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  1. Kampexia

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  2. Kampexia

    Problems at joinig a exile server with extendet base mod

    Can you put your full rpt log in (pastebin) Did you put your key file into the keys folder? Are the BE Filters setup correctly?
  3. Kampexia

    gtx gaming server

    I have GTX Gaming and i don't use there mods. I always get into my steam workshop folder and copy the files with Filezilla (or any other ftp program) to my server. its the easiest way to stay updated.
  4. Kampexia

    SpecOps Non Safe Zones

    This is mine use it as a example.
  5. Kampexia

    Has anyone seen this error?

    Server didn't update
  6. Kampexia

    Adding Items to map

    This is a small example how it has to look like iff your not using concrete mixers or russian roullete dont put its in. iff you do i can give you a example
  7. Kampexia

    AI Roaming Vehicles Sell Price

    compare the occupation list off vehicles with your mission file config.ccp
  8. Kampexia

    serverLag on item pickup and other similar actions

    AUTO script generator is the awnser for me when i hassle with BattleEye
  9. Kampexia

    Vehicle Trader zeigt den fehlenden Respekt nicht an

    Did you set the Quality correct? 1 2 3 4 5 6?
  10. Kampexia

    DMS Not Spawning AI or Missions

    Did you change something else other than DMS?
  11. Kampexia

    adding init.sqf files to the right places?

    you probably made a typo. i face that a lot it can be the smallest thing
  12. Kampexia

    Base Building in Server

    it is the office trader.... Do you have a custom map? are office traders implemented? if not you can do it tru the eden editor.
  13. Kampexia

    How to rollback Arma 3 to version 1.84

    i still have signature 1 and everything is still working fine for me and my crew
  14. Kampexia


    title = "Escort"; condition = "(alive ExileClientInteractionObject) && (ExileClientInteractionObject getVariable ['ExileIsHandcuffed', false]) && !ExileClientIsHandcuffed"; action = "_this call fnc_Escort"; replace with this maybe? title = "Escort"; condition = "(alive ExileClientInteractionObject) && (ExileClientInteractionObject getVariable ['ExileIsHandcuffed', true]) && !ExileClientIsHandcuffed"; action = "_this call fnc_Escort";
  15. Kampexia

    Trader mods list issue

    can you put in a part of your categories into here so we can look at your code