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  1. dekela

    First time (sorry)

    adding mods to a server is not overly difficult, many being as easy as dropping a pbo onto the server. if more is required, the good mods have detailed install instructions, and there is always google and youtube. as for Fallujah, while its a good CQB map, im not sure it would lend itself to base building and missions
  2. dekela

    No kill feed?

    I have just put up a militarized server and have noticed that there is no kill feed if using some tanks, apc's and armed helis. For instance, using a CUP little bird to clear a mission or kill players will result in no kill feed messages. On the other hand hummers and M1126 etc do show the kill feed. Any ideas/fixes for this? Thanks
  3. dekela

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    add the crates classname to your IgiLoad.sqf under IL_Supported_Box_H1 or similar array
  4. dekela

    ExAD Statusbar restart timer

    have a look here
  5. dekela

    Updating Mods automatically

    i know with steam workshop you can create a .bat file to check for and apply updates either manually, or automatically if combined with your start up .bat as for A3 launcher, i have no idea, i dont use it as i only use mods that are on the steam workshop
  6. dekela

    What's your server FPS?

    also is it hosted or dedicated server, as hosted often times performs badly due to over provisioning from the hosts
  7. in init.sqf comment out following line [] execVM "Custom\vehicleManagementSystem\functions\Bones_fnc_vspInRange.sqf";
  8. dekela

    What's your server FPS?

    25-35 FPS is low for 2 player, 275 AI +zombies is why
  9. yep, same issue in toast message when using rearm all, works fine if you click each item individually
  10. dekela

    Base Payment

    Changing last payment date to a future date works fine for stopping the base from being deleted from protection money. Setting the flag Z figure to -5 or so will move it under ground and not allow it to be stolen
  11. @Smilingwolf there are no missions that come with occupation. i think you may be thinking of DMS
  12. dekela

    [SOLVED]Immortal machine after leaving the safe zone

    we have had invincible vehicles on our server, this may in fact be why
  13. dekela

    DayZ Standalone: Exile

    While envision has legacy support for sqf now, it will not be using any by 0.63 'beta'release. And as the engine grows, the unneeded sqf support will be removed.
  14. dekela

    Crash restart and have DUMP

    yes, use the scheduler in their control panel for restarts and set up the scarcode mod for the messages. also you can use the exile system to lock the server before restart
  15. dekela

    DayZ Standalone: Exile

    i wouldnt imagine so. the enfusion engine has different coding than the current real virtuality so it would be a very big task