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  1. Kflo01

    Last Hope Survival

    IP has changed to can someone please adjust the listing for me.
  2. Kflo01

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    No other files need to be added besides that? No other edits need to be done?
  3. Kflo01

    Last Hope Survival

    We moved to better hardware and reworked almost everything. Welcome to Red Dragon Gaming | Last Hope Survival The zombie apocalypse is here! The military is selling its wares to anyone that will buy them. It's every man for themselves. Either build a stronghold and collect as many weapons, tools, ammo and food as possible in order to survive the zombie apocalypse or live on the move never sleeping in the same place two nights in a row. The end of times is upon us. Teaming together may be your last hope for survival or go solo it's your choice. Can you survive Red Dragon Gaming? - Custom Static and Dynamic Missions - Many side missions for pop tabs - Custom A.I (2 a.i factions that could fight each other, zombies attack a.i) - Many many uniforms, attachments, guns, and vehicles. More than any server you've seen! - Static custom locations coming soon! - USS Nimitz (a must see) - Extended Base Mod so you can craft and create the ultimate base. We encourage players to come and build a base and make this their home server. You will not find another server with as wide of an array of weapons, vehicles, clothing, and accessories anywhere. Get ready for a truly immersive experience. **NOTE** The first download of the mission and add-ons is long but WELL worth it. After the first download logging in is super fast thereafter. Discord: https://discord.gg/dbuCHtP Website: https://rd1.enjin.com/ IP:
  4. I used to use AVS before finding this. I like this MUCH better. AVS never really worked the way it was supposed to. With AVS the refueling was bugging causing me to have to keep the stock refuel system for Exile active. Also I added refuel trucks and other buildings to the class names for refueling and it never worked. Never was able to use a refuel truck to refuel anything. Yes I had it on. The rearming at gas stations worked but you could still refuel even if you didnt have enough pop tabs. It would put you in the negaitve but if you logged off and back on opr between server restarts it didnt remember you were in the megative. This is much better and a much better UI.
  5. Kflo01

    Fancy Welcome Dialog

    How do we find the ID of the screen it is creating?
  6. Kflo01

    [Release]Custom Screen on Load

    anyone have these files?
  7. Kflo01

    [Release]Custom Screen on Load

    Anyone have these files?
  8. Kflo01

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    So I tried adding it to the bandit folder (for dynamic missions) so it could spawn the way DMS spawns all its other missions. it didn't work. It broke dms so bad the server wouldn't start. So back to the drawing board.
  9. Kflo01

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    Cant you just drop it in the bandit folder of DMS and have it called within the normal DMS system by listing it as a dynamic mission and giving it a spawn percentage chance?
  10. Kflo01

    [RELEASE] Anomaly & Creatures Pack by Alias

    How do I make this only run at night? What do I need to add or change?
  11. Jesus. That sucks.
  12. Kflo01

    My Opinion About ArmaHosts.com

    I have to agree. Customer Service is top notch. I made a post about them before also. I run alot of mods on my server and a.i.....ALOT and I range now from 45 (toward end of my 3 hour restart) to 46 server side frames per second. Thats with 2 A.I helis, 1 boat 10 vehicles. nd max cap of 175 A.I. With about 5-7 players on.
  13. Added 19 of the 29 to my current DMS dynamic missions. Thank you. Interesting stuff! If you make some more let me know I gladly will use them my friend. Other suggestions: Assassination mission. Where you have to more sneak into an area to get a long-range shot or close range pistol shot. If long range maybe protected by a heli roaming or something. Land vehicle convoy Helicopter convoy Free the hostage but on a ship like Captain Phillips A base attack mission with high walls totally closed off no way in besides to Halo in or rappel in from a heli Convoy mission armored car or van no loot crate but the van has a bunch of pop tabs (amount changeable) So if the players destory the van they lose the prize/loot. They have to disable it instead.
  14. Kflo01

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Thanks. Including them now.
  15. Anyone have any other missions premade for this sytem besides what comes with the download. Guys on my server love the vehicles that defend at the missions.