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    DMS Custom loot script HELP!

    those DMS instructions are located in a3_dms/scripts/fn_fillCrate.sqf
  2. SpaceGhost

    DMS Custom loot script HELP!

    So guys, ive made a custom loot generator for DMS boxes. it runs great on arma 3 editor, but after a weak trying to make it generate loot for DMS boxes i gave up and came here. The thing is, i saw on DMS's fn_fillCrate.sqf script that i can create a custom function and make it spawn the loot for me. But the comments from Defent were not very clear, where should i put my script for dms to read? should i declare it in DMS's config.cpp like its vanila functions? how should i parse the function name in the _crate_loot_values1 variable? a string? is there a pattern for me to create my custom file for my function? Any captain out there to help me with this? I REALLY NEED HELP! ive made the hard part to program how i want the loot to be generated, i know how should i return my function to DMS's accepted pattern. I just dont know where should i put my function, and how DMS is expecting me to call it. DMS's instructions: For example, _weapons could simply be a number, in which case the given number of weapons are selected from "DMS_boxWeapons", or an array as [_wepCount,_weps], where _wepCount is the number of weapons, and _weps is an array of weapons from which the guns are randomly selected. OR: [ _customLootFunctionParams, _customLootFunction ] In this case, "_customLootFunctionParams" is passed to "_customLootFunction", and the custom loot function must return the loot in the form: [ [ weapon1, weapon2, [weapon_that_appears_twice,2], ... weaponN ], [ item1, item2, [item_that_appears_5_times,5], ... itemN ], [ backpack1, backpack2, [backpack_that_appears_3_times,3], ... backpackN ] ]
  3. SpaceGhost

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    hey guys, im trying to make a dynamic loot generator to DMS boxes but im having some trouble here. can someone help? with this code the boxes are spawning empty. ive already checked a million times, the logic and syntax and it seems right. it must be the way im parsing the arrays that is wrong but i dont know what... my code to the loot generator