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  1. ravejesus


    Exile server focusing on Light Infantry/Light Armor and actual gunfights. "OP" weapons such as the Navid, Cyrus, SPMG, and Mar-10 are disabled and most weapons will consist of 5.56 to 10.5 for the Rifles and LMG's, with the Sniper Rifles having the more damaging rounds. Vehicles range from Civilian to Armed/Tracked, though you'll never run into a Slammer or T140. Armed helicopters as well, though no AGM's, mostly dumbfire rockets, GBU's and Front Facing Cannons. Generally it's a server for people looking to have good engagements without being full militarized.
  2. Saw that something about this was posted before and supposedly fixed, so didn't get much information out of the thread. Anyone know how to fix this issue or what's going on? HLOG_SKICK: [EDITED OUT THE UID] | Not Local PlayerObject (C): Logic with netId 10:202 @[6362.31,7786.92,0] | 0h 22min 57s [17-01-2019 04-21-26 - v93]
  3. As the title says, R3F is showing up twice in the scroll menu. I've tried completely reinstalling it twice with no change. The script works as it should, it's just graphically displeasing to see "View vehicle Inventory" twice on vehicles or "Take weapon crate/load weapon crate" on crates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ravejesus

    Weapon Attachment Filter not working [SOLVED]

    Dang, was worth a try. Thank you for at least helping me with the trader. Again, appreciate it.
  5. ravejesus

    Weapon Attachment Filter not working [SOLVED]

    That did the trick. Thank you so freaking much man. You really are the MVP. Any chance you can also help me figure out this one?
  6. ravejesus

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

    Apologies on bumping an older thread, but I'm having the same problem as this guy. Installs just fine, but the menu shows up twice on the scroll wheel for everything. "Show Inventory/Take/Load/So on"
  7. So, just like a few other posts, I can't seem to get anything besides Magazines for the weapons when filtering the items in the Trader. I've seen Kuplion has apparently posted a fix in 2 threads or so, but the redirection link gives me the "You don't have permission to see this post." message so I'm assuming the entire thread has been deleted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The only other thing I can find regarding this is back in 2016 with the two .sqf files you have to create but no luck.
  8. ravejesus

    Spawning double traders? [SOLVED]

    After going through just about everything I could, I found out that the mission.sqm was also trying to call the traders locations, so I deleted it and put in a fresh one before compiling the PBO. That seemed to have done the trick. Luckily I can ignore users on here so I never have to see another one of your gate-keep "contributions" ever again. How about you start replying to people with useful information instead of condescending garbage to get your post count up, yeah?
  9. ravejesus

    Spawning double traders? [SOLVED]

    Solved the issue by dumping a new mission.sqm file into the pbo since that is what was calling the double traders.