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    server problems

    Hey Guys , I need help my server is doing the following and no idea how to fix the problem or what is the cause of it, if a buy a car from trader, and drive to my base if the server restarts is back at the trader also gear in my safes disappear I would look at my container, and is able to unlock it. I can see stuff in it, but I can't take it. If however I move the container just a bit and place it down again, I can access it and even take stuff out of it... The same with doors. I found on the carrier now that I can "unlock" a door, but not open it even though I click "open". If I move the door again, code lock it, and the try to open it - it works. It is as if I have to "load the blocks back into the world" for it to register again and be accessible, usable and intractable.
  2. Dice_cube23

    [Update] Underwater Mission for Chernarus

    Hey man , i am looking for underwater missions for altis , i have checked around on forms but no luck can this mission work on altis with some config needed?
  3. Dice_cube23


    Hey Guys, i am in need of a scripter for a new arma 3 server (setup and running) the server is very high loot and reward full militarized good player base, i just need a mod/scripter that is willing to join the team and help with server scripts and mods detail can be discussed if you are willing to join and talk about the server Please join my discord, https://discord.gg/Axa5sT or add me Dice#7369
  4. Dice_cube23

    Server is not starting

    Hey, Guys can anyone help me, my server does not want to start this is the rpt file 3319. 23:45:54 "<infiSTAR.de> infiSTAR was already started! Make sure that your mission is not looping due to config errors.." 3331. 23:45:54 "ExileServer - extDB2: Error extDB2 is already setup & locked !!!" 3332. 23:45:54 "ExileServer - Check your server rpt for errors, your mission might be stuck a loop restarting" 4209. 23:45:57 "ExileServer - Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol" 4210. 23:45:57 Error in expression < to _numberOfClans - 1 do 4213. 23:45:57 Error position: <select _i) select 0) call ExileServer_sy> 4214. 23:45:57 Error Generic error in expression 4215. 23:45:57 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_world_loadAllClans.sqf, line 25 4244. 23:45:58 "<infiSTAR.de> infiSTAR was already started! Make sure that your mission is not looping due to config errors.." 4256. 23:45:58 "ExileServer - extDB2: Error extDB2 is already setup & locked !!!"
  5. Dice_cube23

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Crashed my server I am not sure if I did something wrong
  6. Dice_cube23

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    nice thank you man do you have discord or email address?
  7. Dice_cube23

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    That looks simple I will get it done tonight thanks for the help, can I ask if the subs will be the same?
  8. Dice_cube23

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    i have the same problem on my server, i can't get the ship on the trader, (new to hosting my own server)