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  1. Vladick

    Deploy Quad From XM8 Error

    Hi there, I'm trying to configure the XM8 to spawn a quad bike. After much research, I finally got the button to show in the app and when I click on it it tries to spawn the quad but returns the error: The vehicle classname doesn't exit. I have changed the default classname in the config to one that is available in the trader but I still get the error message. Does anyone have a minute to look at my config.cpp and explain to me what I have done wrong? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  2. Vladick

    Deploy - Pack Quad and Unit Scanner

    No worries. Can you recommend or point me to the script I need to install server side? Thanks!
  3. Vladick

    Deploy - Pack Quad and Unit Scanner

    BTW, do I need ExAd installed in order to make this work. I've been searching hard for a resolution to my issue but I can't find one. There are a few other posts where they talk about needing ExAd but I believe this script was developed after that. Anyone?
  4. Vladick

    Deploy - Pack Quad and Unit Scanner

    Thanks for the reply Thomas. I tried your suggestion but it still takes the duct tape and doesn't spawn a quad. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Vladick

    Deploy - Pack Quad and Unit Scanner

    Hi Jonyk, I added the Deploy Quad bit but when I try to deploy the quad from the XM8 it takes the Duct Tape but does not spawn a quad. My configs are in the spoilers below. BTW, I don't have a init.sqf in my mission pbo so I put the #include bit in my initPlayerLocal.sqf. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!