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    A3_DMS new Mission

    Does anyone by chance have a working download link for the Operation Backfire mission? I tried searching the site and googling a bit but could not find a working link. @Mythbustar - not sure if you are still active, but I believe the dropbox download link is down. Could you by chance reupload or steer me to a working link? Thanks!
  2. Mananator

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Wow, thank you so much! I thought I was going to go crazy from staring at it so many times and not seeing anything . Pretty new to this, so thanks for teaching me something new!
  3. Mananator

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    For some reason I am getting an error when adding in the new missions from this thread. I included my config.sfq file and RPT file below. As far as I can tell, the log is telling me that I am missing a ] on line 297, which would be ["paul_garage",3] in the config file below. I have tried reading it many times and I do not believe that is the case. Can anyone see anything I might be missing? config.sqf: RPT:
  4. Mananator

    XM8 screen goes blank

    @UserKevinFlynn did you by chance ever get this working? I added the same script posted by Bouwulfv in the spot he mentioned but it doesn't appear to be working for me either.
  5. Thanks for the help! I have watched quite a few videos and I am a bit confused as to why their vendors appear when editing exile when they only open up the mission.sqm file. Every video I have watched that is the case, or they are opening the mission.sqm file and don't really touch on existing things such as traders. Can you point me to the videos you might be referring to? I'm not sure if the ones I am watching are outdated.
  6. I figured out how to open the default exile mission.sqm file in the Eden editor and was using the 3den plugin, but when I load the mission.sqm file the map has all the zone markers, spawn locations, etc. but the traders and added in buildings do not seem to be there. Am I by chance opening them the wrong way if I am loading the mission.sqm file from the Eden editor? Please let me know if any additional details might help troubleshoot the issue. I appreciate any help.