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  1. Swick

    Accurate Restart Time Calculator

    So this has been covered by it seems many people but no one has a answer for it that I have seen. I am currently using Kuplions status bar with the accurate restart. Everything is working great except for the time always shows 24 minutes short. So when the server starts with 3 hours left the status bar starts at 2:36, then it runs into the negative when the server finally ends. I am hoping to find a solution to adjust the accurate time to push it back by 24 min on start. The first image is what is the current working script that is always short by 24 min. The second image was maybe a possibility of some sort of code to correct for the start time and get everything on track. Obviously it is not a working script, but im just asking for ideas on it. The third image is also the current script that is not altered.
  2. Swick


    Not sure why I cant seem to find it now. But can anyone tell me where to find Kuplions status bar? I clicked on the github link and it says the page is gone now. Thanks