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  1. Hydro12345

    XtremeDimentionsGaming -NO LONGER Recruiting-

    Name. - Hydro Age - 18 Timezone - GMT +1 Microphone ? - Yes Steam Link - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198258881497/ Discord Name and # - Hydro#0307 How do you play? [put an X in the Brackets:] example - Sniper: [ X] Driver: [ ] Pilot: [x] Close Quarter Combat: [ ] Sniper: [x] Support LMG: [x] Tell us a little about yourself? - Been playing arma for a while and I'm mainly a pilot, however, I can accurately sniper from 2km away with an M320 LRR and I enjoy using an LMG purely down to the immense firepower it provides. I can provide accurate CAS with a jet or transport people with a heli with ease so I hope you think I'm capable enough to join you guys. Ps. I'm from the UK
  2. Hydro12345

    [US] Looking for 2 to 3 people

    I'm mainly a pilot but can take up most roles, would be great if I could join Steam name :Hydro