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  1. Sh0tteh

    Exile MGT moments

  2. Sh0tteh

    MGT Exile Chernarus

    Awesome server, good FPS, well balanced, plenty activities. Dev who listens his ppl needs, u can observe that in changelog. Constant pursuit for improovement. Most other server stuck in bugs and exploits that still continues since beggining of exile and MGT got it already solved n wiped from servers.
  3. Sh0tteh

    Camera Name system

    When u place a camera in your base a window pops out and ur able to Label ur camera for example ..... [ front gate ] [ back gate ] [Roof East] whatever name u want to make life better .... sometimes finding right camera takes ages especialy if 1 of teammembers use camera in same moment and camera keep swithing in numbers. Label system for cameras would be cool
  4. Sh0tteh

    F35 on semi-mill Exile server

    Hunting ppl on missions, filtering throu killmessages , team Air Support on missions Raids *No radar *No lock on onbard AA