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    Managed to fix it, something was weird server-side I think, because same code worked well when tried another day. @kuplion I am making anti-gamma abuse nights with dynamic weather. And even without overcast and setting to full-moon phase it didn't do the trick quite well enough.
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    Hello Exile community. I am trying to implement bright nights on my server. But I am stuck with getting it work like intended. So, I try to use SetAperture and SetApertureNew commands. But the only way I managed to get them working is only if I put them in the endless "While do" loop at the begginning of init.sqf file, which obviously stops all other settings and scripts from continuing. I tried making the same while do loop in other sqf files which I call from init.sqf, and none seems to work. I am not sure where to look. I know that there is a setting for aperture in cfgworlds class, may it cause the problem? Is there anyone who managed to get setaperture working in a scripted .sqf way? Because that's what I need. I need to change aperture depenging on the ingame server time, which can only be done via .sqf scripts.