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    hidden Traders

    I actually got traders on server in takistan map. Problem is that - i want to change positions, but totally idk how to do that. Maybe i should somekind open all PBO file in 3d editor - but idk how.
  2. Snajperitto

    hidden Traders

    Thank you so much guys I just think best way to learn - its being dropped to deep water ;P Anyway i so much love Takistan map, so this is why i was trying to set up exile server in this map. Just actually need somebody who know how to do it and can learn me a little bit
  3. Snajperitto

    hidden Traders

    Hi guys! Im trying to learn how to set up server and everything on it. I Started up server with Takistan map, i found mission file .pbo for takistan in one topic. I unpacked it with pbo manager and put mission.sqm to arma 3d editor to see what is in there. Problem is that when i join server with loaded .pbo i see working traders but in 3d editor - i see only marks at map - dont see any traders - map is empty. Why? Could somebody help with that? I spent lot of h watching youtube tutorials but have few problems - like this up.
  4. Snajperitto

    Takistan Mission File

    Hi guys! Im learning how to setup my exile server, there is no actually any exile PVE takistan server so i d'like to learn how to do it ;P How to use this mission file? Where to put those files? I used pbo manager to unpack .pbo but actually idk where put what ;) If somebody can help with taht i will really aprichate :D