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    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    Hi @kuplion, can you please repost these files ? Pastebin links have expired.
  2. Le0

    [Release] Sell Crates to Waste Dump

    @Owain Prices of all items you want your player base to be able to sell at a given prices goes in class CfgExileArsenal in mpmissions/Exile.<mapname>/config.cpp. Hope this helps.
  3. Guys have you seen this before ? Upon installation of occupation I did get OccupySky to spawn in 1 huey armed to petrol the skies with the rotor bug (where it wont spin even while flying). I tried to enter different class name for the heli to get may be an orca or something else in but since then none of the helis spawn and i get the below error in RPT. I tried to switch it back to original class name that comes with the installation but still no luck. Any ideas how i may debug this further ? Cannot create non-ai vehicle Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Green config.sqf -> OccupySky settings... Btw, maxAI is set to 60 with only 4 heli crashes, 3 petroling land vehicles and occupysky active. (all the rest is switched off for debugging this) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Roaming Aircraft Setup ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Settings for roaming airborne AI (non armed helis will just fly around) SC_maxNumberofHelis = 1; SC_occupySkyVehicleIgnoreCount = true; // true if you want spawn vehicles regardless of overall AI count // Array of aircraft which can be used by AI patrols (the number next to next vehicle is the maximum amount of that class allowed, 0 for no limit) SC_HeliClassToUse = [ ["Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Green",1] ]; SC_occupyHeliUseFixedPos = false; // True if you want to specify the patrol positions and radius of the area to patrol / false for random // if you set SC_maxNumberofHelis higher than the number of static positions, the remainder will be random // they will also ignore any blacklisted areas SC_occupyHeliFixedPositions = [ [[4434,2892,400],2000,"Tanoa"], // [[x,y,z],radius,"mapname"] leave no spaces between [[2238,6717,400],2000,"Tanoa"], [[8197,9081,400],3000,"Tanoa"], [[13074,11817,400],3000,"Tanoa"] ];
  4. Fred41 released the source code of dll on his git until he abandoned the project & took the repository offline from git. And on BI forums he has been actively encoring other devs to pick up his code and incorporate it into their projects. Can't speak on his behalf, but it did seem he was pretty open to others working on top of his stuff / modify & improve etc. I wish I knew his name here so i could tag and ask him for you May be someone else does ?
  5. @TroyT I think ArmAdmin doesn't have CPS which is a hugeeee need I would say for us the server owners. I have put in a request to add it hopefully it can be picked up @UnknownWarrior Still looking for Marma / Freds ASM replacement
  6. Can you also add CPS metric for the server as it was in Fred41's server monitor back in the days ?
  7. Le0

    Limit AI Count for DMS

    Hey @olveld I am struggling to keep the AI under the limits as well and try to optimize fps / AI / Zombie counts. (rayan zombies and ExileZ as spawner). Could you please share the monitor snippet you wrote to get the data for creating that graph in your post ? I'd appreciate that.
  8. Hey @WURSTKETTE Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject.
  9. thanks @hogansheroes and @TroyT. I have managed to get vemf working perfectly for the server
  10. Yes, thats what i am looking for where AI occupies a town, (diamond marker) and once you clear it there is a loot crate that spawns for you. I realized that I mentioned this need in the wrong post may be since dms_occupation has nothing to do with it. However, I do see that there is a town invasion in a3_dms.pbo-> mission->static->occupation.sqf but just not for chernarus redux. I'll use your guidance above to add that to dms. I'll also look into vemf
  11. Hi all, DMS is working fine on my server. random & roaming AI is also working fine. However, after installing the Occupation I was expecting some town invasion missions pop up as well. That didn't happen. While trying to debug I noticed the following line in my RPT related to this mod. I am running ChernarusRedux. Is it not supported for town invasions ? "DMS ERROR :: Attempting to run occupation with unsupported map: ChernarusRedux" RPT = Link
  12. Thanks for giving it a go. I'll be keen to know how you installed it to have it randomly invoked (or scheduled).
  13. I am trying to integrate Alias monsoon script into my exile survival server. In normal scenario the script creator asks to place the script folder in mpmission folder and call the monsoon script in init.sqf with null = [100,920,true,true,true,true,true,1] execvm "AL_monsoon\al_monsoon.sqf"; to invoke the monsoon weather for 920 seconds (one of the parameters). But, I would like to call this script lets say every 30 minutes or 1 hour in a scheduled way (or even better a bit randomly) so that all the players on the server can enjoy the immersive monsoon rain every now and then. I thought I should integrate this as a system event (@exileserver/addons/code and preinit.sqf) and create a new event class in config.cpp just like the AmbientFlyOver is structured. But, it didn't really work. Am I going the right direction or is there even a simpler / better way to call this script every now and then so people can be immersed in monsoon rain on my server ? @aussie battler Perhaps you can shed some light ?