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  1. Imthatguyhere

    Batch file issues

    As long as the -mod line is in quotes, you shouldn't have to worry about spaces. Ex: "-mod=@mod1;@mod for long spaced names;@mod3;"
  2. Imthatguyhere

    [Release] XP Tax

    Something like this: ///-XP Tax-/// _qualityModifier = (_quality/100); _respectModifier = _salesPrice*_qualityModifier; missionNamespace setVariable ["respectModifier",_respectModifier]; publicVariable "respectModifier"; _newplayerRespect = round (_playerRespect - _respectModifier); if (_newplayerRespect < 0) then { _newplayerRespect = 0; }; _playerUID = getPlayerUID _playerObject; private _uidArray = ["Steam64ID1", "Steam64ID2", "..."]; if !(_playerUID in _uidArray) then { _playerObject setVariable ["ExileScore", _newplayerRespect]; format["setAccountScore:%1:%2", _newplayerRespect, getPlayerUID _playerObject] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; [_playerUID, "purchaseVehicleSkinResponse", [0, str _newplayerRespect]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; ExileClientPlayerScore = _newplayerRespect; (owner _playerObject) publicVariableClient "ExileClientPlayerScore"; ExileClientPlayerScore = nil; }; ///-XP Tax-///
  3. Imthatguyhere

    [Release] XP Tax

    Sure, you would just look for the "///-XP Tax-///" sections in the Request files you added for this and use getPlayerUID to check if their steam64id matches an array of your choice.