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  1. Kflo01

    Script to Sell Base/Territory?

    This would be VERY cool if you could sell a base say in the player market. Players could spend time making baes then flipping them. Kinda like Arma 3 Real Estate Agents. VERY VERY cool idea I would add this to my server in a heart beat. I could see players making a entire economy just from creating bases then putting them on the player market for sale. Can we get this created?!?!?
  2. How is that statement written?
  3. Spawned by players with XM8.
  4. So Im putting together my server and I am about85% of the way done. Just doing testing making sure things work as they should and last touches on configuration (pricing, loot etc etc). I just found out from a player helping me test that a spawned vehicle (Prowler) is able to be sold after being spawned. This can be abused badly of course so Im looking for a way to stop that via a script or code. Anyone know what I would have to do?
  5. Kflo01

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    I understand that. I am at work right now myself. I am sure others here would really find that helpful to (the new version). Thanks a bunch.
  6. Kflo01

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    Can you please provide me with the new version of this script. Id like to get it up and running on my server. Thank you
  7. Kflo01

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    no static missions spawn for me at all. i made no changes to the config outside of setting it to 3. Also only 1 Dynamic mission at a time is spawning i want 3 on the map at the same time. who do i fix both?
  8. Kflo01

    Red Dragon Gaming | Altis

    This is a total immersive server. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Its every man for himself. The military is selling their wares to make a profit. Survivors and bandits alike are fighting for resources, gear and weapons. Building a stronghold is vital. Can you survive Red Dragon Gaming? Note from server owner: I wanted to make this server something different. I hope everyone enjoys the hard work put into it. My goal was to make it as immersive as possible. There's tons to do and see and more and more is being added and tweaked weekly. There still a few minor kinks to work out and suggestions are welcome. I want to make this server home to players who love PvP but also love PvE and want something different. You are encouraged to come and build a base and explore. -Thank You
  9. Kflo01

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    OK I have this installed but a few issues. 1) There is no Back button for the menu. 2) The default button does not work. I looked and it is preconfigured but it doesnt work. I havent changed anything in that file also. Any ideas? It doesnt seem clickable.
  10. Kflo01

    Vehicle Rearm

    [] execVM "custom\money\takegive_poptab_init.sqf"; if(hasInterface) then{ [] execVM "custom\service\service_point.sqf"; }; This still works. Got it working last night.
  11. Kflo01

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    "There is a price in pop tabs for the kit and you can select how much respect they need. If this is not what you mean I'm sorry for not understanding you." I dont see where to edit how much respect they need. Where is that?
  12. Kflo01

    (RELEASE) KiTs/Loadouts

    If I wanted to add a custom icon for each kit. How would I do that and what size image file would I use there. Also what file format? Also de would want to change it to require respect
  13. Kflo01

    Atlis Oil Rig DMS Mission AI help

    Where do we copy this file into? Which folder on our server?
  14. I am running a Altis map and I want to add a bandit trader....no safe zone that has a bunch of high end items, helis and vehicles not found at the other traders. Whats the easiest and best way to do this?