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  1. DanteMccloud

    8G / Cam rounds won't load into guns

    I'm not sure if I missed something silly or if something is just oddly broken on our server but we have an issue where people can't load 8G ammo into any of the guns they are designed for. Is there something that needs to be enabled or maybe a setting somewhere that controls/disables/enables the function of this ammo? I noticed it is not in the infiSTAR arsenal menu but it is on the vendors. I'm almost positive that I was over thinking it and thus am now overlooking something simple lol.
  2. DanteMccloud

    8G Bullet Cam Problem

    I have weird issues with this, We can't load the 8G rounds into any of the guns that should work for them. Is there something we have to add/enable to make it work or is there something that could block that operation?
  3. DanteMccloud

    Enigma Exile Update Respect/Poptabs [18/03/16]

    Is this still the best to force values from a script running in the mission to push to the server? The "publicVariableserver" function I mean... not this particular script :p I did update this to use the correct functions and have it working now. either way good learning tool very helpful in my project thank you.
  4. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    disregard I figured it out I just required a new script to be added to the mission for one of the functions to properly handle on death and the medical system. Thank you all so much for you help.
  5. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    in the mission config.cpp I had this and it was causing it haha. That was causing it to register everyone as killing themselves on death basically. class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_object_player_event_onHit = "Custom\medical\functions\fnc_addDamageToUnit.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage = "Custom\medical\functions\fnc_addDamageToUnit.sqf"; } knowing whats causing it at least narrows it down. I've been playing with the _event_onKilled and such to see if that will fix it but apparently it still has some kind of issue where it detects the Unit simply died instead of something killing them lol. Back to the drawing board... had the medical working perfectly except for the death events which is super weird cause it works correctly for the Sarge-Ai units and mission Ai just not zombies and players.
  6. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    Oh no no you misunderstand friend, the Ai are NOT killing each other. If I "the Player" kills a zombie then the RPT log shows "ExileZ: Zombie killed by Zombie" as if it killed itself, even though i killed it. Additionally If a player kills me the kill message in the chat shows "DanteMccloud was killed by DanteMccloud" Somehow it's registering deaths as suicides but only some deaths oddly enough. As the killing some of the roaming human Ai still gives the player the kill messages, respect, and poptabs and such which is very stange. I've been searching Exile threads, BIS forums, and Google for any case of Arma3 Servers showing all kills as self killed or suicide but I think whatever happened to cause it is so unique that no one else seems to have encountered it haha. ^.^' UPDATE: Seems it has something to do with the ACE3 integration removed that and put a new fresh Mission file in and it's all working. I'll figure it out soon enough hah.
  7. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    Oh good call on the forceAddUniform that should do it. I searched the forums and google quite a bit. I think the issue is a bit different than just 'WEST' 'EAST' sides and such. Since it's being really weird I think it has something maybe to do with when I integrated ACE3 to the Exile Server. It's giving that Zombie killed by zombie log in RPT every time a player kills a zombie basically. I'm going to give the side thing another shot just to be safe though rather than freshly doing things over and digging deeper into what's causing screwy things haha. UPDATE: well that didn't seem to help, idk wtf I did lol... if a player kills another player it always shows as a suicide basically "DanteMccloud was killed by DanteMccloud" or ZombieA killed by ZombieA" it's blaming the units death on itself no matter how it dies >.< but ExileZ seems to be working at least haha
  8. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    I got it to work to spawn zombies and add loot/vests on them but when they die... EDIT: I forgot to mention this is the log it gives when I kill them as a player haha. 17:50:57 "ExileZ Mod: Zombie killed by Zombie" Haven't figured out why it's doing that quite yet. Also some of them naked... very weird haha! any recommendation to fix that would be helpful btw ^.^
  9. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    I actually did just that while I was testing them but that would have to happen on a per user basis and I don’t want to have to have all the players do that to avoid the scream haha. I opted to go with Kuplion’s suggestion to try and modify ExileZ to be Ravage compatible. ^.^ ... I think I’m doing it right so far... haha update: it says it’s spawning 10 harassing zombies in ExileZ but It doesn’t actually spawn anything and it says it is monitoring them and such haha. Closer to the goal it says it is spawning zombie_walker which is the correct class as far as I can tell ...
  10. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    this doesn't look entirely right to me but they handle the classes SUPER different. Z&D pulls the classes from an Array which was easy enough to find. However Ravage the closest I can find to a class is below "zombie_walker" "zombie_runner" "zombie_bolter" it seems rather than having each possible model listed like Z&D has Ravage instead has Zombie type and then a Uniform logic script to randomize the appearance. Kinda neat seeing how each coder does their different methods. I'm not nearly as skilled as y'all that's for sure... but slowly learning haha I found the below inside "Ravage\addons\rvg_zeds\init.sqf" zedsToSpawn = {}; switch (zedType) do { case "Runners" : { zedsToSpawn = { _t = "zombie_runner"; _rnd = random 99; if (_rnd < fastZedsFactor && {_rnd > rvg_ZedSunFactor*0.75}) then { _t = "zombie_bolter"; }; _t }; }; case "Walkers" : { zedsToSpawn = { _t = "zombie_walker"; _rnd = random 99; if (_rnd < fastZedsFactor && {_rnd > rvg_ZedSunFactor*0.75}) then { _t = "zombie_bolter"; }; _t }; }; case "Both" : { zedsToSpawn = { _t = ""; _rnd = random 100; if (_rnd < 60 && {_rnd > rvg_ZedSunFactor*0.5}) then { _t = "zombie_runner"; } else { _t = "zombie_walker"; }; if (_rnd < fastZedsFactor && {_rnd > rvg_ZedSunFactor*0.75}) then { _t = "zombie_bolter"; }; _t }; }; }; then the actually uniform spawns onto that with a script. That being said would those be the correct Classes? /* Slow Civilian */ EZM_slowCivilians = [ ["RyanZombieC_man_1slow"], ["RyanZombieC_man_polo_1_Fslow"], ["RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_Fslow"], CHANGE TO.... /* Slow Civilian */ EZM_slowCivilians = [ ["zombie_walker"] basically? does it matter that ExileZ uses _zombie and Ravage uses _zed ? would I need to update all of these similar references or will just changing the classes in zClassesList.sqf be enough? Then I'll need to still do the below as well for it to actually work I assume? 1.) Swap mod RequiredAddons in Config.cpp to remove the RyanZombies stuff and place with the Ravage addon info.3.) Then change the naming of any similar settings in the fn_postInit.sqf to work for their Ravage counterpart.
  11. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    AH that makes so much more sense! Thank you Kuplion. I'll get playing with it to work with Ravage then I'll be sure to share out my end result for others to use as well ^.^ You all have been very helpful. From looking at this would I need to just swap them and it'll do the rest or would I have to basically abandon RyanZ&D and put Ravage back on then in ExileZ make the following changes? Or am I over thinking it/not understanding it correctly? 1.) Swap mod RequiredAddons in Config.cpp to remove the RyanZombies stuff and place with the Ravage addon info. 2.) Swap the "RyanZombieC_man_1" and others in zClassesList.sqf for the relative ones found within Ravage. 3.) Then change the naming of any similar settings in the fn_postInit.sqf to work for their Ravage counterpart. 4.) any other functions in ExileZ that could potentially need to be updated or would that basically do it for a full conversion from RyanZ's to Ravage? I think I hit most the major points there...
  12. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    In the ExileZ zClassesList.sqf ... Would that work O.o? I would think that would just change the zombie model basically while potenitally breaking animations and such. The screams are attached to the attack.sqf using "RZ_HumanScreamArray". I was looking into what I would need to add to just override that and basically have it use either different sounds or arma default "hit" sound. I didn't think Ravage stuff would work with ExileZ. I have to give it to you though ExileZ is super sweet so far. EDIT: Ignore that I misunderstood it haha. I get it now though, to point the MPKilled to Ravage. I was thinking about the scream stuff still haha
  13. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    Thank you ^.^ this is actually very helpful. Basically I'm trying to now figure out how to alter it so that it is being ran similar to how ExileZ does its MPKilled function and have it called when the Player kills the zombie. (Currently working on trying to integrate ExileZ instead of Ravage) but trying to override that super annoying screams which doesn't looks like it'll be too hard actually haha.
  14. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    I tried playing with the aggressive and moaning on/off settings in ExileZ and within the Z&D Mod itself but none of that stops the player scream only the zombie side screams. I would image that it would be as simple as adding a bit within ExileZ-mod to prevent the "Scream1-9" files from playing similar to how the Moaning and Aggression silencing works? EDIT: Just in case anyone else would like to do this as well the below is the information related to the scream. attack.sqf line 55 _scream = selectRandom RZ_HumanScreamArray; line 56 [_target, _scream] remoteExecCall ["say3d"]; line 88 _scream = selectRandom RZ_HumanScreamArray; line 89 [_x, _scream] remoteExecCall ["say3d"]; fn_preInit.sqf line 74 RZ_HumanScreamArray = ["ryanzombiesscream1", "ryanzombiesscream2", "ryanzombiesscream3", "ryanzombiesscream4", "ryanzombiesscream5", "ryanzombiesscream6", "ryanzombiesscream7", "ryanzombiesscream8", "ryanzombiesscream9"]; // relative path line 499 _scream = selectRandom RZ_HumanScreamArray; line 500 [_target, _scream] remoteExecCall ["say3d"]; line 575 _scream = selectRandom RZ_HumanScreamArray; line 576 [_x, _scream] remoteExecCall ["say3d"];
  15. DanteMccloud

    Calling Script from outside mission PBO

    It's not that I dislike them, The reputation they have plus my past experiences soured them for me a bit. 2 years ago or so is my last experience with them and at that time they were subpar better than the zombies in A2 Dayz but not by much. I suppose that isn't fair though as it's been quite some time since I've played with them and they have almost positively been updated significantly since then. Before they didn't have very good configuration which sounds like ExileZ fixes that. I'm definitely interested in seeing the changes and if they have been cleaned up, plus the infection sounds dope! I am trying to learn more about arma scripting and coding though and from looking at that script I posted and the method used does anything stand out that would cause the rewards to not function though? I'm still fairly new to Arma coding stuff and hate having to rely on snippets and such from others so trying to learn what went wrong in this case to better understand this stuff moving forward. ^.^ any help is greatly appreciated.