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  1. This I don't know, I'm also wondering how we can unlock AI vehicles atfer the missions.
  2. DackJaniels

    NAPF environment mod

    Oh yeah now I get it, nice work
  3. DackJaniels

    NAPF environment mod

    What is it exactly ?
  4. Ok I managed to do it by myself. You need to download, and install everything as instructed in the readme. Then, go into addons/custom_server/Configs/ , and edit the blck_configs.sqf that you will be using, and go at that part: //////////////////// // Enable / Disable Missions //////////////////// // Maximum number of missions shown on the map at any one time. // Change this value to reduce the number of spawned missions at any one time. blck_maxSpawnedMissions = 4; //Set to -1 to disable. Values of 2 or more force the mission spawner to spawn copies of that mission - this feature is not recommended because you may run out of available groups. blck_enableOrangeMissions = 1; blck_enableGreenMissions = 1; blck_enableRedMissions = 2; blck_enableBlueMissions = 1; blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 3; // Values from -1 (no UMS) to N (N Underwater missions will be spawned; static UMS units and subs will be spawned. Here you can edit the overall number of missions you want, and which ones you want. Just put all the misisons to -1 except " blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions " Don't forget to re-pbo your folder and upload it to your FTP or put it in your server folder And you're done
  5. DackJaniels

    [Release] CUP AI Ship

    Hey there great job, could you make this for the map Napf please ? Thanks a lot !!
  6. I have that very same problem, did you manage to solve it ? Cause i'd take any help I can...
  7. Hello and thank you for this amazing mod. How come most of the vehicles are locked, therefore kinda useless once a mission is complete? I looked everywhere in the config files and didn't see any line about it, so I guess it's a bug? Does any one have a solution to this? Cheers.
  8. DackJaniels

    Add a temp ellipse marker in-game

    Yes please, I could really use some kind of kickstart since I am a total noob, the only way I could make my own server was by following tutorials for every aspect of it. Now i'm a little less nooby but writing my own code ? Yikes... And yeah, don't get me started on the "use google" or"have you used the search function ?" answers... Thanks again !
  9. DackJaniels

    Add a temp ellipse marker in-game

    Thank you for your extensive and comprehensive answer. I thought about Zeus indeed, but seeing the complexity of it, it's a no-no for me. I will probably try to get a script to do the trick, you are right. Thanks again
  10. DackJaniels

    Add a temp ellipse marker in-game

    Thank you for your answer but I don't think this is what i'm looking for. I mean, what I'd like to do is to avoid using any script or anything, i'd like to do it all in-game if that's possible ? I'm not using any script, i'm just spawning a crate, place money inside it and then place it where I want to hide it with admin tools, ya know ? Then I tell my players in what area the crate is hidden and here they go... I'd just like to add an ellipse maker on the map that I can delete whenever I want, just like regular temp markers that anyone can place on the map...
  11. DackJaniels

    Add a temp ellipse marker in-game

    Hello, I have looked a lot around the web for the past days and I can't find a solution to what i'm willing: I'm an admin of an exile server; and sometimes I like to throw some kind of cool "treasure hunt" thing for my players, and I hide a crate or a box in a random specific area of the map and tell the players to look for it to get the reward... What i'd like to do is add an ellipse marker filled with a color, a temporary one, but while in-game, not modifying the mission file itself , to designate the area, just like those "Ikea" or "Military drop" scripts ya know ? Would that be possible ? Considering that any player can add visible markers on the map (dots, crosses and stuff), i'd assume it'd be possible ? Thanks for your answers.
  12. DackJaniels

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Thank you for the detailed tutorial, I managed to work around the issue, and I added the boats to the "regular" arma boat section instead and that did the trick But thanks for your anser though.
  13. DackJaniels

    [Release] USS Nimitz Occupation

    Does anyone have it for Namalsk ? Pulling my hair trying to create my own Nimitz occupation on this map...
  14. DackJaniels

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Hello and thank you for this great additions, really helped me a lot installed a lot of mods following your instructions. The only one i'm getting problems with is HAFM. I installed it (actually them, since it's 3 mods, with their signatures keys) successfully (since I can spawn items and vehicles of this mod using my admin tools), but I can't get them to the traders. I added the mods to the startup parameters of my servers too, of course. Now, I added both lines"#include "TRADERS\HAFM\ItemListHAFM.hpp" and #include "TRADERS\HAFM\TraderCategoriesHAFM.hpp" to their respective categories in config.cpp ; I also added the HAFM lines (like"HAFMvehicle", HAFMCloth", and so on...) in the file CfgTraders.hpp but when I go to a trader I don't see anything related to the mod. The mod is in the server but I can't have it in the traders. I've been scratching my head over this problem for 2 hours now, I don't see what I did wrong. I did it the same way I did all the other mods... Here is my cfgclassarsenal category: Here is my cfgtraderscategories: And here is my CfgTraders file: Also another thing, what I particularly want from HAFM is those amazing ships. I'd like to add them to the traders but even in this Easy Trader setup, no mention of the boats of this mod is there.... How would one proceed to add the ships to his server ? Could anyone point me in some direction I would greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.
  15. DackJaniels

    [Release] Namalsk map additions

    Do you have any kind of tutorial about how to add these in my server ? I managed somehow to make it work in Eden Editor but with the same method it doesn't work on my server's map...