme says.
  5. Xe-Cute

    Server difficulty setting

    I'm no Exile guru but custom difficulty works like a charm... so far... Download it from git and put exile_custom_difficulty.pbo file in @ExileServer\addons\. Extract and edit config.cpp in exile_custom_difficulty.pbo to edit difficulty and repack PBO. Set difficulty in your @ExileServer\config.cfg (which you should be using as a starting parameter for your Exile server) : difficulty = "ExileCustom"; //"ExileRegular" "ExileHarcore" "ExileCustom" (Edit config.cpp in exile_custom_difficulty.pbo) ExileZServer.cmd (in Arma3Server folder) start "Arma 3" /min /wait "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 -cfg=@ExileServer\basic.cfg -config=@ExileServer\config.cfg -profiles=exileprofile -mission=Tanoa.ExileZ.ExAd.Scavange.DMS.pbo -name=Tanoa.ExileZ.ExAd.Scavange.DMS -pid=Tanoa.ExileZ.ExAd.Scavange.DMS.PID.log -ranking=Tanoa.ExileZ.ExAd.Scavange.DMS.Ranking.log -servermod=@ExileServer -mod="@ace;@AdminToolkitServer;@Advanced_Sling_Loading;@Advanced_Towing;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;@CBA_A3;@CombatArt;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@dbo_bikes;@dbo_moto;@Enhanced_Movement;@Exile;@Exile_Expansion;@LordRampantHumps_Items_Pack;@ZombiesandDemons" -world=empty -noPause -noSound -autoInit I stopped using TADST to start the server when I discovered I can only log in once - after a disconnect, I would be stuck on "Waiting for Server Startup" or "Create Bambi failed" until a server restart.
  6. Xe-Cute

    How Do We Add Apps To The "More" Tab In XM8?

    I have been trying to add XM8 apps to Exile 1.0.4 and the XM8 config in config.cpp looks different. I can't find an explanation from the included (More...) examples to place and load the onload.sqf, onopen.sqf and onClose.sqf files. Is there a Wiki or video on the new method or am I just missing a readme?