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    Stucks on the ground and some beginner questions

    Just got a fresh install with Altis - so done. We dont have this problems with Altis so done. Updated our first mods list from upper named ones to @CBA_A3;@Aiaccuracyfix;@AdvancedRappelling;@AdvancedSlingLoading;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;@task_force_radio;@RadioAnimationsforTaskForceRadio;@JSRSSOUNDMOD;@Extended_Base_Mod; and all working fine from the first. So done. Is it correct that I have to insert this simply with the variable name in the main config of the map with appropriate price in the appropriate section? Not done, but found here: Found, done.
  2. KeonDisaster

    Stucks on the ground and some beginner questions

    First - i know how to install mods - i'm just asking if an mod of the posted ones are "default" incompatible and need some extra config to work proberly with exile. Second - I reinstalled the database complete after changing from Tanoa to Altis (yes, fully drop database and new creation with sql file) so ne problem eventually in the mission? Cauz after Altis not working with a full fresh database, Tanoa does every time i recreate the database and the whole content. Third - i'm not dying for no reason. I just drive with my car on Tanoa Street and from the first to the other second the car stucks from much miles per hour to zero. Like i crash to a wall, where no wall is. U know? Just driving, normal street, nothing on it...The car behave like crashing to a wall. Thats not rlly funny and i dont think its just sickness - cauz some of my friends happening the same and they exile veterans. mods working - i think - fine for the first. Just need to change from exile health system to ace system.
  3. KeonDisaster

    This Server does not support the mobile x8m app yet.

    nobody? Hm...
  4. Hey Guys, today setting up XM8 for my server. I validated the server (servername change), changed it back, got the 4 digit code to the config.cpp and put the x8m.dll and the key in the right folder. I can send broadcast messages to all connected phones - but if i try to open X8M on the Tablet Ingame, it means "This Server does not support the mobile x8m app yet." What can i do? Best regards
  5. Hey guys, i got some little bugs on my first try of a own little exile server and wanna figure out what it is and how to resolve it. Eventually u can help me and give me tipps or tricks. Heres just a list of my problems/questions: We have the map Tanoa and wanna change to Altis - what did we need to do? If i change the template to Exile.Altis i stuck in ground when i try to join to the server and cant Press ESC, see around or something else. If i gotta Tanoa again, all is working again. Sometimes i stuck on the streets from nothing, getting hitted - sometimes i die. What de hell? I wanna add the following mods - did i need to do more on any mod for first run then copy keys and modfolders and adding the mods to the -mods= parameter? (@ace;@ACEX;@Ai_accuracy_fix;@CBA_A3,@Enhanced_Movement;@Enhanced_Soundscape;@Extended_Base_Mod;@JSRS_SOUNDMOD;@RadioAnimationsforTFAR;@task_force_radio;@AdvancedRappelling;@AdvancedTowing;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling;) Some things not sellable on the markets - how can i add a item to the sellable items with a price? How i can add Vehicles, Jets, Vehicles, Tanks to the Stores with prices? How can i adjust the maximum amount of pods in the locker and the maximum storage? Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards
  6. KeonDisaster

    Map von Tanoa auf Altis wechseln?

    Hey Jungs, hab den Server soweit mit DMS laufen auf Tanoa - allerdings wollten wir jetzt doch lieber Altis nehmen - kann mir einer sagen wie ich "richtig" wechsle? Ich habe bereits versucht gemacht das Template zu ändern in der config.cfg, allerdings stucke ich im Boden wenn ich versuche auf den Server zu joinen, bin gefreezed und kann nicht mal mehr das ESC Menü öffnen ^^ Sobald ich das Template wieder auf Tanoa stelle gar kein Problem mehr. Habe auch versucht ein Testserver direkt von Anfang an auf Altis einzustellen, aber irgendwie komme ich jedes mal wieder zu diesem Problem ^^ Jemand eine Idee wie ich das lösen kann? Beste Grüße