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  1. Hi, I definitely have no problem sending a rpt log server. Otherwise, I have a loaded map of my server and always loads with the crew. (Even in the above posts was a crew aboard the helicopter, just for some reason in place and after shooting down from it crew). Otherwise, the editor looked at the patrol's flight path and has a height problem. sometimes he reacts and sometimes does not and drinks up the hill. If you would like to send a mpmission to the editor. Thank you great work
  2. Still a question, could it be optional if I want to have the four pilots in a blue jumpsuit on a mission?
  3. Hello, version 1.4 has been tested 1. Run the script after connecting the player to the server - not working (set to _playerConnected = true; the script will start with server startup) 2. Patrol crash, rescue heli not send (picture 1,2) 3. I went to the start place recue heli (rescue heli was in place - picture 3,4) 4. Shot down a rescue heli and I got a mission mark (picture 5,6) Script sometimes works pretty well and sometimes doesn't work at all during one restart cycle (6h) 1 2 3 4 5 6
  4. Malden 2035
  5. Yes, I'm going to try the new version. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm not using infistar on my server because it's just for a few friends and it's not public. I use Markers directly from Knocks script DMS_ai_freeze_only_DMS_AI is set to false by default. I'll definitely try. Thank you very much
  7. Unfortunately, in 1.3 I work the worst. The sent helicopter will rarely land. The time between reboots is 6h and sometimes the mission is not at all. I don't know if DMS and OCUPPATION DMS are to blame. From missions I shoot after patrol and helicopter .... And starting up after connecting the player I did not work, the mission ran from time to time when I joined the server and as a manager I know there was no one before. Be sure to visit me on the server, anytime and look. The mission cycle is basic. PS: To adjust the flight altitude or waypoint, did he see if he could do anything? In spite of all this I think the script is great and I hope all the time Thanks for your work
  8. Hi, I have a problem with repeating the mission to version 1.3 (2-3 cycles and will not start). And if the option that the script is to be run when the player is connected is turned on, it runs the same without anyone on the server.
  9. I'm not using FuMS. The FuMS persistent vehicle has just created Knocks script version 1.2 in my database. If item was created to create persistent vehicle. A claim vehicle didn't work for me because of my wrong script settings. I've solved it. Thank you I appreciate the help of all of you. I'm learning
  10. hi, after editing claim vehicle mode, heli is locked using codelock. Tested and working if (_vehicle getVariable ["ExileIsPersistent" "," false ") then { throw "This vehicle is already claimed!"; Thanks for your work, I appreciate your work and I am looking forward to another update
  11. Hi, I'll try today
  12. I have this script but it only works on exile and dms vehicles. Someone else owns the vehicle for other modes. I don't know how to deal with it. ( This vehicle is already claimed.) Can you advise?
  13. Hi, I found one problem. All the helicopters rescued into the database, even though no one was on the mission and did not take the helicopter.
  14. Just please do you still solve the flight altitude or waypion altitude? Still more often the patrol hits the hills. Thanks Is it possible for the script to run if _debug is on? When I turn off, it comes to me that a rescue team is not being sent. And I still want to ask, start cycling patrols after a failure is endless or has a limited number of starts?