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  1. Jeffry

    Taking Script Requests

    As I am just starting I am not accepting payments for any of the requests given here. The original post has been updated to reflect that. Furthermore, I was wondering about how long it takes for content to be approved in the release section? I have 2 threads that I tried to create, neither of which have been approved.
  2. Jeffry

    Wire Transfer Script

    Have you ever wanted to be able to send funds directly from your bank to the bank of a friend, or someone you just owe money to? Me neither! Good thing I wasted my Halloween making this monstrosity. Yay. As the last sentence suggested, players can now wire funds from their bank or wallet directly to the bank of another online player. Simply choose from the list of online players, type in a numerical value for how much you want to send and check the box for if you want to send it directly from your locker. Presto. In all seriousness, this is my first script so i am aware that the code and the gui could be better and cleaner, if you have any suggestions i more than welcome them. Huge thanks to @StokesMagee for helping optimize the code and helping me learn a few things. Download
  3. Jeffry

    A way to reduce player damage while on quad

    That vehicle is amazing, however it is broken. Ram it into any roaming AI vehicle and you will see.
  4. Jeffry

    Taking Script Requests

    Well, I didn't feel like piggybacking on your thread, and your word usage is stellar. I had some of the same requirements as you did in yours and I portrayed them here. I did not copy and paste anything from there to here, and if you want me to reword it I will happily do so.
  5. Hello, I am a new member here in the exile community and I am trying to work my way up in the skill levels. I am however having trouble coming up with many good ideas. I am looking for some general or specific ideas to get my brain flowing. Please be aware, however, that I am still kinda new to Arma coding as a whole. But they say the best way to learn is to throw yourself in lol. With that being said here are some basic guidelines for my current skill level: Try to avoid ideas that revolve around GUIs. I am aware that this limits quite a lot, but I haven't begun to mess around with them quite yet and would rather not include them in a project. Dont suggest anything that is already publicly available such as ExAd. I will not ask for nor accept any form of monetary compensation. This is simply for me to gain experience. I hope that you all can also have patience with me as I dive into this new adventure. I'm excited to see what ideas you guys come up with
  6. @Bones51 So how does this work in regards to restarts? I dont see any DB saving functions, so would the damage revert back after restart? Same with fuel/ammo
  7. Jeffry

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    Do you guys have the gadd_extras installed?
  8. Jeffry

    My Opinion About

    This is one of the better GSPs for beginning arma server owners.
  9. Jeffry

    Persistent Tree Chopping

    ["TREE", "SMALL TREE", "BUSH"] is how this script i posted removes trees. Dunno if this helps but there ya go.
  10. Jeffry


    Server is run dedicated. he can see the scoreboards on his laptop when connected as a client, but not on his desktop when connected as a client. The error he received on his desktop is "cannot load texture: Textures\space.paa"
  11. @StokesMagee Found the issue. Pull requests have been added
  12. Jeffry

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    Pop into the bottom of ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_apps_onOpen as an override. Edit as needed
  13. Jeffry

    ExAd VG problem

    i can provide support here if needed. I have exad working with extdb3
  14. I have noticed, however, that with vehicles with more than one pylon type, for example the hind with rockets on either side, only one side loads up as intended. The other side defaults to 0 ammo.
  15. Jeffry


    KyleFS#5034 Msg me on discord.