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  1. Working with a friend who just today bought an ArmaHosts server and am attempting to run Exile on it. I've followed multiple guides when it comes to server setup, but I always end up back at the same error (See Title). This error is posted repeatedly in my Server's .rpt files, and only shows up when someone tries to join the server. The person attempting to join the server sees nothing but the "Connecting..." Screen. Here's some more information. @Exile and @ExileServer are both in the server's primary directory. The Mission Cycle aspect of the server.cfg reads as follows. The Command Line reads as follows. I have the latest version of Exile installed on my computer, as does my friend. I've tried both a physical download from the website and the Steam Workshop DL. We are using no other mods asides Exile, and are using the default Exile.Altis map. The start mission.sqm reads I'm officially at a loss. Exile is on the server, and is apparently being activated. Clients show no errors, only endless errors in the server's .rpt logs. Edit: Here's what the .rpt logs look like before anyone joins. Edit: Issue fixed. Armahost specific issue. Had to manually tell it to enable the command line I wanted it to run. Now I'm onto database issues.