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    [CGU] CMExile

    About CMExile CMExile is an exile community on Arma 3. What makes us different then other exile servers is: - We do things different - We organize weekly events - you can earn real money while you play with us - Every 2 days there will be a ton of new updates at traders ( Players don't need to download additional updates ) Community Driven New mods, ideas and projects happening every day. At the CMExile, we believe in giving back to the ARMA community that has already given so much. With the development of our Exile servers, we pride ourselves in our community and always encourage others to learn the skills to help give back as well.
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    Staff Required

    I am currently looking for staff for my exile server and discord, We also own an Exile infistar licence and XM8 apps infistar licence Roles: Developer: [Paid] 1/2 needed Administrators: [Unpaid] 1 needed Moderator: [Unpaid] 2/3 needed Our discord link: Our website link: Regards Vengeance