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    [ISSUE SOLVED] Was running same error as author, tried to change my mod name file accordingly to the one in my bat command for launching the server, and everything working !
  2. Hi, i think you can change this line to a lower value in the config.sqf of exilez_mod.pbo, should do the job ! EZM_ryanzombieshealth = 0.9; // Health, *(initial damage level 0 is no damage 1 is dead)
  3. Hi there, it's been a while that i try to make customs CP but struggling with exporting, the format i get from m3e is way different than the one in the files already existing, and for fact, in my server it doesn't work the way it should be .. building spawn somethin' like 500m flying in the air and with no rotation at all .. so if someone can tell me what i'm doin' wrong i would be very greatful Regards