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  1. MechSlayer

    Change loot spawn rate

    So i got my server up and working, but I have a problem. When someone is looting, after they finish looting (5-10 mins), the loot respawns right behind them. How can I decrease the spawn rate? Or it's a bug?
  2. MechSlayer

    Add new options to InfiSTAR

    Hey, we bought infistar and we'd like to add some new options, is it possible?
  3. MechSlayer

    ExAd statusbar bug

    Nope, that didn't work, i'm using the statusbar config from this pack.
  4. MechSlayer

    ExAd statusbar bug

    Hello, i have a problem with the exad statusbar. I changed the position from the XM8 and now i can't see it. How can I restart the settings?