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  1. XcaptharlockX

    custom spawn load out help

    thank you for your response would it be possible to go into the steps for implementing this override? would it be something like creating a new file with the override in it then adding #include "override.sqf" in the config.cpp if this is incorrect could I trouble you for an explanation if you have time.
  2. XcaptharlockX

    custom spawn load out help

    I need a hand, I am currently trying to set up a group of 3 spawn load outs for my server with the way things are set up, Roaming ai bandits are made to look like convicts and therefore wear the bright orange jumpsuit so players spawning with the jumpsuit could cause some issues. I've read in the config.cpp that the jumpsuit cannot be changed but I know it has been done on almost every server I've played on in the past my question is how and where would I set up this new loadout and yes I know there are scripts to do this but I have not learned how to implement scripts just yet so I would like some kind of way to do it in a config or file. thanks in advance for any help and dealing with my slow learning
  3. XcaptharlockX

    Arcadia DayZ RP

    Welcome to Arcadia DayZ RP an exile server run by roleplayers for roleplayers! About us Dedicated support staff simi militarized loot tables roleplay focused gameplay Zombies three spawn zones to choose from trader with safe zone DMS missions Roaming AI Advanced movement We are still in our early days of building up the server but we are dedicated to bringing the best roleplay experience we can!
  4. XcaptharlockX

    battleye initialization failed

    first of all, thank you for your time, you did not need to go that in depth but you did and it helped out a ton so thank you. followed your steps and now things are working so we are all good and I can't thank you enough for someone like me who is still new to this and learning slowly people like you are heroes
  5. XcaptharlockX

    battleye initialization failed

    i have run into an issue while swapping from Tadst to a batch file. after some help from others on this site ive reached the point were my batch file will start the server and everything with run fine from what i can see my issues shows up when someone other than myself trys to join the server they will always get the battleye initialization failed popup in game ((tested with two other friends who both get the same and even on my wife's pc using her account and get the same)) Turning off battle eye will allow them to join with no issue however this also disables my restarts that ive set for every 4 hours anyone have a clue on how to fix this and would be willing to teach me how to fix it.
  6. XcaptharlockX

    Batch file issues

    that worked thanks for your help, doing this on barely any sleep while being sick was probably not the best call
  7. XcaptharlockX

    Batch file issues

    here you go
  8. XcaptharlockX

    Batch file issues

    hello, I am currently trying to set up a batch file to start my server and i am running into some issues. When I start the server via the batch file it will not load the mission due to a missing addon in the mission file, here is where I've become confused. I have the missing Addon in the server root directory, command line and defined in the addons section of the mission sqm... it's there and clearly pointed at in all the settings I can find however it will not work and I'm starting to get rather frustrated with it. Batch file Rpt Log any help provided would be great im still learning this stuff.
  9. Arcadia DayZ Roleplay is currently seeking mature and talented people to join our Staff! About us We are a small Roleplay server run by experienced roleplayers for roleplayers. Our current staff team consists of myself, Camper my gun expert and Gibby my head player relations. The server has come a long way from when we first started and we have managed to implement a lot of things into the server including: Roaming AI 3 custom spawn zones a trader with safe zone DMS missions Zombies To move forward, we need help from talented people as I am limited in my knowledge and the only one on the staff team with any kind of experience working with server files. What we are seeking Devs (top priority) We are in need of server devs who are willing to help us create a wonderful server for players to enjoy by helping keep the server running, tweaking things as needed and helping implement new and exciting things for players to enjoy! Admins Admins must be at least 18 years old and have sound judgment and experience in being an admin on an exile server using infi-star Mods Mods must be at least 18 years old and be able to deal with issues in the game without the input of higher-ups using their discretion to solve problems for players. If any of these roles sound like they would suit you don't hesitate to contact me or visit our discord server at https://discord.gg/Aa52Zhb
  10. XcaptharlockX

    infistar will not start

    this alone did not work but it did point me to the issue so i thank you for your time all good now this can be locked
  11. XcaptharlockX

    infistar will not start

    I will give that a try and post results
  12. XcaptharlockX

    infistar will not start

    hello, I am currently trying to install infistar on my exile server. I have followed the steps to the letter and set up things as they should be as far as I can tell however when starting the server and joining infistar will not load. I am using Tadst to start the server as I can never figure out batch files I have tracked the issue down too and both of these files are inside the @infiSTAR_Exile.pbo that i have placed inside the @Exileserver/addons folder. here is my full rpt log