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  1. ausHaus

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    i will try it too. thanks in advance
  2. ausHaus

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I have a problem with never ending missions too... the missions never fail. Thats why I'm here... looking for a solution
  3. >>>>>>>> SOLVED <<<<<<<<<< It's been my phone... i had to clear the cache and all app data again though it was a fresh install on a new phone >>>>>>>> SOLVED <<<<<<<<<< Hello, i'm not getting a message to my mobile phone when i pay my territory. -Broadcasting a message works fine. Message appears on my phone. -in the summary on the transmissions are counting correctly. Means... the server had send the message of territory payment... but there is no message on my phone. Tried it 3 times... nothing I think i cant do anything. Seems to be set up correctly and is working. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. ausHaus

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    of course i typed it that way ...closing with ; and case sensitive but i dont understand why it has an error with these cfg files...
  5. ausHaus

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    even setting verifysignature=0 seems not to work for me... rpt file ends with: 20:49:42 Error a1 reading file 'config\\basic.cfg' 20:49:42 Error a1 reading file 'config\\server.cfg'
  6. ausHaus

    Advanced Towing

    Got it working for me (somehow... dont ask ^^ )... (unlikely, rope does not get removed from inventory on use) due to an error with the hint messages that wont show up, i had to change it to toaster message... take this to replace your "fn_advancedTowingInit.sqf" customize it yourself... i changed the "can_tow" conditions
  7. ausHaus

    Player spotting showing on map

    does this .pbo from kuplion exist anymore, anywhere? I have troubles with arma3.ArmA3Profile ... any file changes are without effect. Looking for a safer way. thanks in advance EDIT: Problem solved. The hoster blocked changings to this file...
  8. ausHaus

    Advanced Towing

    anyone still having the script with rope check? Thanks in advance
  9. ausHaus

    Cleanup Bikes Script

    Hey Guys, this script is working. I use it to cleanup spawned quads. Only Problem is, it doesnt check if the quad is locked/owned or if it is freshly spawned. After Restart, all quads get deleted. Is someone there, who can add a check for a playeruid to the script? This should solve the problem with bought quads. Does it fix the problem with spawned quads too?
  10. ausHaus

    spawned vehicle

    can you tell us how u did it? pls... having the same issue