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  1. GrimReapaa

    RoB is Recruiting

    and again we are still/always looking Wir suchen die ganze zeit, ich werde nur in zukunft nicht mehr in diesen thread schreiben, aber lesen
  2. GrimReapaa

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    Exile got NO AI´s (Except for Traders) I would think your running "DMS" or "Exile Occupation". Or at least HAD running. (Maybe its just a Setting in your configs which is set, but not in use anymore?) Try figuring out WHERE those AI´s are coming from (DMS, Occupation, ...)
  3. GrimReapaa

    RoB is Recruiting

    Were still Looking for new Friends Wir suchen immernoch neue Freundschaften
  4. GrimReapaa

    Fastnights setup

    I really have NO clue why you want US to Calculate Your specific time. Its all Self-Explanatory EDIT: This is a Script used in Occupytion, this is NOT a 4 Hour restart Script. Its name is also called "Fast NIGHTS" not "Fast Days"
  5. GrimReapaa

    Sever Not Available in Server List

    Could you post (In a Spoiler -_-) your .rpt Log? It would help figuiring out other Problems
  6. GrimReapaa

    Add a temp ellipse marker in-game

    As I set up quite a few servers, if you need help, just lemme know. I could help in a variety of ways (RDP, Teamviewer, Chat, Teamspeak, Messenger etc...) Servers ARE just Enormous, and im willing to let you guys dive into in creating your OWN, CUSTOM Server, cause THATS what in my Eyes is the cool thing about it
  7. GrimReapaa

    can someone help me?

    Your Log is not Complete, it ends right after Exile started But your PC/Server is VERY Slow on Database Side Nearly 4000mS Is very Bad and could Result in Bugusing, or Bugs
  8. GrimReapaa

    need some help here plese

    Thats just the peak of the Iceberg. Infistar not set up correctly. Conflicting addons. I guess you just added the mods without preparing MPMissions, Addons folder and Config.CPP. Watch tutorials first and then go step by step.
  9. GrimReapaa

    hidden Traders

    Hahahaha Thamks Bro
  10. GrimReapaa

    hidden Traders

    I guess you thought faster than you typed I will delete my comment. As im new to the forum, i dont know how to Pn
  11. GrimReapaa

    hidden Traders

    Because traders are listed in the configs. Mission.Sqm just "knows" the Infos about the MAP. not about traders, prices, vehicles used, gear or something like that. That is all in the Configs. Most important one is Config.CPP
  12. GrimReapaa

    Server not fully loading up

    Like i said, if you need help, Install remote Utilities host on your machine, i will help u Set things Up And No, im not a Scammer I Just want everyone to see how good it feels to achieve something. Exile Introduced me into the World of Programming and with that I then started Building Websites, Teamspeak Servers. Bought Dedicated Servers like my oldest one: HP Pro Liant DL380 G5 then Hosted Servers for others..... Possibilities are endless. And i hope that you keep on Trying, I know its sad to always fail, but it feels even greater to suddenly reach the Function you want your Server to do
  13. right, as you changed the WHOLE Safespot config hmmm. Imma take a look into the files too Was about to write here too as you replied xDDD EDIT: I'd guess you need to split both parts, and give another option in startOccupation.sqf. so if you set "Player Distance true" you need to set "Roaming AI false"
  14. Make it easier. you could set a AIDespawnTime lets say ur resetting AI every 20 minutes, it would be just enough to let them spawn/kill and after 20 minutes they will be wiped. Thanks for the Code btw. your just Awesome I will give it a shot in a few Hrs, wish Id knew how to develop it by myself need to learn a lot for coding, but definetly a thing i wanna look forward to
  15. aight immat give it a shot EDIT: After i Experimented now with your Script, i now know, how your script works. It's like you mentioned before, it takes the WHOLE Map to spawn (like in my Pic. for 400 AI's) the AI's. Question: Is it possible to add a Line where it is possible to spawn those AI's only if a Player is NEARBY, for example. SC_SpawnAInearPlayersLocation = 500 //In this case it would spawn ONLY in a Circle with 500m Radius the AI. It would Increase Perfomance, it would be more Predictable for players and last but not least, it would Populate cities. (for all newcomers, ONLY the Heli crash Sites, Occupation Transport, Survivor and Bandit dots are from this Script.) I would Like to have more of those Spawns: SSPCM is for Dev trials only xDDD