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  1. Michael Hawk

    Server not starting anymore

    Of course I did update it, sadly the error wasn't fixed. I'm completly clueless why, without doing anything to the server, it suddenly isn't working anymore.
  2. Michael Hawk

    Server not starting anymore

    Hello together, my server is running fine since multiple weeks, but 3 days ago a small incident happened. At 12 o'clock there's a server restart, but the server didn't start anymore, or to say it better, it was in an endless restart loop. I looked in the logs, and found: Suddenly something seems to be wrong with CBA. Does anybody have a clue, why the heck my server suddenly is giving out these errors? Server RPT Any help appreciated. Cheers EDIT: Also found: All those errors came with the restart.
  3. Michael Hawk

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Thank you for the quick answer. I already looked through those settings, set everything to false, but it still shows the circle with the difficulty and the mission name. The settings look more like a customization of the mission marker, not something to completly deactivate it. Maybe I'm just blind. EDIT: Just looked through a mission.sqf - there is a part called Will this deactivate the marker ? Will probably try it out when I have the time, if nobody can answer me that ^^
  4. Michael Hawk

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hello guys, is there a way to deactivate the mission markers on the map ? Thank you beforehand
  5. Michael Hawk

    TFAR - Getting MicroDAGR after relogging

    Nobody ?
  6. Hello guys, I have installed TFAR on my server and everything works fine, except that people have a MicroDAGR instead of a XM8 after relogging. My init.sqf: Anybody a idea what it could be ? When people respawn after dying they have a XM8.
  7. Michael Hawk

    [RELEASE] [Update 1.3] Vehicle Crafting - CDAH-Mod-Pack

    EDIT: I am dumb, forget this post.
  8. Michael Hawk

    [Release] Custom Tanoa Bridge (Northwestern Island)

    Hey, your link is broken. Is your bridge still somehow available ?