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  1. when i run to my server, and i checked map. DMS missions is going to work, but i found a spawn in trader zone. i won't to see a spawn in trader zone (trader zone Radius is 1km) so i think about a setting static mission, but i don't know that, how to setting this. any ideas?
  2. KOR_Taru

    battleeye kicked from script restriction #15

    @MGTDB Thanks! it's fixed
  3. i got a kicked from server with script restriction #15, "f",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RHS","functions","dynamicObjectDrawing_loop"]" and i added to line 17 (draw) in my battleye script !="f\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"RHS\",\"functions\",\"dynamicObjectDrawing_loop\"]" or !=n\"f\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"RHS\",\"functions\",\"dynamicObjectDrawing\"]" and try to started a server, and joined, and got kicked a same error.. can someone help to fix this?
  4. KOR_Taru

    i need to add a zeus in my server.

    thank you so much, it's work in my server!
  5. KOR_Taru

    i need to add a zeus in my server.

    yeah, i try that.. but server system is crashed by ExAd_core.. idk how to fix this.. i added to zeus module, and just like that have a problem
  6. KOR_Taru

    i need to add a zeus in my server.

    i'll try to open the misson folder in editer, but it's not a work the server, bc exad core file system is maybe broken to change by zeus module
  7. i opend my exile server at 3 days ago, but i didn't know how to add a zeus mod. anyone know that add zeus in exile server?