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  1. Jeffry


    KyleFS#5034 Msg me on discord.
  2. Jeffry

    Server on lan but not visible on internet.

    post your command line
  3. Jeffry

    InfiStar Exile

    spoilers/pastebin next time please.
  4. Hello, I am looking for information regarding the requirements to compile an addon for @ExileServer I see that other addons in this folder have files such as config.cpp and PboPrefix.txt. How do you know what goes into these files and how to format them correctly? I have found no documentation regarding it. I am also wondering why addons are needed in the first place? Is it mostly for SQL queries? I know you can compile server files via the mission.pbo in the Init.sqf and use those files to do things such as network messages. Does SQL actions work in this manner just as well as they would work if you made a custom addon? Any extra info would be great!
  5. Jeffry

    Trader Vehicle Customs ReKey glitch

    That is another issue to be solved. Quite a few checks are done before that message is sent These are the exact checks:
  6. Jeffry

    Trader Vehicle Customs ReKey glitch

    Make sure the name of the file is the same as the top of that file: ExileClient_gui_vehicleRekeyDialog_event_onDropDownSelectionChanged Then you need to add the custom code to your config. ExileClient_gui_vehicleRekeyDialog_event_onDropDownSelectionChanged = "<Path To File>\ExileClient_gui_vehicleRekeyDialog_event_onDropDownSelectionChanged.sqf";
  7. Jeffry

    *HELP* No Spawn Selection Menu

    if you have infistar make sure you added the IDD
  8. Jeffry


    You messed up your textures installation into the mission pbo. Maybe you have the positions wrong in the config.cpp or didnt add it to your exile.ini file for the database.Message boards are working, you have missed something in the install.
  9. Jeffry

    Custom Trader ,Deko"

  10. Jeffry

    69WASTED Admin Menu for ExAd

    bro what is with it with you going around and commenting on 2-3 year old threads. This app is widely outdated.
  11. Jeffry

    Trader Vehicle Customs ReKey glitch

    just looking at it, it looks like they uses Greater Than instead of Greater Than or Equal To Edit: Make this file into an override and it is fixed. Simple change of the sign:
  12. Jeffry

    Great Experience With

    I too had a good experience. With all the mods and scripts i was using, i wanted more. If more than 5 or so players hopped on the server would start to suffer. Dedis are ALWAYS the way to go in terms of performance and customizable shit. Most hosts dont allow you to upload .dll files for certain things aswell so that is another plus for Dedis. If you are paying more than 75 a month for a GSP, might as well just get a dedi.
  13. Jeffry

    Entire territories dissappearing

    Check rpt for any issues. Check the database. last_paid_at needs to be x days from today. x being however many days you defined in your config. If deleted_at is no longer null, it was deleted due to protection money. There are also territory logs assuming you have them enabled which tell you when flags were paid for aswell.
  14. Jeffry

    Storing Vehicles into VG from Traders

    LoneVirtualGarage from @StokesMagee It is a paid script from: It is not publicly sold, so you donate $10 and just hop in discord: to receive the files from him.