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  1. Vondu

    Exile "Armed" Huey

    Any solution to the armed huey animation bug yet?
  2. Vondu

    Problems at joinig a exile server with extendet base mod

    @Razor_Desync ignore my previous post. I just read the full message. Are you saying that when you add the mod you can join with Arma 3 launcher but not A3Launcher? Does the server show up in A3Launcher? if not, have you used the A3Launcher Server Check? if so, what does it report?
  3. Vondu

    In game infistar keybinds resetting

    Thank you for letting us know
  4. Vondu

    In game infistar keybinds resetting

    They are or at least used to be user actions but infistar has the user set them in a menu accessed via the tab key
  5. My keybinds that are set in the tab menu (lock/unlock, 3d marker, clear map markers) keeps resetting. This just started recently. Not sure if this is a profile problem or a server side problem. Has anyone else run into this before?
  6. Vondu

    Problems at joinig a exile server with extendet base mod

    I've had this issue before when adding or updating a mod. It has always been in my startup paramters file. I had a space or some mistyped character in the path for a mod I was loading. I would suggest looking at the last thing you modified if the server was working before hand. The last time I had this issue was a wrong path for a mod. It's not always what the rpt file reports. Check your mod paths for accuracy.
  7. Just a few questions.... 1. Does anyone know if the Exile Server Manager will cause the XM8 app not to work? 2. I am running extdb3 64 bit. Do I need to be running the 64 bit xm8 dll? I have setup the server and the broadcast works but I get no notifications on my phone. I can see in the rpt file where it sends the notifications but my Server shows never transmitted in the XM8 server console. I went to amibehindaproxy.com and it says I am not behind a proxy. I checked my ip address in the IPv4 stack in adapter properties and is the same ip address as what shows up for my public ip address. The address is I noticed my default gateway is so I tried that as my proxy but it didn't work either. Any other advice on how to trouble shoot this problem would be great. ESM works like a champ so I cant imagine anything being blocked on the firewall but just in case, I set up an outbound rule to allow all outbound trafic for all protocols and ports. Still no love. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.
  8. Does the XM8 app see territory fees paid with the ESM bot? I'm trying to determine if my XM8 app is working correctly with my server but I'm at work and can't log in to the game right now. I recently setup the XM8 app on my server and I get the server broadcasts that I send for testing but if I pay territory fees using ESM bot I do not get a notification from XM8 app. The fees are being paid, I have verified this. I have not paid territory fees in game to test the XM8 app yet because I am at work. It may be working in game but just doesnt recognize payments made with ESM bot.
  9. Vondu

    Help setting up XM8 App

    is the server behind a router? Meaning is the server ip address a public address or a private network address? If it starts with 192.168 or 172.16 or 10.0 it is a private address and you need to know what the public address is. I'm not saying this is the problem just asking questions to help you troubleshoot the problem.
  10. Vondu

    r3f crate selling

    @One Shot Sent via PM here. Thank you.
  11. Vondu

    Negative respect for vehicle sell

    Answer was found in another thread.
  12. Vondu

    r3f crate selling

    @One Shot I sent @Sgt Smash a friend request on discord but it was late last night. The version I have of the Realcher and GADD-Extras pbo is doing that thing where if you sell the crate first then you get negative respect for selling the vehicle. I tried the latest he has on github for R3F Crate sell and it actually zero's out player cash and respect. So in its current state it's even worse. If either of you have a working copy that would be great.
  13. Vondu

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    @Monkeynutz I installed your latest script for this and it sets the cash and respect to zero when selling a crate.
  14. Vondu

    r3f crate selling

    @Sgt Smash Can you send that to me too please? I installed his new one and it sets the cash and respect to zero when you sell the first crate and the older one I have gives negative respect if you sell a vehicle right after selling the crate.
  15. Vondu

    Negative respect for vehicle sell

    @kuplion You can delete this thread. I found the answer I needed in this thread: