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    Error et launch of the server

    Thanks to you, I found my error ! I got the exile_server_config.pbo file in two differents directory, and both were recognised, and that's why it was defined twice. (yeah I know, I'm dumb) Thanks cap !
  2. SireConflexe

    Error et launch of the server

    Hi all, I just tried to install an exile server following the guide made by S. (updated for 1.0.4). I strictly follow each instruction. It's the first time I try to run an arma server, but I got knowledge in computer science. I am getting the below error : File exile_server_config\config.cpp, line 5 : /CfgPatches/exile_server_config.requiredVersion: Member already defined. I looked at the config files and didn't find any problem. Anyone got an idea ? Any help would be so appreciated !