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  1. Open that file, look in the vicinity of line 10 for a missing { Don't count blank lines ,engine doesn't include those when it says "line: blab blah"
  2. " Your feed back is important to me. " advertising on/poaching from established servers isn't a great way to start off your own server.
  3. great addition to the server, however, anyone else getting large drops in server CPS when the scoreboards call the database. image attached, note the large drop in CPS. (the smaller drops are from the inbuilt exile simulation monitor, testing compared to arma monitor)
  4. did you try this?
  5. TCA is the name of the server profile like i already stated, it is not the name of the server or the hosting company. many hosting companies use TCA as a profile name as they use the same control panel HERE. good luck getting any response from a server profile or game panel, but by all means give it a try. also, Mr. Bagge would appear to be the owner of the server in question " which it appears you did not even bother to read ", so i would assume he would have spoken to himself about the issue already. heaven forbid that a server owner running Exile would dare come to the Exile forum for help regarding an issue he cant fix. LUDACRIS! as for the kicks, 98% of 'client not responding', 'signature check timed out' etc are caused by the clients connection to the server, and have nothing at all to do with the server itself. some fixes that work some of the time are restart computer and router delete and reinstall Battleye files verify game files join another server and rejoin original server wait for a server restart all of the above none of the above so @Mr.Bagge there is most likely nothing wrong with your server, its profile or your TCAdmin panel, it is most likely bad internet/connection from the clients
  6. merger your two ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened.sqf files and call it once
  7. i believe TCA is the name of the servers profile set in start parameters -name=TCA so not sure how you can ask TCA anything
  8. you can alter the fn_RemoveMarkers.sqf to have the markers delete with a uiSleep instead of being added to a thread. this should help when the server becomes bogged down change lines 40 and 41 from //_markerDot spawn {sleep DMS_MissionMarkerWinDotTime;deleteMarker _this;}; [DMS_MissionMarkerWinDotTime, {deleteMarker (_this select 0);}, [_markerDot], false] call ExileServer_system_thread_addTask; to _markerDot spawn {sleep DMS_MissionMarkerWinDotTime;deleteMarker _this;}; //[DMS_MissionMarkerWinDotTime, {deleteMarker (_this select 0);}, [_markerDot], false] call ExileServer_system_thread_addTask; do the same to lines 56 and 57
  9. i had this happen occasionally when on a hosted machine. think it was due to low server fps/cps and required information not being sent/received
  10. the way you have installed exad is no longer supported. search the forums for the new way to install/run it with exile 1.0.4
  11. definately looks like an issue with how you have set up the database. maybe a screen shot of the database showing the schema and tables there are also a lot of db related errors in the server rpt
  12. so you want 2 zones on those cord's with those radius?
  13. without -servermod=@exileserver you are just starting an arma server instance, you are not starting an exile server. You can't progress psst the loading screen, because there is nothing to load into
  14. this for starters is incorrect, you only need -Servermod=@ExileServer; and -mod=@Exile you DO NOT need @exile listed in both agree here, there is no -servermod=@exileserver in your launch parameters so its not going to load any of the server files also dont need -filePatching
  15. To try and get back on track, here is my experience with what you have asked> I have almost 7k hours in arma 3 as a player, all running arma from an SSD. I have seen no issues so far, and the SSD is still running perfectly fine. I have run arma 3 from an SSD and mods from a HDD, and i personally found the following: Vanilla arma maps/entities will load faster, and the game will appear smoother with less stuttering as textures/models are read from the drive. However, once you start using mods, the benefits are negated by reading models/textures from the slower HDD. I have also run arma servers for about 6 years, and where possible always used SSD's. Again i have never seen any performance issues or degradation from the SSD's. Again, these are my personal findings, and yours may or may not be different.