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  1. chaveezy

    RHS Vehicle Kicks - Better way?

    I get that, however, each thing is completely different, so after days and days of fighting exceptions, I've ended up with all sorts of things like, !"I_", !"B_" !"C_! !"EXILE_", etc.. this isn't the best way... IS IT? For example, when I fire a missile from an Apache helicopter, that's a different one then when I fire the RPG, and completely different text lines.. Basically, I was just asking if there was a collection of exceptions that we should use for RHS or the like. I appreciate your help, and it really did help me over the last week.. UNFORTUNATELY, with this 1.86 update, I lost my BE files so I have to start over... Round 2.. Thanks for your help. However, I don't know about this response.. kinda makes you look like a d*#@
  2. chaveezy

    RHS Vehicle Kicks - Better way?

    Is there a better way to determine script and variable exceptions rather than just getting in each vehicle and firing each missile to determine the exceptions required for the battleye files? This is taking FOREVER to go through each one and fly/drive/use them and attempt to replicate what each player will do.. Also, I have an exception for each specific vehicle for things like, LMK, as setting up this server has cost me about 5 days of straight scripting out exceptions so far and I'm only through a few vehicles. THANKS!!!
  3. I am wondering if one of you may be able to help me with these DMS loot crates spawning in the water on the Namalsk map. See the screenshot for example. This leaves the AI guards swimming in the water, I'd rather not have anything but maybe shipwrecks or underwater missions in the water. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  4. Amazing! This worked perfectly, you are awesome, my friend!!
  5. Ok people, hoping you gurus can help me out here. I had my server up and running until I went and installed Infistar, which called to overwrite all the Battleye configuration files (wierd if you ask me), but I did it. Anyways, now I'm getting script restriction after script restriction on my Arma 3 Exile Server. I have been able to field most of these but this one has me at a loss. The following Script Restriction #4 details are from the scripts.log file. #4 "cient player; if(_urc < 0.2)then{ player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 1; if(_urcr)then{ _log = format["Playe" It looks like it didn't complete the logging of that command and I have tried to place an exception in the scripts.txt file of, !="cient player;\n\n if(_urc < 0.2)then{\n\n player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 1;\n\n if(_urcr)then{\n\n _log = format[\"Player" With no avail. I also tried putting it like it has it listed (Playe), however that also did not work. Hoping that someone here might have any ideas!? LMK. Thanks. Brandon