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  1. dekela

    Base Payment

    Changing last payment date to a future date works fine for stopping the base from being deleted from protection money. Setting the flag Z figure to -5 or so will move it under ground and not allow it to be stolen
  2. @Smilingwolf there are no missions that come with occupation. i think you may be thinking of DMS
  3. dekela

    [SOLVED]Immortal machine after leaving the safe zone

    we have had invincible vehicles on our server, this may in fact be why
  4. dekela

    DayZ Standalone: Exile

    While envision has legacy support for sqf now, it will not be using any by 0.63 'beta'release. And as the engine grows, the unneeded sqf support will be removed.
  5. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    yes, use the scheduler in their control panel for restarts and set up the scarcode mod for the messages. also you can use the exile system to lock the server before restart
  6. dekela

    DayZ Standalone: Exile

    i wouldnt imagine so. the enfusion engine has different coding than the current real virtuality so it would be a very big task
  7. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    i dont know why it would, but if thats the case, dont use the infistar restart. if your dedicated server, use bat files and battleye to restart the server and for restart messages. if its a hosted server, use the scheduler in the control panel to restart the server and use the above for messages
  8. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    Try delete arma.exe and update again. Also delete all mod keys from the keys folder and replace with new ones for the mods your using. I had a similar crash and fixed it by replacing the keys
  9. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    Does it require any other mods to work?
  10. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    remove all mods and see if a vanilla exile server will run without that crash. if it does, its a mod problem
  11. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    server.rpt would be useful
  12. dekela

    City Names/icons added to map?

    You can script in map names for towns/villages etc, I've done it for wasteland. I've tried it in exile but did not get it to work
  13. dekela

    Extended Base Mod

    or just use wood charges
  14. dekela

    Cup addons break my server?

    @CUP_Units also requires @CUP_Weapons to work. also full .rpt would be more useful
  15. dekela

    AIO Tool for Active Admins

    ASM version i have is from 2015, so its certainly not updated. however, i run the server as 32 bit, not 64